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Maui Mastermind®

The Business Skills Boot Camp :  The Seven Most Valuable Business Skills Every Team Member Must Cultivate

Saturday & Sunday June 27-28th 2015 with an Exclusive Business Coaching Program Strategic  Planning Session ½ day on Monday June 29th at the Hotel Irvine in Irvine, CA

• Times: Check in at 7:45am on Saturday. Workshop  8:30am- 5:30pm on Saturday & Sunday and from 8:30am- 12:30pm on Monday – CLICK HERE for Tentative Agenda

Let Maui Train Your Team!

Let Maui Train Your Team!

• Tuition: $7,500 (Waived for you as a benefit of the Business Coaching Program!)

  • Take advantage of your program membership and get your team involved! When you bring your staff, their tuition is waived. There is a  nominal fee of $225 per person, which will cover the cost of the materials. CLICK HERE to process that now!

•Book Your Hotel Room ASAP to secure the best rate available.

  • CLICK HERE to Book Your Room directly, or  

  • Call the Hotel Irvine  at 888.230.4452 and mention “Maui Mastermind” for the $140/ per night room rate -based on hotel availability

  • Don’t Hesitate – This link is only good thru June 6th, 2015. After that, availability and pricing is based on Hotel’s current rates.

.RSVP: Email us to register to join us live in -person [email protected]

In order to grow your business and get your life back you’ve got to develop strong team members who can help your company scale.

Most entrepreneurs allow themselves to get caught up in the rush of doing business as usual and fail to step back and focus on growing their team.

In this brand new workshop from Maui Mastermind, your staff will get two solid days of the best business training they need to hone seven core business skills.

Business Skill One: The Language of Money.  

In order to have your team make sound business decisions they need to have a basic fluency with the financial concepts that drive your business’s success. They must understand how to read the real story in a P&L and to understand a balance sheet, how gross and operating profit margins work, and why collections and inventory levels matter when managing cash flow.

In this first segment of the day, your team will get the primer on how business financials work in a down to earth, practical way. This will give them the tools they need to understand your company’s financials and make better business decisions as they contribute to helping your company scale.

Business Skill Two: The Language of Business.

If the Language of Money is written in accounting, then the Language of Business is written in contracts and legal concepts. Essentially the Language of Business is the legal framework within which all businesses operate.
In this short segment your team will learn how to protect your company from inadvertent liability, lopsided contracts, and poor documentation.

Business Skill Three: Systems Thinking.

Every business leader knows that she wants her company to be systems driven, but few companies have ever actually trained their team to be fluent in the process of systematizing a business.

In this foundational module your team will learn why systems matter, how they can help the company scale, and the practical steps necessary to systematize your entire business.

This segment will bring all your participating team onto the same page so you can work together to create a culture of creating, refining, and using systems in your company. Finally, your team will all understand why you’ve been pushing for “systems” and how they can best contribute to make it happen.

Business Skill Four: Selling.

Taught for non-sales people, this concentrated module will introduce your team to the bedrock sales skills that they’ll need to help your company succeed. Remember, every team member is part of your sales team, if only in that a sales awareness will help them identify sales opportunities and better pass them on to your sales team.

This module will be taught in a fun, nonthreatening game so your team learns by doing—enjoying lots of laughter along the way.

Business Skill Five: Negotiation.

Your team is continually negotiating on your company’s behalf. With vendors… with clients… with prospects… with suppliers… In this session they’ll learn the 7 core negotiating tools to help them craft better, stronger, and more equitable deals.

When you consider that the average company can save up to 10% on all its future spending by training their team to effectively ask for and get purchasing concessions, this one session alone will likely cover the full cost of bringing your staff with you to the training.

Business Skill Six: The Language of Leadership.

The Language of Leadership is comprised of two halves – self leadership and the leadership of others.

In this module your team gain a thorough grounding in the core Maui Time Mastery tools (e.g. A-B-C-D time, Focus Days, Big Rocks, etc.), plus they’ll get the short-course to become a more effective manger of others.

Business Skill Seven: Marketing.

