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The Maui Leadership Program


“I came back with some really useful ideas and leadership practices that I wanted to put into place right away. It gave me the renewed motivation I needed to feel excited about the opportunities I envisioned.”

– Christina Bertsos Cesar A. Lara M.D. Weight Loss and Wellness

“Before Maui I was the typical lone-wolf business owner carrying everything on my shoulders. Now I have a peer group to challenge my thinking and push me to think bigger. Since joining the program we’ve literally grown 1,100%!

– Paul RobinsonEnsunet

“Over the past 6 years since I joined the program we grew by over 825%. I was able to sell my company for many times more than I ever imagined and am staying in the program for my new venture. Don’t wait, Jump! The value is there.”

– Bill Issler FabSuite

“The small intimate setting greatly enhanced the learning factor. I leave with my head full of new and incredibly useful information about becoming the leader I need to be, as well as new and deeper relationships with other entrepreneurs.”

– Debbie Robertson Louis E. Page Inc.

Become a Better Leader and Enjoy Greater Results and Less Stress!

Individual Benefits of the MLP:

» Grow to be a better leader. You’ll have a structured map to continue to grow and progress.

» Develop professionally. You’ll be more effective at work and have a greater impact on your organization.

» Reduce your stress. You’ll have less stress and more peace of mind because you’ll have a better team, greater strategic depth, and less drama.

» Make a bigger difference. As you become a better leader you will have more impact and make a real difference.

Company Benefits of the MLP:

» Grow faster. Remember beta-program participants grew 4x larger than coaching clients who didn’t participate in this program.

» Sustain your growth. By growing your managers and leaders you’ll create greater and greater trategic depth. This will make your company more stable and secure.

» Increase your enterprise value. By growing your team and generating enhanced results, your company will be more valuable.

» Enjoy a greater impact on your market. Your company has a mission to perform for the world and the only thing slowing you down is the need to increase your leadership capability.

Here’s What You Get:

Annual “Leadership Journey” 3-ring binders sent directly to you. Your leadership journal contains an elegant collection of immaculately design tools to help you track your progress each month, quarter, and year as a leader. It also has the module summaries and tools for every year in the program. Value: $2,800

The MLP Quick Start Course: This concentrated audio and video course walks you through exactly how to use your Leadership Journey binder and tools to set your annual leadership development goals, break them down into quarterly milestones, and then into monthly “micro skills”. You’ll also learn how to use your leadership journal to focus your practice and track your progress each week. Value: $1,500

The Core 36-Module Leadership Accelerator™: Designed to take just 45 minutes per month, each module helps you progress step-by-step as a leader. The course is housed online, and each quarter you’ll get a link to download the audio and video versions of that quarter’s modules. Value: $35,000

Complete UBS (system) to run your own internal “Leadership Mastermind Group” in parallel to the 36-month curriculum. Value: $1,500

Quarterly “Leadership Roundtables”: These intimate leadership discussions will be lead by one of the Maui Coaches each quarter to leverage your peers and build community as you practice these skills, troubleshoot leadership challenges, and celebrate your progress. Value: $12,000

The Jackson Hole Leadership Retreat: Once each year we’ll host our popular leadership intensive. Seats are limited to the owners of the business, and staff that have a Maui Coach. Once these participants have had their head start to RSVP, any open seats remaining will be available to all key staff members participating in the program on a first come, first served basis*. Value: $45,000

Total Value You Get: $97,800

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