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Scale your company - and get your life back!


We can help you scale your company - and get your life back!

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Just access to a proven program that has helped thousands of business owners take back their lives and build thriving, owner-independent companies. No more guessing; no more struggling; no more doubting yourself or your decisions. Just clear action steps and structured accountability leading to consistent growth and greater time freedom.

(We do ask that your business meets our minimum qualification level – see below.)

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A Proven System to Grow Your Business - and Get Your Life Back!

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Maui Mastermind Clients Grow 5x Faster than Average, While Reducing the Owner’s Working Hours by 20 or More per Week!

*Source: Sageworks
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What’s Included in My 30-Day Free Business Coaching Trial?

Building your business is a journey - but not every business owner will reach the finish line. In fact, many business owners are stuck - unable to break free and enjoy the control and the freedom that comes from building their company the right way.

For over a decade, our business coaching program has helped business owners and entrepreneurs just like you build a business that provides the freedom and the quality of life you desire.

In order to help you succeed, we give you the tools you need from day 1 to start strong.

Your Free Coaching Trial Includes:


Private Business Coaching

Benefit from two private, one-to-one coaching sessions with a Maui Mastermind business coach.


Small Group Business Coaching

Join exclusive small group coaching sessions to troubleshoot challenges and accelerate growth.


Access to Our Courses & Libraries

Access the most popular training videos and short courses in our Business Owner Success Library.


Access to Our Community

Connect with hundreds of business owners like you through our private Facebook community.

And Much More!

Start My Free Business Coaching Trial

30 Days of Free Business Coaching to Help You Grow Your Business - and Get Your Life Back!

Learn How to Grow Your Business WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Family, Health, or Life!

Most business owners want growth - but they’re afraid they’ll have to sacrifice their lives in order to achieve that growth.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you scale your business the right way, you get growth AND you get increased freedom.

We specialize in working with companies in North America with revenues between $250K and 25 million a year who are currently either owner reliant or have started to build their leadership team, but the owner is still very much a core part of the business.

For over a decade now, we’ve helped our business coaching clients build thriving owner-independent companies. On average, our clients enjoy an annual growth rate that is 5 times higher than the average privately held company in the United States, while at the same time increasing their companies’ Owner Independence Index by a whopping 194.5%. This means our clients earn more, and work less. In fact, a typical client reduces his or her work week by 20 hours or more!

What Our Business Coaching Clients Say


“I’ve been part of the coaching program for two years. The biggest benefit I’ve gotten has been the upgraded peer group. Before Maui I was the typical lone-wolf business owner carrying everything on my shoulders. Now I have a peer group to challenge my thinking and push me to think bigger. Since joining the program we’ve literally grown 1,100%!”

– Paul Robinson


“Our medical practice has been working with the Maui team now for roughly 24 months now. Our top of line revenue increased by $4.1 million and our profits have grown too. But the biggest impact from the program has been the growth in our leadership team as we’ve reduced our reliance on me and our practice COO. We have plans to continue to scale our multi-disciplinary, state-wide practice further, and the business coaching program has been a valuable resource helping us do it. I encourage any other medical group to get their help, both to grow your practice and to increase your personal time freedom.”

– Dr. Shekhar Challa
Kansas Medical Clinic


“We have two preschools in southern California serving 355 kids every day. Before Maui I was working 80 hours a week with little time for our home life. Today I am down to working 40-50 hours a week. Not only have we grown professionally in the process, but we just opened up our third location, something that we couldn’t have done without Maui Mastermind.”

– Shirley Scholfield
Great Foundations Montessori


“Over the past 6 years since I joined the program we grew by over 825%. I was able to sell my company for many times more than I ever imagined. I am staying in the program for my new venture. Don’t wait, Jump! The value is there.”

– Bill Issler


“The business coaching program has been incredibly valuable in helping me grow as a business woman managing my practice and helped bridge my knowledge deficit.”

– Helen Stella
DMD Comfort Dental of Westminster


“To the person that is thinking of joining the program, I recommend highly that you do whatever it takes to do it because the payback is immense.”

– Chris McHale
SPK & Associates


“I built my last service business into an Advanced Stage Level Two business and sold it for over $5 million. These ideas work.”

– Ryan Arnold
Smile Mobile Dental


“We’ve had our biggest collections month ever, and I’ve also freed up about 15-20 hours per week.”

– Dr. Patricia Kaiser
University Chiropractic and Wellness


"Maui Mastermind helped me to develop the systematic processes to grow sales and improve the operations of my business.”

- Dana Smith

Meet Our Business Coaches & Advisors

In order to build a thriving Level Three business you need access to work with a coaching team who’ve done it themselves. After all, how can someone take you to a place they themselves have never been?

That’s why all our business coaching clients get to work directly with successful business owners who’ve personally built and scaled multi-million dollar businesses.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped business owners like you build a business you can one day sell, scale or own passively.

Our average client’s business grows 5x faster than the average US company.

Our average client increases owner-independence by 194.5%.

Start My Free Business Coaching Trial

30 Days of Free Business Coaching to Help You Grow Your Business - and Get Your Life Back!

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