Build a Business, Not a Job

The Top 3 Reasons I Keep Coming Back to Maui Year after Year

Each year a select group of entrepreneurs, investors, and committed wealth builders meet in Maui for a transformational weeklong wealth mastermind. I’m greatly anticipating and looking forward to being there in Maui with my peers this November again. I’ve been asked many times, “Patty, you’ve reached a place in your life where you’re financially free. […]

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Systems: The Backbone of Your Level Three Business

Do you have an owner independent business? What would happen to your business if one of your key people (including yourself) got hurt? Most companies make the mistake of trying to scale one the one legged stool of “Team”. Now if everything stays in balance and alignment you can sit on that one legged stool, […]

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Business Coaching helps SAVE TIME & Money

Discover why working harder is not the answer. Check out a few simple secrets that hold keys to Small Business Help! READ NOW

Maui Mastermind clients have discovered they can get their LIVES BACK by becoming masters of their time. We want you to own your own business NOT have the business own you.

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