Financial Pillar Super Course

June 22nd and 23rd, 2019

Atlanta, GA

Learn How to Master the Financial Pillar of Your Company

One of the two biggest point failures for business owners is their lack of financial sophistication about fundamental financial concepts. 

For years business leaders have been turning to Maui Mastermind for precise, straight-forward, no-nonsense business tools that work. 

Now you can learn in 2 days what most business owners never learn in 20 years of running their businesses about how to build the financial pillar of their companies.

No fancy terminology or intricate math formulas to get in your way, this short course will give you a comprehensive model to see and run the financial pillar of your company.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to understand the real story behind your financial statements (and 5 ways they can lead you to fatal mistakes if you aren’t careful!)
  • 32 ways to immediately boost cash flow –especially if you are cash strapped!
  • The 5-single most important systems to help you manage cash flow!
  • The most expensive sale you can make (and why you simply can’t afford to make it ever again!)
  • Why collections matter (and 3 ways most business owners blow it!)
  • The 12 collections commandments (and how to increase the speed at which you get paid!)
  • What your “Sustainable Growth Rate” really means (and the 5 factors that most greatly impact it!)
  • The 10 best sources of capital to fund your growth!
  • The 15 financial controls you must have (and how they will protect you from employee theft, vendor fraud, and costly tax mistakes!)
  • How to reduce the 5 greatest expenses your business has and increase your margins by 10% or more!
  • And much, much more!

Join us for this brand new workshop designed to give you the financial foundation that most business leaders only dream of gaining.


Hilton Atlanta Airport

1031 Virginia Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30354


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