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We’ve helped our long-term business coaching clients grow their companies 5X faster than the average privately held company In North America, while reducing their working hours by 20+ hours/week.


Do you own your business...
or does your business own you?

Be honest. Did you start a business only to devote 100% of your time, energy, and effort just to keep it afloat?

Do you feel:

  • Trapped inside your job as the owner?
  • Like your business owns you?
  • Pressure, it’s all on your shoulders?
  • Like you never have enough time to get things done?
  • Overwhelmed...with too much to do every single day?
  • Stuck in survival mode...unsure of how to grow?
  • Like your business would crash without you there?

If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, according to a US Census Bureau study, 88.6% of businesses in the U.S. require the owner to be there day in, day out to manage their business.

Plus, the average small business owner works 52-hours a week, and over 57% of them work 6-days a week, and more than 20% work every single day.

88.6% of businesses in the U.S. require the owner to be there day in, day out to manage their business.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to sacrifice your health, your lifestyle, time with your family, or the freedom to do the things you love at the expense of slow growth or–worse–keeping your business in survival mode. With the right systems, team, internal controls, and company culture, you CAN rapidly scale your business and achieve double the growth and profitability while reducing your personal working hours and reducing your company’s reliance on you-the owner.

To Profit More & Work Less, You Need Strategic Depth

Strategic Depth answers the question that most business owners simply don’t have an answer to:

“Could my business continue to thrive without me there?”

Strategic Depth gives your company both the staying power and scalability to compound your results by building on a secure base.

It’s the systems, team, and internal controls we help you develop that protects you from the stress, fear, and anxiety of being totally reliant on you–the owner–or a single key player.

It gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your team won’t face the excruciating situation of having to put work needs in front of your most important family and personal needs.

With Strategic Depth in place, our clients regularly:

  • Scale their companies 5-times faster than the average business
  • Increase profitability by 5X or 10X+
  • Command a premium on their multiple when they go to sell that makes their business millions of dollars more valuable

And they do it WITHOUT working harder, longer hours, or continually hitting a ceiling of productivity.

The structured methodology of our coaching system allows our clients to reduce their working hours by half or more, allowing them more stress-free time for REAL vacations, family, hobbies, and a healthy lifestyle entirely independent of work.

We help our clients get their lives back.

Here’s the thing: this doesn’t have to be difficult.

To grow your business to the level you desire you need to focus on LESS.

But what you FOCUS on must matter more.

More hours, more effort, and more control inevitably lead to frustration, burnout, and stagnant growth.

If you want to grow–and eventually–sell a highly-profitable business that doesn’t rely on you for day-to-day operations, it’s not about MORE–it’s about BETTER.

Better choices, better focus, better alignment.

Our process has been proven with over 100,000 clients to grow their business the right way, become owner-independent, and increase Strategic Depth quarter by quarter, year after year using a clear framework and hands-on business coaching and accountability from our expert business advisors.

These are regular business owners–real people–just like you, who’ve been able to free themselves from the weight of their “job” and build real, highly-profitable businesses and create FREEDOM in their lives.

Who We Help...

Serious business owners of companies in the $1-25 million revenue range, who feel trapped inside their business. You want to scale, but don’t know how.

Successful business owners who are so busy dealing with the day-to-day operating of their business that it snuck up on them just how owner-reliant their company is. They are literally one health challenge or accident away from losing everything.

Owners of rapidly scaling companies who need the systems, people, and processes to enable them to continue to grow.

We are NOT…


We are NOT a guru-centered company

All of our business coaches have personally built and scaled multimillion dollar businesses before joining our team. Over the past 20-years, our Maui coaching and advisor team have collectively scaled over $62 billion of businesses. This allows them to give our clients the outside perspective and counsel needed to build a more successful business–without having to go through all the painful trial and error themselves.


We are NOT theory-based

Our systems-driven processes are concrete and actionable with measurable results calculated every step of the way. We help our clients increase revenues and profits, while at the same time making their company less dependent on them, the owner. We are not academics, we’re experienced business people who have started, scaled, and sold multiple ventures, and helped our clients do the exact same thing.


We are NOT a “silver bullet” or “magic pill”

The reason why our clients stay with us for years, many for 5-10+ years, is because they are playing the long-game of compound growth. You can't build an exit-stage company in 90-days or even 6-months, so if you’re looking for fast cash or an “easy button”–our coaching is not for you.

The Journey Of Building A Successful Business

Most business owners never cross the finish line. They operate strictly in the present without looking ahead to the possibilities of the future.

They think the goal of their business is to have something that allows them to make a comfortable living–rather than building something a company that can thrive and continue to profit–independent of them.

