The Definitive Guide to Scaling Your Business

How To Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Life

A step-by-step guide for business owners that want to experience true growth and time freedom.

From founder Jeff Hoffman and Maui Mastermind CEO David Finkel.

The information contained is this guide comes from over 20 years of experience building and selling businesses. It will benefit you to stay alert, take notes, and follow the action steps. When applied, these proven principals will change your life and give you time freedom, financial freedom, and piece of mind.

Day 7: Set Up Your Strategy Session

“The Free Strategy Session was the catalyst I needed…”

I remember this little story about two clients.

It highlights the importance of the strategy session and why it’s better to set it up now rather than later.

Sally and Jacob ran different businesses but had a similar struggle. And they were both tired.

They both worked 60 hours per week on average, sometimes 80.

They never really got a break from the business. Even on nights and weekends, it was always on their mind.

Sally met another CEO that had built several successful companies before her. The CEO agreed to help Sally build her systems, team, and internal controls while also being someone to bounce ideas off of and hold her accountable. It was a whole new world for Sally. She no longer felt like the lonely one at top holding it all together. She had help. And not just any help, but someone that had done it before.

Within a few years Sally’s business had grown 192% and she was only working 30 hours per week. She could actually take vacations with her family without checking her phone every five minutes and worrying if there were any fires to take care of back home at the business.

Meanwhile, Jacob was still tired. He was burned out and still working too many hours per week. What’s worse is that he lost a key team member and had to take on additional work while his revenues suffered. He was overworked and didn’t know how to fix it.

He knew it was possible to get more clients and grow the business, but he couldn’t do it while it all rested on his shoulders. He needed help but didn’t know where to find it.

He bumped into Sally at a local networking event and noticed how relaxed she was. Jacob told her about his current issues. Sally could relate since she was in the same place just a few years ago.

Sally told him about the power of a mentor and using the knowledge of people that have done it before you. 

“What do you mean?” said Jacob.

“Well do you think you would be in a different position now if there was a team of successful business owners that had built and sold over 62 billion worth of businesses sitting in the office next to you providing you with guidance and tools and answering any question you may have?” asked Sally.

“Of course”, said Jacob. “That would be amazing”.

Sally then explained how her success all started with setting up a free strategy session and working with a team that had scaled several businesses before her. 

“The Free Strategy Session was the catalyst I needed to grow my business and get my life back. I can’t imagine where I’d be at if I hadn’t done that.” she said. 

Sally reached in her purse and pulled out a pen. She grabbed a napkin and wrote down the info Jacob needed to get his own free strategy session. Jacob quickly crumpled the napkin and stuffed it in his front pocket like he just found a secret treasure map. As tired as he was he couldn’t help but crack a little smile from the corner of his mouth.

Jacob left the event with some sense of relief. He knew it would take some work, but to be able to actually talk to someone about his business that had done it before was exactly what he needed. He felt it was a true blessing and the exact step he needed to scale his business the right way. He just wished he had found it sooner, but better late than never he thought.

He set up his Free Strategy Session that same night.

What About You?

Would it make a difference to have a team of people in the office next door that had built over 62 billion dollars worth of business in a variety of different industries that could help you on your path?

As Jacob said: “Of course, that would be amazing.”

This is a secret of almost every business owner that has successfully scaled their business to Level Three where it runs independently of them and they can then sell it or run it passively – they had someone show them the way.

It seems obvious when you think about it. But help wasn’t always so accessible. You had to come from a certain family, be part of a certain club, or know someone personally. And even then the help you’d get could be cryptic at best. And they weren’t going to give you tried and true tools to use.

Well things have changed for your advantage. Right now you can set up a free strategy session to talk with a business expert from a team that has helped scale thousands of companies – to talk about you and your business.

Adding what you learned from this free guide with your free strategy session, you now have the ability to grow your business and increase your profits without sacrificing your life.

Our business experts are busy. So please only schedule your free strategy session if you are serious about developing and implementing a strategy to scale your business the right way. We put time and effort into each strategy session to focus on you and your business specifically so please don’t set it up if you don’t plan on showing up and doing the work.

“The Free Strategy Session changed my life. I was literally buried in my own workload. I knew I needed to give up some control, but I didn’t know how. This session was the start of a new chapter for me. I just wish I had made it a priority sooner.”

-Jason Day, CRX Solutions

The free strategy session will provide you with a plan for taking your business to the next level.

In your free strategy session we will go over the Level 3 Roadmap with you and how it applies to your business.

There will be three main objectives:

1. To better understand your business as it currently stands today, and where you are committed to take it.

2. To identify the key leverage points inside your business to grow it to Level Three (or closer to Level Three).

3. To determine if we have a solid fit to work together to help you take your business to the next level.

Action Steps – What To Do Now:

  1. Understand how a Free Strategy Session can help you start developing and implementing the information in this guide.
  2. Go here and set up your Free Strategy Session.