Exclusive: The Owner Independent Company

Build a Company that Generates Consistent Cash Flow And Gives You More Personal Freedom

January 26th, 27th, 28th, 2018

San Diego, CA

Join Your Maui Peers at This Special and Private 3-Day Business Owner Event

Your Exclusive VIP Hard Cost is $495 per person (FULL price is $9,995 per couple)

  • Location: San Diego, CA at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley  – Reservation link coming soon

  • Included in your hard cost is the special banquet dinner on Friday night (a great time to dress up and enjoy your peers), networking and advisor lunches each day, and an informal “goodbye” party on Sunday night for those people who are able to hang out after the event ends that evening.
  • The workshop begins at 8:30am Pacific Time on Friday, January 26th, 2018
  • Friday evening we’ll be doing the celebration dinner for the Annual Growth and Freedom Awards!
  • The workshop portion ends at 5:30pm on Sunday, January 28th.  NOTE: Sunday evening after the workshop is completed, we will have an informal farewell “goodbye” party.

Maui Millionaires, LLC (MM) is pleased to offer this $9,995 (per couple) workshop event at the above listed hard cost values to select guests.  Because this payment only covers the hard cost portion of the event and MM has to contractually commit, this payment is non-refundable for any reason.

Have you ever felt like you’ve had to sacrifice things in your personal life – your family, your health, or time for yourself—in order to have your business succeed? 

As if you had to make a choice between your company or your life…

Come learn a simple, clear, concrete, step-by-step formula for building an owner independent company so that you can enjoy a larger, more profitable company and get your life back.

For the past six years we’ve been hosting a very private business owner retreat in San Diego, California for our top business coaching clients.  The event leveraged the way we’ve been running our $40,000 per couple Wealth Summit retreat in Maui for over a decade now. 

Over the three days we focus with you and your business owner peers on how to scale your company and grow your wealth.  The advisor team we’ve been fortunate enough to attract included the a serial entrepreneur who sold his first company to American Express Travel for $20 million cash before he went on to co-found his next tech company and grow it to over $1 billion in sales.  Last year this owner-independent company had a pre-tax profit of $2.1 billion.

We we’ve also brought in the former head of the National Association of Manufacturers, the owner of a private investment group who had personally bought and sold over $2 billion of real estate and raised hundreds of millions of dollars of private capital, and one of the nation’s top tax strategists (a man who advises multimillionaires and billionaires!)

As you can imagine, spending three days together in an informal learning environment with people like this has had an amazing impact on past participants.

And the results speak for themselves:

  • One participant grew his company 10 times faster than his 12 year historic average!
  • Another tech company increased her company’s value by over $4 million in 48 months!
  • A physician increased his practice’s profit by $750,000, and at the same time reduced his working week by 15 week!
  • A wholesaler grew his sales from $15 million per year to over $23 million!
  • Another participant grew his professional services firm by 37% and still was able to take off a total of 8 weeks to vacation with his family!
  • A manufacturer doubled his pre-tax profits to over $2 million per year!
  • A “blue collar” service business owner was not only able to reduce his working hours from 50 per week down to under 30 per week, but for the first time ever he earned over $500,000 in profit!

And the impact is still being felt today, with participants growing at annualized rates many times faster than the average companies in their industries.

I could go on and on about the results that came out of this powerful 3 day business owner retreat.  In my opinion, it’s the closest we’ve been able to come to the power and feel of our full Wealth Summit experience (without the selection interviews for every participant and the $40,000 it would take for you to earn a spot at that exclusive mastermind event.)

This year we’re focusing on the theme of building an “Owner Independent Company”.  This means that you’ll leave with a clear framework and map to scale your company while at the same time reducing its reliance on you.

If coaching 20,000+ business owners over the past two decades has taught me anything it’s this:

Only a small fraction of business owners ever have been taught how to wean their companies off of their crippling dependence on the owner. 

And what’s more, those business owners who do manage to accomplish this often fall prey to common financial and wealth management mistakes that they could have easily avoided.

Personal Confession Time…

In 1997 I launched my first successful business.  Over the next 8 years my team and I grew it by close to 150x to profits of $3.2 million per year.  I was taking three months of real vacation each year and thinking I was invincible.  Or so I thought…

When I sold my company for a extremely generous sum over the next 24 months I proceeded to make financial mistake after financial mistake as I “invested” the lion’s share of my lump sum cash payout. 

