Build a Business, Not a Job

The Top 3 Reasons I Keep Coming Back to Maui Year after Year

Each year a select group of entrepreneurs, investors, and committed wealth builders meet in Maui for a transformational weeklong wealth mastermind.

I’m greatly anticipating and looking forward to being there in Maui with my peers this November again.

I’ve been asked many times, “Patty, you’ve reached a place in your life where you’re financially free. What is it that brings you back to Maui each year?”

I’ve given this deep thought and here are my reasons for being in Maui year after year.

Reason One: The event stretches and challenges me.

I’m guessing that you’re a lot like me. In our day-to-day lives, most people go along with what we say. We’re the leader.

One of the things I get out of Maui each year is a chance to be challenged and pushed to dream bigger and play more fully.

Reason Two: The ROI is so high.

I’m a fairly financially sophisticated person. When I look at my return on time, money, and energy I can see the direct line return from my week in Maui each year.

I make smarter financial moves; I make more intelligent business decisions.

For me, Maui is a weeklong business and financial tune up that impacts my financial and business performance for the coming year.

Reason Three: It feeds my spirit.

The people are so incredible. The location is so inspiring. And the way it is organized and structured is so refined that I leave each year feeling renewed and grounded.

I first came to Maui to be an “Advisor” (which I enjoyed as I always like to contribute to the lives of others) but what I realized is that I got so much out of the event myself that I knew I would be back, year after year.

These are my three biggest reasons for coming back each year to Maui.