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How to Grow and Scale Your Business!

Please enjoy this 45-minute video of former CEO and founding team member Jeff Hoffman as he shares his best insights on how you can create lasting breakthroughs in your business!

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Business Coaching Tips from a Billion Dollar Business Owner

Dear Business Owner

Several years ago I had the good fortune to get to know a billion dollar business owner. In fact, not only did I get to meet him, but I spent close to a week with him one-to-one learning his specific ideas and methodologies to build a world class business.

In fact, his advice personally helped me to reshape two of my companies and triple my profits in less than 36 months.

He’s a guy who launched and sold his first business to American Express for over $10 million.

After that success, he went on to help form, scale, and eventually take public an upstart travel company that had the audacity to leverage a broke, C-list celebrity spokesperson to create a business that today is literally valued at over 25 billion dollars!

His name is Jeff Hoffman, and the company he helped create is called

Jeff was one of the founding team members and former CEO in the family of companies.

Over the years Jeff has generously volunteered at as a Maui Advisor, sharing his best ideas on scaling and growing a company.

In this 45-minute video excerpt from a keynote talk Jeff gave at one of Maui Mastermind’s annual Business Owner Success Conferences, Jeff shares his best insights on how to create lasting business breakthroughs.

Here are just a few of the insights that Jeff has shared with the Maui community over the years:

Secret #1: Build a Business, Not a Job

Jeff recognized that most business owners don’t build a business so much as they build a self-employed job for themselves.

Why do so many business owners get caught up in the day to day activities and stunt their business’s growth and get stuck in the status quo?

According to Jeff the reason is simple, they don’t have an accurate road map that gives them a clear model for HOW to build their business.

They think that long hours spent doing the job of their business is going to help them escape. But let’s be very clear, you cannot dig your way out of a hole! The faster you dig, the deeper you get.

The same thing is true for business owners’you cannot dig your way out of your business by putting in longer hours doing the job of your business. To escape the Self Employment Trap! you’ve got to stop doing the job of your business and step back to grow and develop your business as a business.

Secret #2: To Reach Your Business Dreams, Follow a Better Road Map

The road map you are using to build your business is one of the biggest determiner of where you’ll end up with your business.

Jeff always encourages business owners to build their business with the end in mind of building a business that COULD be sold.

Regardless of whether you ever sell it, this will spark you to build a better business.

You’ll incorporate stable systems; you’ll groom your leadership team; you’ll implement intelligent business controls.

All of these things will make your business more valuable, more scalable, AND easier to own passively.

Secret #3: Get Off the Couch and DO Something

Jeff shared with our group how the average business owner works hard in the business, but is actually lazy about learning new ways to grow and expand their business.

Case in point, the conference he was the keynote speaker for had roughly 100 business owners participating. The invitations went out to over 50,000 business owners. Where were the other 49,900 business owners who could have been there that weekend learning about ways to grow and expand their business?

One of two places – Either they “had to work” for their businesses (ironic isn’t it?) or they were at home “on the coach”.

Jeff’s observation was that in business it’s always the business owner who can consistently get him or herself up off the couch and learn new ways of growing their company that will outshine and outperform the masses of business owners who are just too lazy to break out of old, outdated ways of doing things.

What About You?

Are you a business owner who is “stuck on the coach”? Or are you someone who goes after your business dreams?

If you are the latter – a business owner committed to learn what you need to learn to take your business to the next level! then I encourage you to not only watch this powerful 45-minute video, but to apply the ideas that you learn.

After all, this is your chance to learn the real-world realities of launching, growing, scaling, and eventually exiting your business from one of the world’s top business experts!

The real question is whether you will get yourself up off the coach and make the time and invest the energy to learn from Jeff these exciting ways to create huge breakthroughs in your business.

I hope you take me up on my invitation and study this video now.


David Finkel
Maui Mastermind©

P.S. Jeff often says, “What could a business owner do that’s better than invest in themselves and come?” This is your chance to invest 45 minutes to learn to grow and scale your company by learning from this world class entrepreneur share his best insights.

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