In retrospect I can see that each of the mistakes I made were not only easily avoidable, but were in fact a common pattern that I’ve since learned that most “successful” entrepreneurs make when they sell their first company.

That’s why a part of this three-day business retreat will be focused on giving you a powerful yet simple financial game plan to build your wealth independent of your company and in a way that integrates your company and its valuation and cash flow into your bigger picture wealth map.

It personally cost me close to $10 million to learn the many lessons I’ve embedded in this wealth map, and you and your fellow participants will leave Sunday with the plan in your possession so you don’t have to go through the same painful, expensive trial and error that I did.

Of course, while we will focus a portion of the event on your wealth moves, tax strategy, and asset protection “must do’s”, the main focus of the event will be growing your company in such a way that you increase both profits and your business’s reliance on you.

A Short List of Some of What We’ll Be Covering

Here is a short list of some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to use “acquisitions” to help you scale faster (including who you might look to buy and how to structure the deal for maximum profit at minimal risk.)
  • How to maintain the dynamic balance of cash flow and capacity when scaling (including the 7 internal metrics you must keep a close eye on to make sure you have the cash reserves to scale safely and don’t get backed into a corner.)
  • How to avoid the 5 biggest risks of scaling: Cash Crunches; Tidal Markets; Systems Degradations; Coherence Crisis; and Market Chum.
  • Creating a detailed strategic plan for your business so that you can reach your 3-5 year business goals. (We’ll also break these down into a powerful 11 x 17 one-page annual plan of action for your company too.)
  • Creating your “Business Owner Score Board to monitor your business weekly and monthly with minimum time and effort. (This tool not only helps to focus your management team to keep those few, critical numbers clearly in sight at all times, but also gives you a clear, leading indicator if the ship is heading on the right course, or if it’s drifting into dangerous waters.)
  • How to harvest the full value of the key business lessons you’ve learned from the past 36 months (Plus we’ll do a unique process so you can harvest the full value of the key lessons your Maui peers have learned too! This way you can magnify the learning 100 times over.)
  • The 3 biggest dangers to look out for when stepping out of the day-to-day operations of your business, and the warning signs that spell trouble.
  • 5 brand new time mastery tools to reduce your total working hours and still get twice as much accomplished.
  • 12 tax strategies to increase your net income and net worth (including 4 little-known ways to leverage your business and investing structures to accelerate your wealth building.)
  • The five biggest barriers to scaling your privately held company (and the timeline of when you can expect them to come up, along with a detailed formula for dealing with each of them.)
  • 6 Simple cash flow rules you must follow to allow you to safely grow your company.
  • 2 tools to radically raise the level of accountability and results inside your company.
  • 15 asset protection and risk mitigation strategies to protect your wealth and company as you grow (including a special exercise to identify your company’s and family’s biggest liability vulnerabilities.)
  • The 8 building blocks to go passive in your business (and how to best deploy them to help you progressively reduce your company’s reliance on you quarter-by-quarter.)
  • The real reasons why most companies struggle to get their team to use their systems (and what to do about it.)
  • How to determine the exact “fewer, better” things to focus on in your business (and how to actually get yourself to DO what you know.)
  • A 3-Step formula to read the world so that you can innovate and seize opportunities for growth (and avoid being blindsided by disruptive competitors and change that could otherwise put you out of business.)
  • 9 Ways to attract, retain, and empower top talent to help you scale your company.
  • A new model to look at your net worth and harness it to grow your passive cash flow independent of your business.
  • And a whole lot more.

Not only will you take home new ideas and insights, but we’ll also be walking your and your company through the real world strategic planning you need to create your written action plan for the coming year.

As my friend and fellow Maui Advisor Jeff Hoffman (one of the early CEOs in the Priceline.com’s family of companies) likes to say, “Your business plan is more about the structured questions you regularly ask yourself than about the answers you come up with.”

We’ll also drill down from your three year plan to map out your one year plan using our proprietary 1-page Strategic Action Plan.  This template will help you identify—in writing – your revenue targets, gross and operating profit goals, and the key metrics you’ll use to pace you as the year progresses. 

