Working Together

How We’ll Be Working Together To Grow Your Business:

Ronald Eccles “25 years ago I started out in my first business as a doctor. If I had a program like this when I first got out of school I would have been successful faster.”

– Ronald Eccles, Serial Entrepreneur

Bill Issler

“For someone that is thinking of joining the program who has an engineering mind like I do, [the program] has got to be mandatory.”

– Bill Issler, Fabsuite, LLC

Thomas Jordan

“Maui Mastermind helped me to raise over $1.5 million of start-up funds, and save over $250,000 on the purchase of our manufacturing equipment.”

– Thomas Jordan, Peregrine Mobile Bottling, LLC

Tiffany P.

“One bit of coaching … literally saved me about $100,000 per year!”

– Tiffany P.,

Creating Your First 90-Day Strategic Action Plan

  • The Level Three Business Audit™ — 128-Question Proprietary Assessment Tool
L3 Business Audit
  • Private One-to-One Strategic Consultation to Go Over Your Audit Results and Create Your First Written 90-Day Plan of Action
quarterly action plan
  • Then Every Month…
  1. Weekly Q & A Sessions (as you need them)
  2. Bi-Weekly Accountability Check-In
  3. Bi-Weekly One-to-One Private Coaching Session

The Goal of the Program:

To give you the concrete action plan you need, together with the proven accountability structure, to make sure you DO your plan and get the RESULTS you want.