Wealth 101 For Business Owners

June 15th 2018

Tampa, FL

Over the last decade, we’ve been working with thousands of business owners across North America to grow their companies and get their life back.

We’ve done our job so well that we’ve created a new problem. As clients have been able to double, triple, and in many cases even tenfold or twenty fold their values,  what’s happened is it created a new problem for themselves, which is how to manage their Net Worth independent of the business and while many of the skills that have helped them be so successful as a business owner,  carries over to help them be more savvy financially, we’ve found that for many of our clients they were woefully under prepared on the financial side to make smart, informed decisions and lead their advisor team to get the wealth outcomes they’ve wanted especially after they’ve had a liquidity event such as selling their company.

For this event we’ve gathered together some of our top Maui advisor team to share with you the fundamentals that you as a business owner need to know about managing your Net Worth and structurally reducing your tax burden and lowering your overall liability and risk as you– structure your overall asset protection.

These are the lessons that many of us wish we would have learned at the very beginning, but we had to learn the painful way of trial and error.

Join us and learn from our expert team so that you maximize your wealth outside of your business.


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