Build a Business, Not a Job

Business Coaching helps SAVE TIME & Money

Maui Mastermind clients have discovered they can get their LIVES BACK by becoming masters of their time. We want you to own your own business NOT have the business own you. Using leverage business owners can free up 6-10 hours per week to work on building the team or doing deals

A Few Simple Secrets Hold Keys to Small Business Help!

I want to let you in on a little secret. Working harder is not the answer.

In fact, the harder you work, chances are the less you’ll accomplish that really matters. I know this sounds easy for me to say, but hang in there with me as I walk through a key concept with you.

Many of you have heard of “Pareto’s Principle” which states that 80 percent of your efforts produce 20 percent of your results, and that 20 percent of your effort produces 80 percent of your results. Well if this is true (and my experience shows me that it is) then let’s apply this concept more rigorously.

If you take that 20 percent of your actions that generate 80 percent of your results and apply the same distinction, then 20 percent of that 20 percent produces 80 percent of 80 percent of your results. That means that 4 percent of your effort (the 20 percent of 20 percent) generates 64 percent of your results.

And if you can bear with me for another math moment, apply this distinction one more time…

This means that 1 percent (20 percent of 20 percent of 20 percent) generates 50 percent of your results! Think about it–1 percent of your highest leverage work produces 50 percent of all your results!

Maui Mastermind Business Consultants use this idea to create something called the Time Mastery Pyramid™, which is an actual formula for you to quickly and accurately quantify the per hour value of four distinct types of time: A Time, B Time, C Time, and D Time.

D time is the 80 percent of unleveraged, wasteful time that only produces 20 percent of your total return. I call this time the “80 Percent Mass”.

C time is the leveraged 20 percent that produces 80 percent of your results. I call this time “Leveraged Time”.