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​Survive and Thrive:

​Strategies and Tools for Running Your Business in the Wake of a Pandemic

Dear Business Owner,

Right now you're faced with a scary, overwhelming moment in time – a global pandemic.​

How do you lead your business through these uncertain times when facts and situations seem to change daily?

How do you retain your customers and get client work done when "social distancing" and "remain in place" orders range through the country?

At Maui Mastermind, we're in a unique position to help you successfully navigate through these unchartered waters. Because we work with thousands of businesses across North America – businesses in just about every geographic area and industry – we have an insider's view into what's happening at this intense moment in history.

We work with service businesses, manufacturers, medical practices, retailers, restauranteurs, contractors, consultants, technology companies, day care providers, wholesalers, online businesses, and professional service firms.

Because of this diversity, our coaching staff is able to benefit from an accelerated feedback loop about what is and isn't working – in real time!

One thing is certain ​ your business is facing some very real challenges and adjustments in the weeks and months and​ ​​​​​​time​​ ​​​​​​is​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​of​​ ​​​​​​the​​ ​​​​​essence.

You can't afford to take months of expensive trial and error to figure out what you need to do.

You have opportunities and challenges that you have to seize and solve NOW – HERE – TODAY!

That's why we've brought together the very best of the best to create and share a structured program of exactly how to lead your company through this current crisis.

This program will allow you to go straight to the answers that work.

This is not the time to try to figure it out on your own.

This is not the time where you can afford costly trial and error.

This is the time to focus on what worksand we have it ready for you to begin implementing right now

When we saw what our business coaching clients needed from us to find the hidden opportunities for their companies, and to make the pragmatic decisions they’re businesses required of them, and to lead their team through turbulent, uncertain times, we got right on it.

The result is this concentrated, structured program. Let's give you a quick tour of exactly how the program is laid out and works...

The program is called, "Survive and Thrive: Strategies and Tools for Running Your Business in the Wake of a Pandemic"

and it is laid out in three parts:

"Over the past 4 years since I joined the program, we've grown by 188%."

Bill Issler, FabSuite

"We have two preschools in southern California serving 355 kids every day. Before Maui my wife was working 80 a week with little time for our home life. Today she is down to working 40-50 hours a week. Not only have we grown professionally in the process, but we're about to open our third location, something that we couldn't have done without Maui Mastermind."

Keith Scholfield, Great Foundations Montessori

​Part One: The Fast Ramp Video Program.

This 6​-part video training program is designed to walk them through how to best lead their company through a global pandemic. 

​We know you need this information right now – so we've built this section of the program out so you can access all six of these videos on demand – right now!

​Video One: How to Seize the Moment: Running an Agile Business Through Uncertain Times

​Video Two: Combatting "F.U.D. Factor" and Settling Your Team

​(the secrets to bringing out the best in your people during high stress moments)

​Video Three: Opportunity Hunting: How to Spot the Hidden Leverage Points to Help Your Company Thrive When the Stakes Are at Their Highest

​Video Four: The 3 Leadership Questions:

​A Simple Exercise to Align Your Leadership Team and Top Players Behind Helping Your Company Seize the Day

​Video Five: Scenario Planning: Cashflow, Capability Preservation, and the Economics of Crisis

​Video Six: Durability: Leading Your Team Over the Long Term When the Crisis Doesn't Just "Pass"

Part Two: The Secrets of Running a Multi-Million Dollar Business Virtually.

Because of the specific challenges of this global pandemic, businesses everywhere are having to figure out how to get work done virtually. With clients... with staff... with vendors... all of this, in whole or in part, done VIRTUALLY.

While for many businesses this is uncharted territory, for Maui Mastermind, this is business as usual! We've been a virtual company for over a decade – working with remote teams, clients, and vendors.

Over the past decade we've mastered the art of "virtual". Let us pull back the curtain and show you precisely how to do the same thing.

In four concentrated sessions we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to run part or all of your business "virtually".