Finally, you’ll drill down one final time to concretely map out on one page your Q1 plan of action.  This way you and your entire team will be laser focused as to exactly who needs to do what, by when, so you powerfully start the year.

I’m hoping that this short list of what we’ll be covering has got your juices flowing and that you listen to the excitement you feel.

As you know, the core focus of the Maui companies has always been on helping business owners build businesses that they can sell, scale, or even own passively.  For over fifteen years now we’ve helped business owners build companies they love, and make sure that they leverage their business success to serve their deeper values and higher aspirations.

Because we are offering this event to our 102,000 person client base we know the event will sell out fast.  This is your chance to reserve your seats.

In fact, when you enroll while spaces are available, you’ll be able to join us for just a fraction of the normal Wealth Summit tuition!  

Let me share the event details with you…

Dates:  Friday, Saturday, & Sunday January 26th, 27th, & 28th, 2018

Location:  San Diego, CA  At the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley

Tuition:  Hard Cost Pricing for VIP’s and their guests: $495 per person

Save Half Again – The Event Is Almost Certainly Tax Deductible!

Knowing my CPA Kevin like I do, I’m sure he would tell you and his clients (many of whom are already registered for the event!) that it’s fully tax deductible for business owners.

I can hear his gravely bass voice saying, “According to IRC Section 162, a business owner can take the deduction for any business training that is directly connected with or pertaining to the business. In fact, Reg. 1.162-1(a)…” 

You get the idea.  By having your business pay for the event you’ll literally save close to HALF the cost of the event  (Of course, we’re not your CPA and you’ll need to check with your accountant about the write off).  But it’s hard to imagine that an existing business owner attending to grow his or her company couldn’t take the full write off. 

We’ll even give you documentation for your tax records in case you had to defend the write off in an audit – bless Kevin and his attention to details. 

In fact, Kevin will be there at the event giving us his best tax strategies to help us maximize our after-tax returns from our exit strategy and how to structurally reduce our Tax Drag along the way.)

You literally have nothing to lose.  Either the event exceeds your expectations or it’s free—and we’ll have paid for your meals too.

But you have to take action and join us there.

Now is the time for you to step up and seize the opportunity.  I urge you to save you and your partner’s seat before all the seats are filled.  Once they are gone, they’re gone forever.

To reserve your seat and guarantee your participation, simply click the link below.  

I look forward to spending the 3 concentrated days together focusing on helping you learn, master, and successfully  build an owner independent business.

Register Now to take advantage of the Hard Cost Pricing for VIP’s and their guests: $495 per person

Just as we’ve done for the past several years when we’ve hosted these special, one-off multi-day events, you and your business partners or significant others get to attend at our hard cost pricing. We think it’s fair to let you participate for 80-85 percent less than our other participants because after all, you’ve invested in the program, many of you over the past 5+ years, and you deserve special perks like this.

We’ll be hosting the event at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley.  Located in the center of ‘America’s Finest City,’ which is minutes away from San Diego International Airport, the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld® San Diego and many other popular destinations, not to mention some great beaches and golf courses to enjoy in winter.   

Included in your tuition is the special banquet dinner on Friday night (a great time to dress up and enjoy your peers), networking and advisor lunches each day, and an informal “goodbye” party on Sunday night for those people who are able to hang out after the event ends that evening.

We have negotiated a special conference rate of $149 per night plus room tax.  A limited number of rooms are available at the special rate until January 8th, 2018 or until the room block is exhausted. Once our room block is filled, rooms will be available at prevailing rates, so you’ll want to make your reservation today by calling 800-682-6099 and ask for the Maui Mastermind conference rate – Reservation link Coming Soon

We urge you to save you and your partner’s seat before all the seats are filled.  Once they are gone, we’re not able to accommodate any more – we are limited by the space available at the hotel and will likely sell the event out similar to years past.

To reserve your seat and guarantee your participation, simply follow REGISTER HERE

Or if you prefer, email Kelli Goode at the following email address:  [email protected]  She’ll help you register for the event.

We look forward to spending the 3 concentrated days together focusing on helping you learn, master, and apply the Freedom Formula.