Business Coaching Guarantee

The Business Coaching Program Written Results Guarantee:


We guarantee – in WRITING – that the program will pay for itself 200% within the first 12 months of working together or you’ll get a full, complete, and TOTAL refund!

In other words, you’ll see a concrete increase to your NET profit equal to a MINIMUM of 200% of the program tuition—or your money back!

Many business coaching programs out there guarantee results or they’ll work with you for free until you’re satisfied – we don’t think this sets the bar high enough.

If we can’t help your business increase its net profits to see a 200% return on investment in our Business Coaching Program, we’ll give you a full, complete, and prompt refund of EVERYTHING you’ve invested in the program. Period. End of story.

Every business owner we invite to join the Maui Mastermind Program has the following written guarantee:

Within the first 12 months of participating in our Program you will have increased your company’s NET profits by at least TWICE the tuition for the program, or the program is free, and you’ll get a full, complete, and prompt refund!

The only thing we ask is that you do your part. We don’t expect you to be perfect—no one is.

We set the standard at “B- or better”. We expect that you’ll meet 80% or more of your program commitments. You’ll be on at least 80% of your coaching sessions on time and ready to focus. You’ll complete at least 80% of your action plan deliverables that you and your Maui Coach jointly decide on.

Together with our clients, we feel that this is a fair standard to set out.

That said, we’ll either help you get the results so that the program not only pays for itself, but that you see a concrete return on investment (hence the 200% ROI guarantee).

We need to be clear though. We have a belief in the Maui community that you get back from life just what you put into it.

While we do think it’s important that you have this written guarantee from us, we won’t invite a prospective client to join us in the program if their real reason for doing this is because of the guarantee.

Our kind of client comes into this committed and with the attitude that failure is NOT an option. If you come into this program with that kind of strong attitude, then over the next several months you’re going to see a dramatic difference in your business compared to someone who comes in being fear driven.

That said, we still believe we should stand fully behind our work. We know that we’ll help you get the results you want – both in terms of increased profitability and sales, AND in terms of having your business be more enjoyable to own and less reliant on you. And over the past decade, the success of our clients has proven us accurate in this belief.

We encourage you to listen to the dozens of video reviews from our clients , sharing how the program has deeply impacted their businesses, and how it can help yours too.

Then we encourage you to actually DO a free coaching session on your business so that we can both try out the fit and get a real sense of what it will be like to work together.

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