What If Your Cash Flow Challenge Wasn't Caused by a Lack of Sales?

If working with thousands of businesses over the past 20 years has taught me anything about managing cash flow and increasing your bottom-line profitability it's this -- most business owners don't have a clue.

They think that the root of the problem is lack of sales, and while it may be, there are actually five main causes of cash flow challenges, three of which have nothing to do with a lack of sales, and two of which are made worse with a sales increase!  (Keep reading to learn more.)

When growing your business, you've got to have reliable and consistently profitable sales to fuel your growth. That means solid collections, strategic pricing, effective cost controls, rational revenue and expense forecasting, and powerful sales optimization.

I understand what it's like to struggle to make a business succeed.  You've got challenges like balancing staffing levels with sales volume -- and how to deal when sales volume isn't steady.  You've got client "fires" that you get pulled into putting out.  You've got conflicting demands all calling for your attention.  

And if that wasn't enough, you've got all of this while needing to make sure your business stays profitable -- balancing cash in with cash out -- and making sure you earn a fair and healthy profit for your blood, sweat, and tears.

​Twenty years ago I launched my first venture, investing my entire life savings at that time of $3,200 to fund the start.  Ten months later I was out of business, with a bruised ego and a sorely needed dose of humility.

But that experience was one of the best business schools I could have ever attended.

In fact, when I started my second company I took those earlier lessons and used them to help me do things smarter the second time around.  Until a decade later, there I was at age 34, an "overnight" success, having built one of the nation's leading training companies valued at $10-16 million, with no debt, no outside investors, just me and one business partner, with a company generating $3.5 million of operating profit a year.​

My point is, business is a learned skill.  And managing cash flow is one that most business owners allow themselves to stay ignorant of because they feel intimidated by the language of money and financial statements.  But the truth is, learning the language of money is easy -- if you have a good teacher -- and it's the fastest way you can increase profitability.  And I can show you exactly how...

The Cash Flow Formula

7 Ways to Make More Sales, Maximize Profits, and Unlock the Hidden Cash Flow Trapped in Your Business

Now in 5 simple, easy to follow and fast to apply modules, you can learn the inside secrets to effectively manage cash flow, profitability, and sales volume in your business.

  1. Understand Cash Flow: Learn the most common causes of cash flow challenges -- from pricing mistakes, to poor collections practices, to production overruns and "scope creep", to too low of a sales volume.  What's more, you'll learn what to do about the five most common cash flow issues so that you'll be able to increase your profitability.
  2. Quickly Grow Sales: You'll learn 24 proven ways to rapidly increase sales starting first by building on your existing prospect pool and client base, and then moving on to generating new and fresh leads.
  3. Unlock the Hidden Cash Flow Trapped in Your Business: You'll discover exactly where to look and how to tap into the money that is right there in your business, but you're too close to your daily operations to even see.

You'll Get All Five Modules (Streaming and Downloadable Videos with PDF Transcriptions)

Module One: How to Diagnose the REAL Cause of Your Cash Flow Challenge and Quickly Get Back to Profitability

  • Is it really a lack of sales that's hurting your cash flow?
    Most business owners mistakenly think that the cause of their cash flow challenge is a lack of sales. Often it is an issue with collections, pricing, too great a cost of goods sold, the proportion of expenses relative to their sales volume, or poor collections practices. That means that increasing sales may just cause their business to go into a deeper cash crunch or even fail.
  • A proven diagnostic tool to quickly and easily understand the root cause of your cash flow challenge. 
    The Cash Flow Formula will give you a simple tool to pinpoint the true cause of your present cash flow challenge, and the business framework to know what to do with that insight. Imagine being able to follow a simple decision tree to understand the factors that influence your cash flow challenge. and the best way to respond to each factor to quickly get back to profitability.

  • Why increasing sales just might make your cash flow problem worse (until you fix the underlying issue with pricing, gross profit margin, scope creep, or any of the other elements that need to be fixed first.) 
  • How to conduct a "Margin Analysis" to understand which products, customers, or markets you should and should not be serving.  
    Plus you'll learn the best way to raise pricing in the real world so you protect yourself from backlash and make the transition go smoothly.

Module Two:  The 10 Fastest, Least Expensive Ways to Radically Increase Sales in 90 Days or Less

  • 3 Powerful referral systems to get your existing customers to get you new business.
    Passive word-of-mouth is one thing, but we're talking active, formal referral systems that you control and can dial up or down depending on your current level of demand and capacity.

  • Using formal reactivation systems to get your past customers or clients to come back and buy again from you.
    This is one of the fastest ways you can boost your sales -- by systematically reaching out to your past customers and sparking them to start buying from you again. We've had clients in medical, retail, manufacturing, and services businesses to name just a few, who've used this one tactic to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional sales at effectively no cost.

  • Feed your winners; starve your losers.  
    You'll learn the simplest way to track your sales and marketing efforts so you know which of your various tactics are producing, and which aren't. Then it's a simple matter of cutting your bottom producers and reinvesting the time, attention and marketing dollars to support your winners. This module of the Cash Flow Formula will show you exactly how to do this.
  • Leverage your "marque" clients, vendors, or partners to establish credibility and speed up your sales cycle.

