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Maui Mastermind® clients grow at a rate 5x the U.S. national average.

Maui Mastermind® clients grow at a rate 5x the U.S. national average.

Years Experience


We’ve been doing this for almost two decades now.

Guaranteed ROI


We actually GUARANTEE results (Clients will get a 200% ROI on their coaching fees within the first 12 months or its free.)

# Owner Independence


Our average client has increased their company’s Owner Independence by 194.5%; and many have cut back their working hours by 50% or more.

The Compound Impact of Coaching

Growth Chart

The average small business in the United States grows at a slow 5-7% per year. Typically because there reaches a point where the business owner is so maxed out on productivity, the business becomes stagnant. We call this the “Capacity Barrier”.

After years–sometimes decades–of attempting to work longer, faster, and more, many business owners start to hold themselves back because they face the inevitable–their ability to grow comes at the expense of their health, family, and lifestyle.

The surprising truth is that the only way to truly scale and grow your company is to reduce its reliance on you–the owner. Done right, you get growth AND you get your life back.

The typical Maui Mastermind Business Coaching client continues to expand revenues and profits at double-digit annual rates 5X FASTER than the average American business.

By incorporating proven systems, hiring structures, internal controls, and company culture, we help our clients build a business they can one day sell, scale, or even passively–own.

The Average Business

The average business owner works 52 hours a week, 57% of them work 6 days a week, and more than 20% of them work SEVEN days a week1. 85.1% of them are stuck in the “Self Employment Trap”2

The average privately-held company in the U.S. only grew by 7.3%3

The average business owner is isolated and alone, with no one in their corner.

Maui Mastermind Clients

Our average client has increased their company’s Owner Independence by 194.5%; and many have cut back their working hours by 50% or more within 24 months of joining the program.

Our average client grows 5x faster than the average privately-held company.

Our clients enjoy an upgraded peer group of other entrepreneurs and a deep coaching relationship that gives them fresh insights, outside perspective, and ongoing support.

Sources 1: Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index. 2: U.S. Census Bureau. 3: Sageworks

The #1 fear most business owners face is: What would happen to my business if I wasn't there? Here's the thing: To grow your business to the level you desire you need to focus on LESS. But what you focus on must matter MORE. If you want to grow–and eventually–sell a highly-profitable business that doesn't rely on you for day-to-day operations, it's not about MORE–it's about BETTER.

Our coaching programs empower our clients to effectively grow their company, while simultaneously reducing its vulnerability should anything happen to you (or some key team member).

So if you're ready to finally cross the finish line, to make the leap from owner/operator to CEO, to reclaim control of your time, lifestyle, and freedom, to reduce your working hours and stress load, and to build a business that thrives with or without you there…

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