You'll learn:

How to keep your remote staff producing at extremely high levels (and how to put simple accountability systems in place to know if they’re not).

How to leverage your remote option to tap into new talent pools at ridiculously low prices.

How to work with remote vendors and integrate them seamlessly into your workflow – again all done virtually.

​The 7 principles that all virtual companies must follow (or they’re courting with disaster).

The best of the best technology tools for remote staff, selling, and fulfillment (and the insider secrets to actually use these tools to get the best results).

​How to use remote technologies to get structural improvements to your profit margins that last LONG AFTER the current crisis passes (this one section can lead to year after year after year of enhanced profit margins).

The key mechanics of leading a remote team – how to do accountability, how to coordinate and plan, and how to stay connected so you retain your best people and build a healthy, powerful company culture.

​And much more.

​These four, hour-long sessions will be taught using the core video conferencing tool we recommend –Zoom--so that we'll model effective use of the technology as we teach you the principles, tips, tricks, and framework.

Each of these sessions have been recorded so that you can review them at your own pace.

Plus—you can share these videos with your team!  In fact, at the end of the program you will have a complete training system for getting your team to effectively working remotely.

​Whether you plan to continue to do all or some of your future work remotely, you’ll have built a new capability that will allow your leverage remote staff, sell more effectively through video conferencing, and work with customers and clients without expensive travel or costly overhead.

Which leads to the final section of the program… real world application secrets…

Part Three: The Bonus Section
An Inside Look At How Maui Mastermind
Runs Its Business Virtually.

We’re going to pull back the curtain and share exactly how we do it.

We’ve asked three of our key “pillar leaders” to share their best practices with running marketing, operations, and technology with a 100% “virtual” company. 

You’ll hear directly from our pillar leaders what they do – day in and day out—to generate results with a remote team.  We’ve already made all the frustrating, expensive mistakes you could think of – why reinvent the wheel.  You’ll be able to get direct, no-nonsense shortcuts and strategies to succeed leading your remote team.

The bottom line of this program is that it will give you a structured model of how to run your company through this time of change.

Essentially what you’ll learn is:

​This 4-week course will teach the tools and strategies that work for us here at Maui as well as our hundreds of business clients across North America and beyond. We will provide you a model in which to run your company through these challenging times, saving you valuable time and resources.

​How to effectively lead your business and your company through a crisis.

​How to spot the best opportunities for your business in this moment in time, and effectively execute on them.

​How to use this current high-stress crisis to pull your team together, retain your best talent, and get your team to do their best work so you not only survive but thrive!

​How to build a virtual company. How to master the secrets of running a multi-million-dollar company -- virtually.  (You’ll also learn how to get the best from your team, your vendors, your clients and your prospects.)

​Special Offer:

If you are one of the 100,000 business leaders who regularly gets our weekly business success emails, articles, and updates, then you know that we’ve been selling online business training systems for over a decade.  The prices for these programs range from $995 to $2,495 depending on the course.

But we wanted to do something special for you and the other business owner peers in the Maui community.  We understand that this is the time for us to come together.  Sure, we, like you, have a business to run, but this is a moment in time that is about more than that.  That’s why we’re lowering the price for this brand-new $2,495 training program by 80%!

Yes, you heard accurately, for a very limited time you can get this program for just $495.  That is 20 cents on the dollar.

We know you need to get started NOW, not later, so the moment you enroll in the program you will get access to the entire program.

Spaces Are Limited!

We know you’ll find this program so useful that we’ve taken all the risk onto our shoulders – you have our complete “10x Guarantee”:

Our Unconditional​ 10X Gurantee...

​Our Unconditional 10X Guarantee
​Enroll today and participate in the program.  If you don’t feel that the program is worth 10x what you invested to participate – then it is COMPLETELY FREE.  We’ll give you a full and prompt refund.  Our only requirement is that you must participate so that you can experience the program for yourself.  We know it works - you can prove it for yourself!

David Finkel

Together we know you and your business will find the best path forward in these intense times.