Module Three:  How to Systematically Refine Your Lead Conversion System

  • Learn a proven 5-step process for systematically increasing your conversion rates.
    This system will help you pick the highest leverage part of your sales system to focus on first, then to refine that part, track your improvement, and then refine the next part, so that you can increase your sales by 30-50-100% or more with no added sales cost.)
  • Make your sales system more scalable at the same time.
    Not only will this proven process help you increase your sales conversion rates, but following this process you'll have a formal sales system that you can scale over time.  Too many business owners allow their key sales "know how" to stay stuck in the heads of one or two key employees.  But this leaves you vulnerable.  By following this process you'll safeguard this key knowledge to protect your business while at the same time making it easier for you to scale your company.
  • This 5-step process works for online and offline sales; live sales processes and automated sales funnels.
    That's right, this process will help you optimize your lead conversion percentages whether you sale by phone, by website, by direct response advertising, or in person.

Module Four:  Setting Up Your Collections System to Improve Your Cash Flow and Profitabilty

  • Do you even know how much money you're losing through bad collections? 
    Most companies lose 5-10% of their sales to poor collections practices. This translates in most businesses to 15-30% of their operating profit.  This one section of the Cash Flow Formula will give you the fundamentals you need to upgrade your collections system in the next 30 days so you collect more of what your owed -- faster.
  • Speeding up your Collection Cycle makes managing your cash flow easier.
    The faster you can speed up your "Collections Cycle" (the time from when you have money going out the door in "Cost of Goods Sold" through the time you collect from your client or customer) the easier it is to manage your cash flow and the faster you can grow your company without outside capital.  Learn how you can speed up your Collections Cycle 30-60-90 days faster on average. 

Module Five:  The 10 Most Important Direct Response Marketing Secrets to
Grow Your Sales

  • The world of marketing is changing so fast with technology and digital marketing -- are you staying relevant on the fundamentals? 
    While the world of marketing has radically changed with digital strategies and tactics like social media, email drip campaigns, and content marketing, certain bedrock direct response marketing principles are as potent and relevant today as ever.  As a business owner, these are the 10 time-tested and proven direct response secrets that you've got to understand as a foundation to leverage all the technological tools at your disposal to grow your business.
  • How well do you know your target market's hopes, fears, aspirations, and frustrations?
    Filmed at a private business owner workshop ($7,500 per attendee) this module of the Cash Flow Formula will also give you a powerful PDF tool to visually map out your target market's buying "hot buttons" on one simple page.   
  • A simple formula for determining the precise "Lifetime Value" of your clients so you know exactly what you can invest to acquire a new customer. 
    No more guessing or wondering, you know what you can invest to create a new customer, and how to use this insight to turbo-charge your growth.
  • The principle of "Sales Optimization".
    You'll learn how to set up simple yet incredibly accurate test campaigns to determine with elements most effect your sales conversion and marketing profitability.  In fact, you'll also learn which five elements of your marketing efforts you need to test first.   

You’ll Also Get These Four Free Bonus Videos  As Our Extra Gift to You ($596 Value)

Bonus Video #1: The Language of Money ($149 Value)

Don’t understand the big picture concepts like “gross profit” and “operating profit margin”? In this simple, straight forward bonus video you’ll get the “primer course” on money that every business owner wished he or she had.

Bonus Video #2: Financial Statements - How to Understand the Story of Your Financials ($149 Value)

Building on what you learned in Bonus Video #1, in this video you’ll learn how to read the real story that your company’s “P & L”, “Balance Sheet”, and “Statement of Cash Flows” are telling. This video will empower you to understand the 7 most important elements of your Profit and Loss Statement (and its five biggest limitations when it could be misleading you.) You’ll also learn the 8 most important elements of your Balance Sheet (and the six most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to interpret it.) Finally, you’ll also get a simple explanation of your “Statement of Cash Flows” (and why this commonly ignored report from QuickBooks can mean the difference between cash in your bank, and the embarrassment of bouncing a vendor or employee paycheck.)

Bonus Video #3: Setting Up Your Financial Systems to Give You the Information You Want    ($149 Value)

One of the “tricks” that seasoned business owners know is that by setting up their financial systems correctly from the start, you can easily get powerful, actionable intelligence to make better, smarter, and more profitable decisions running your business. In this simple video, join CPA Kevin Bassett as he shares with you the inside secrets to setting up your “Chart of Accounts” and leveraging the full power of your accounting software.

Bonus Video #4:  Managing Cash Flow – The Essential Life Blood of Your Business ($149 Value)

With the first 3 bonus videos under your belt, now you can learn the key “best practices” to managing cash flow. Taught by Kevin Bassett CPA and Dane Byers CPA, you’ll learn 32 cash flow secrets gleaned from decades spent as CPA to some of America’s top small businesses.

Listen to the Results Our Clients Are Enjoying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"...five years ago our sales were stalled at $450,000.  Today fives years later, we've grown our sales to $2.6 million per year."

Blake Schwank
Colorado Computer Support, Inc.

"I learned that there are many courses to be a good dentist, but to run a whole practice is a whole other story...We've grown our two clinics by 32% and 13% respectively."

Dr. Kimberly Nguyen
Cottage Dental
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Over the past 36 months we've doubled our sales."

Mark Huha
Quality Property Maintenance, Inc.

"I'm a numbers person and the proof is in the numbers.  I saw a 43% increase in my sales last year."

Dominique Molina, CPA
Certified Tax Coach
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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David Finkel
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