The 2 Biggest Wealth Factors…

A short while ago I got an email from Nate Bylick, a 2-time Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit graduate.

12 years ago when I first began working with Nate and his wife Maggie, they had a small real estate business, buying single-family houses in North Carolina.  At the time Nate shared with me how he had ambitions to do more than just buy, fix up, and resell houses like so many investors.

That ambition and drive led him to attend the Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit retreat twice.  (At $30,000 per couple the event is arguably the most exclusive business and wealth retreat in the United States.)

Here’s what Nate recently sent me via email

Roughly 7 years after he participated in those two Wealth Summit events, this is what Nate said about the impact of his decision to step up even when he was intimidated by the idea.

“I must admit, it started with Maui.  Since we attended, we have accomplished over $62 million in personal transactions and we are growing rapidly in a down market.  

“At the time we attended this sounded like a dream to us. It’s reality now with no end in sight.

“Tell David hello and I hope to see you soon.  We are sitting in Tuscany this week. Last month was 100 mile hike in Maine on the Appalachian Trail.  Each month it’s something new.  Looking forward to Israel in January!”

In a moment I’ll share with you what I have uncovered as the two most powerful factors in creating massive wealth breakthroughs, but first I want to share with you another story so that you get it in your bones that these aren’t isolated incidents, but rather they are clear patterns

And because they are clear patterns, you can take the essential lessons and apply them in your business and financial life to create similar results for yourself!

Take the example of Jennifer Lyle.  Jennifer owns a software company in Tucson.  She attended her first Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit event in 2007 and will be back this November 9-14th for her fourth Wealth Summit.

Why would she and so many other participants come back again and again and again?  For Jennifer the decision was easy.  Over the past 7 years since her first Wealth Summit event, Jennifer’s grown her company and her net worth 5-fold!  (Yes, 500%!)

My point is that real wealth breakthroughs don’t take decades, they happen so much faster.

In a moment I going to share with you those two most powerful factors to create financial breakthroughs, but first, I want ask you a question…

What would it mean to your business and financial life if you could be there in the room with us this year in Maui?

You still have a chance to come.  The Wealth Summit is from November 9th-14th at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua and we only have two spaces open.  That’s it.  Once both those spaces are filled the event will formally be sold out.

I’ll have more to share with you about the event in a moment, but first, I want to share with you those two biggest wealth factors…

The Two Most Powerful Factors In Creating Massive
Wealth Breakthroughs:

Factor One:  Your Peer Group

I know I’ve talked about this in past letters, but it is so important that I need to emphasize it again.  We are social beings.  We are influenced by the beliefs and behaviors of those people whom we habitually spend time.

If you want to succeed on a massive level you need an upgrade peer group to help you do it. Success isn’t a solo game. You need people who challenge you, who inspire you, who stretch you, who counsel you, who push you to play at your best.

Does your current peer group do this for you?  If not, it’s up to you to do something about it.

Factor Two:  The Right Environment

What I mean here is that we all need a place from which we can dream big and stretch beyond our normal routines and see things fresh.

The clearest way for me to explain this point is to share two comments made by past Wealth Summit graduates.

First here is what Dr. Gurpreet Padda says.  Gurpreet, a 4-time Wealth Summit graduate is a surgeon and serial entrepreneur.

“Some people might wonder why a person might attend a five day conference, in Maui, and practically never step foot out of the air conditioned conference room to enjoy the sights, let alone do it annually for four straight years.

“Being gone from my busy practice and multiple businesses costs me approximately $1,600 per hour, but what I get for five days at Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit is worth literally millions, not just in the fabulous content, but also in the context of the people I have met and been able to create synergistic relationships.

“Nowhere else in the world will you find a more entrepreneurial group of people to collaborate with, who actually encourage you to grow.

“You are who your peer group is, and most people tend to hang out with people who pull them backwards. Maui is the group that catapults you forward.

“You meet people at Maui who may have done something similar and give you insights into how you could do your own projects even better. Sometimes you meet such people with dissimilar projects, but the synergy created is amazing, and a change in your perspective brings that sudden “aha” moment, which can literally catapult your company several million dollars in five or six weeks after you leave Maui.”

Did you see it?

While Gurpreet clearly shared about the impact of his Maui peer group (Factor One), what was unsaid but laced throughout his comment was the impact of the environment.

That’s such a key part of Maui each year—to create a rich environment that is fresh and far from your day-to-day so that the environment sparks you to see opportunities and ideas in a whole new way.

That’s why we’re hosting this year’s Wealth Summit event at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Kapalua.  (Just as an aside, your participation fee includes your resort stay for two and all your meals while you’re there at the event.)

I’ll share one more comment with you.  This one is from Derek Jarr, a 6-time Wealth Summit graduate.  Derek owns an extremely successful investment firm in Phoenix.

“I would recommend to anyone who is sincerely ready to learn, open to change and ready to take action to attend the Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit.  We don’t get paid based on what we know we get paid based on what we do and if you allow it the Maui community will help you do.”

For Those of Your Who Have Been
Dreaming about Joining Us in Maui For Years Now…

Some of you have been reading about Maui for years now, and you’ve dreamed about joining us there.  But haven’t yet stepped up and thrown your hat into the ring.

You’ve heard stories about so many of our grads, in fact you might have met several of them at other events we’ve held that you’ve attended, but you held yourself back.

If that’s you I have to ask you an important question: What is really holding you back?  What is keeping you from stepping up and taking ownership of your life?  Is it fear of failing or is it really the fear you feel of stepping up and succeeding on a massive scale?

We’ve been holding this life-changing, one-of-a-kind event for a decade and each year over 60 percent of the participants sign up to come back the next year.  Why do you think that is?

One reason and one reason only—it works!  It works to help them reclaim their dreams, it works to help them earn more money, it works to help them develop a peer group of some of the most incredible people you could ever imagine meeting. And it will work for you too.

So when is it you want to start enjoying your dreams?  When do you want to start having a real impact on the world and playing full out with a peer group of other doers?

If you’re answer is anything other than “now! Now! NOW!” then Maui isn’t for you.

If that’s you and you’re truly serious about reaching your business and financial goals and having a deeper impact on the world then please contact my office right away because this year’s Wealth Summit event is fast approaching (November 9th-14th).

Now is the time for you to step up and seize the opportunity.

As I mentioned a moment ago, we only have two final spaces left until this event is fully sold out.

If you’re ready to commit to playing at this level, to spending a full week with a select handful of other doers in an environment that will challenge and push you to even higher levels of achievement and success, then please contact Sid Zagri in my office.  You can reach him by phone at 1-866-214-6619.

After spending 5-10 minutes on the phone talking she’ll know if you meet our minimum requirements to be invited to the event.  If you do, then she’ll schedule a private, one-to-one conversation with me directly.  (Yes I personally do the final interview with any participant before we extend an invitation to participate in the event.)

Your first step is to talk with Sid and ask to get on the interview list.

The 2 Biggest Wealth Factors…
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