Again, this module will be taught for non-marketers so that they leave with the 9 most important marketing principles to help your company grow. Just as with sales, every team member has a hand in your marketing, which is how you present your company and its products and services to your marketplace so that you generate a steady flow of leads and position these leads to buy.

The Real Goal of the Business Skills Boot Camp

The real goal of the weekend workshop is to introduce your team to a portfolio of essential business skills, and to give you a framework within which to begin to develop your team to grow to be more competent business people.

You’ll leave with a common set of tools, and clear suggestions of where you can turn to in the vast library of Maui tools and training for each team member to further hone his or her own skills and continue to grow professionally.

Essentially this is the workshop we created that we wished we could have engaged our key employees in years ago. It didn’t exist so new we created it for you and your team.

And much, much more!

Don’t delay! Save your spot and RSVP yourself and your key team members to [email protected]

Maui Mastermind,  CEO David Finkel, along with an amazing line-up of  professional experts in the industry will bring you  concrete tools & resources during this 2-day workshop. Meet the experts:

Doug Crawford – Maui Coach has served as Board Member and C-Level Executive for three Internet mapping companies. At Magellan Geographix ( Doug’s board and internal team transformed a money-losing cartographic company into a profitable digital map content business. At Vicinity Corporation (MapBlast, acquired by Microsoft – Bing Maps), Doug was brought on the board and as president by venture investors to take the lead in executing a turn-around strategy to establish profitable operations prior to Vicinity’s subsequent IPO. Doug then teamed with Psomas Engineering to plan and finance, a new spinout ~ Digital Map Products from a joint venture between Psomas Engineering and Thomas Bros. Maps. Today, these successful companies’ digital maps and spatial data are used by many of the world’s largest online service providers, newspapers, educational publishers, municipal building and infrastructure agencies, real estate services, computer software companies and Internet sites, including Google, Zillow, MLS and over one hundred government agencies.

Nola Force

Nola Force is an experienced coach and entrepreneur with skills and training in finance, marketing, sales, land development, construction management, syndication, negotiation, and mediation. She has been a sole proprietor, sole stockholder of a CA corporation, a general partner, the general partner of limited partnerships, CEO of an alternative energy company, and Director of Marketing for a CA write-once technology company. Nola has owned three companies in Santa Barbara, CA for over two decades. She is a catalyst for creating ways to effectively “make things happen.”


Keith Shiley, President, Glowhorn, is an internet marketing expert with a passion for helping world-changing organizations win the marketing game. A Silicon Valley veteran, he’s worked with a number of growing technology companies to guide them through building and scaling their marketing operations from the ground up. His work has been instrumental in helping several of his clients successfully position themselves for acquisition by large public companies.

 These days Keith puts his brainpower and team to work helping innovative small businesses in a variety of markets leverage the latest internet marketing tools and techniques. He gets great satisfaction helping his clients grow faster, get an edge on the competition and ultimately achieve the outcome they desire for their business. Previously Keith held Marketing Director, Creative Director and Senior Web Designer roles at two award-winning marketing agencies in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he served clients like Cisco, GNC, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, MeadWestvaco and PNC Bank.

Patty DeDominic

Patty DeDominic, Maui’s Chief Catalyst. Recently named as one of the top business women on the west coast by the Pacific Coast Business Times, she was also previously honored as CEO of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal. In 2006, she sold CT Engineering and PDQ Careers, the businesses she built decades earlier. Her prestigious client base included USC, Children’s Hospitals, the U.S. and Japanese space programs, the Mars projects, AAA, governments and leading small businesses in 33 states. The former President of the National Association of Women Business Owners also served as Chairperson of the Foundation for SCORE.

David Finkel - Author of SCALE

David Finkel, Maui Mastermind’s CEO & Founder is co-author of SCALE and one of the nation’s most respected business thinkers. A Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestselling author of over 40 business and financial books and courses, including the wildly successful, The Maui Millionaires for Business and Build a Business, Not a Job! His how-to business and financial articles have appeared in over 6,500 periodicals across the United States.

Over the past 15 years, clients and Maui community members have gone on to buy, build, and sell billions of dollars of business assets.An ex-Olympic-level athlete turned business multi-millionaire; David is an American success story. David lives in Jackson Hole, WY with his wife and their three boys.

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