Financial Pillar Super Course

June 22nd and 23rd, 2019

Atlanta, GA

Learn How to Understand Your Financials, Enhance Your Profitability, And Manage Your Cash Flow!

Dear Friend,

Are you happy with your current level of profits? 

Considering all the time, tears, and sweat you pour into your company, wouldn’t you like it to be more profitable?

The reality is that only a small fraction of business owners has ever been formally taught how to understand and effectively take charge of the financial pillar of their own company.

This weekend workshop is your chance to join this elite circle and enjoy a larger, more profitable company.

For years now, business leaders have been turning to Maui Mastermind for precise, straight-forward, no-nonsense business training and tools that work.

Join Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Businessweek bestselling author David Finkel for this exclusive workshop. In just two days, you’ll learn what most business owners fail to learn in 20 years of running their businesses including how to build a rock-solid financial foundation for your company that you can then sustainably scale.

No fancy terminology or intricate math formulas to get in your way, this workshop will give you the simple skills and structured framework to run the financial pillar of your company better.

You’ll get straight forward answers to questions like:

  • How can I increase profitability?
  • How can I stop being intimidated by my own financial statements and start using them to improve my margins and increase our bottom line?
  • What financial controls do I need to implement to protect my business from fraud or theft?
  • How can I best manage cash flow as we scale?
  • How do I get my team onboard to help make the business more profitable with me?

We spent the last two years designing and developing this powerful business course to give you the fluency you need to enhance your revenues, reduce your expenses, manage your cash flow, and grow your bottom-line profits.

What Are the Secret Factors that Really Drive Profitability?

According to

  • 19% of companies that failed, did so because they were outcompeted…
  • 23% failed because they didn’t have the right team…
  • And 82% failed because of cash flow problems!

They ran out of working capital, made poor financial decisions, lacked adequate sales, or simply failed to effectively manage their cash flow.


We designed this brand-new workshop to give you the necessary answers to avoid these common traps and make your company more successful.

In fact, you’ll leave with a clear blue print to run the financial pillar of you company better than you ever thought possible. This will reduce your stress, increase your profits, and empower you to sustainably scale.