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Business Accelerator: A Proven Path to Scale or Successfully Exit Your Business and Get Your Life Back

April 23rd-25th 2021 – Phoenix, AZ

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On April 23rd-25th…You’re Invited To Join An Exclusive Group of 150 Business Owners Building Profitable Companies They Can Scale, Sell, or Passively Own…

Join Us At The

The Business Accelerator

A Proven Path to Scale or Successfully Exit Your Business and Get Your Life Back

April 23rd-25th, 2021 Phoenix, AZ

During this 3-day live event, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 most powerful “Profit Levers” in every business…and how to pull the right ones to increase your company’s bottom-line profit by 30% or more in the next 12-months
  • Why your company culture is one of the least utilized yet most powerful tools to help your company grow…and 10 proven ways to build and reinforce your ideal culture year after year
  • The 10 steps you can take TODAY to increase the value of your company…and how to get ready to sell in as little as 36-months
  • How to uncover the single biggest constraint to your company’s growth…and a proven one-page roadmap to blow through this barrier in the next 90-days
  • The 5 biggest barriers to scaling your company…and the timeline of when you can expect to face them and how to adapt accordingly
  • How to create 12-hours of “Focus Time” each week (without working more hours)…and which high-value activities are best leveraged in order to 10x your personal impact per unit of time spent inside your company
  • How to define your new role as you transition to owner-independent…and what NOT to do to undercut your leadership team
  • The 5 core questions to answer that dictate your company’s ability to grow at 2-3x rates…and how focusing on the “magic one percent” of business activities create 50% (or more) of your quantifiable results
  • How to pinpoint your company’s single greatest profit generator…and what you can do to feed this high-value engine in order to double or triple your profitability this year
  • The Vacation Catalyst™…a breakthrough process that leverages your dream vacation as a catalyst for more strategic depth and scalability for your company
  • How to assemble a winning management team…in order to maintain, develop and grow your business
  • A new model to analyze your net worth…and how to harness it to grow your passive cash flow independent of your business
  • And much, much more!

Over the course of 3-days, we’ll dive deep into the proven frameworks that have allowed our advisors and clients to start, scale, and sell over $62 billion of businesses in the past 30-years.

Here are just a few of the life-changing results our past event attendees have experienced…

  • A professional services firm owner grew his business by over 37% and was able to triple his time off to be with his family.
  • A tech company owner increased her company’s value by over $4 million in 48 months.
  • A manufacturer doubled its pre-tax profits to over $2 million per year.
  • A “blue collar” service business owner reduced his working hours from over 50 hours per week to under 30 per week and earned over $500,000 in profit for the first time ever.
  • An owner of a small chain of retail stores took away ONE idea that netted $20 million over just a few years
  • A home remodeling company owner made a single tweak to his sales system that took less than 5-hours to incorporate and led to an extra $500k in profit
  • A single-doctor surgical practice working 60-hours a went from barely taking 2-weeks of vacation a year and not being able to afford an office manager to now taking 15-weeks off each year, has 2 other surgeons working for him, and is making 3x as much money thanks to new systems, internal controls, and company culture

And that’s just a tiny sampling of our current client base.

Imagine attending this 3-day intensive and walking away with just ONE idea that could yield an extra $50k of profit in the next 3-months…or upwards of $5 million in the next few years.

What kind of an impact would that have on your business?

Well, we’re going to ensure that you leave with at least FIVE concrete and immediately actionable profit-generating ideas and the tools to implement them.

But rest assured, the goal of the Business Accelerator Event is not to give you MORE work to do…you already wear enough hats as the owner of your company.

It’s to help you decide what tasks and roles to either delegate or let go of entirely so that you’re only focusing your time and resources on the key activities that actually matter and move the growth needle forward.

If you’ve ever stared at a never-ending to-do list that keeps you feeling like you’re trapped inside a giant maze full of false starts and dead ends…

You’ll leave this event with 5 things to do in the next 90-days that take you straight to the prize at the end…and potentially add hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in “hands-free” revenue to your business–the simple way.

Collectively, our event attendees and coaching clients are generating hundreds of millions in revenue every single year–and much of that can be attributed to a single idea they learn working with us and go out and implement into their business right away.

Put simply, our clients are working less while earning significantly more–and that’s our number one priority.

We help business owners personally do less by getting your business to produce more.

Here’s what the Business Accelerator Event does NOT include:

  • Shiny object marketing tactics
  • Motivation, inspiration, and hype
  • Celebrity speakers and “gurus”
  • Academic information delivered at face value
  • Business growth “theory” not based on real-world experience

Or anything else you can’t go out and incorporate right away to start seeing a noticeable shift in your company’s growth and a reduced reliance on you, the owner.

This is an event for real people, building real businesses, sharing actual experience, in a way that’s down-to-earth and practical.

And it’s designed as an intensive.

Meaning we’ll be using proven frameworks, actual case studies, and hands-on implementation to help you design–and reach–a clear outcome.

You’re not coming here to listen to us talk AT you for three days.

You’re coming so that we can do the work WITH you and start applying the ideas and strategies we’ll cover right away.

My team and I will be working side-by-side with you and showing you exactly what we–and our most successful clients–are doing right NOW to make this kind of growth and time freedom a reality.

That way, when you get back home, you’ll have a concrete Strategic Action Plan for the year that you can start incorporating with your team immediately.

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Your No-Risk, No Strings Attached Money-Back Guarantee

For the past decade, we’ve stood behind every event we’ve hosted–and this exclusive business owner event is no different.

When you join us for this powerful event, if after attending you are not totally thrilled with the value you got for any reason, simply let us know by the end of the event and we’ll give you a full and complete refund. No questions asked. We’ll even cover all your meals during the event.

All we ask is that you attend, participate, and play all out. If you don’t feel like what you learn has delivered on the value you expected, just pull a staff member aside on

Sunday night and we’ll make it right.

You literally have nothing to lose.

Or Register by Phone: 1-888-889-0944 ext. 915