The result: most business owners become stuck–unable to break free and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes from building their company the right way.

For over a decade, we've helped countless business owners and entrepreneurs make the leap from owner/operator to CEO and build businesses they can continue to scale, sell, or passively own.

Our typical client reduces their working time to 10-20 hours per week while doubling (or better) their business profitability, trajectory, and maturity.

Our typical client reduces their working time to 10-20 hours per week while doubling (or better) their business profitability, trajectory, and maturity.


Are You Ready To Get Your Life Back?

Thousands of our clients have already created predictable, stress-free growth in their business and won their lives back…and now we want to help you too.

This is an actual working session with one of our expert business coaches, each of whom plays a pivotal role in the growth strategy and accountability with our private Business Coaching clients.

We’ll conduct a 60-90 minute deep-dive on your business to identify what’s working, what’s not, and what you can start focusing on and eliminating TODAY to begin creating Strategic Depth within your business and reducing your business’ reliance on you.

If you’re even remotely interested in unearthing the well of potential your business has to profit and grow while creating REAL time freedom for you to live your life…

Please schedule your complimentary strategy session with one of our business coaches today.

This session will be done as if you were one of our clients. IF at the end of the call you’re curious about what it’s like to join our coaching program, we’ll discuss that opportunity with you.


“Three years ago, I made the decision to start the coaching program at a time in my business when it was really a stretch for me financially. I saw the value and realized that if I kept doing my business the way I had previously, I was going to stay stuck because I was maxed out in terms of my time. The program and community have been so important for me! Over the past three years, my company has doubled in size and profitability, and this never would have happened without Maui.”

– Julie Kern, Bridge Financial Strategies


“Ten years ago, before joining the coaching program, life for me at my web hosting company, Hostek, was filled with 16–18-hour days, seven days a week. Vacation for me back then was taking my family to Busch Gardens for the day and working from a bench while my family rode the rides. I made the leap to join the program in 2012. Since that time, the program helped me to 10x my company while at the same time reducing my work week to 20-25 hours a week.
One year ago, I sold my company for a price that would have been unimaginable for me when I started this journey. I could not have done what I did without the Maui program and community.
My advice to you is to stay the course and follow the program. The structured approach and consistent accountability will give you compounded gains over the years. One day you’ll wake up to a business you never thought possible like I did, that’s the power of working the program over time.”

--Brian Anderson


“I joined the business coaching program a decade ago while I was building my software company, FabSuite. At the time, FabSuite was the typical middle stage Level Two business. It worked well, as long as I was there to actively manage it. But prior to the program we weren’t growing as fast as I wanted. We had hit a plateau. The program gave me the mechanics, accountability, and sounding board to build a better company. Over the next seven years we tripled the business. Two years ago I sold the company for many times what I thought I’d ever be able to sell it for, and Maui was a key part of what made that possible. Since that sale, I’ve started three more companies and I’m still part of the coaching program. It’s a winning formula that has proved its worth to me over many years.”

– Bill Issler


"If you are working 50, 60, 70 hours a week, Maui Mastermind will help you get your life back while helping your business grow. We’ve tripled our operating profit and I work far fewer hours today than I did before joining the Maui program seven years ago"

- Brian Thomson


"Maui Mastermind helped me to develop the systematic processes to grow sales and improve the operations of my business.”

- Dana Smith


"Here I am 7 years later and my company has grown four-fold to over $20 million a year in sales, and over $3 million in profits - and best of all, I’m literally not needed to do anything for the business any more.”

– Tom Santilli
xByte Technologies

Meet Our Team Of Business Coaches & Advisors

Our team of expert coaches and advisors are REAL business owners and successful entrepreneurs themselves.

Over the past 20-years, our Maui coaching and advisor team have collectively scaled over $62 billion of businesses.

We believe that in order to build a thriving owner-independent business, you need access to work with a coaching team who’ve done it themselves.

After all, how can someone take you to a place they themselves have never been?

A true business coach needs to help you balance your business’ immediate day-to-day operational needs with its longer term development strategy.

We help our clients develop a clear roadmap to build a scalable and saleable business, not a job that keeps you trapped.

We don't tell our clients “WHAT” to do...we coach them through “HOW” to build a business that allows them to profit more and work less.

Combined, our structured program, business coaches, and the entire Maui community equips our clients with the support and accountability needed to effectively reach their business goals and overcome every roadblock as they grow.

David Finkel

David Finkel is the CEO of Maui Mastermind®, one of the world’s premier business coaching companies with thousands of clients worldwide. He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of eleven books, including SCALE (co-authored with Co-founder Jeff Hoffman) and The Freedom Formula: How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, or Life. David’s syndicated business articles can be seen on,, and and have garnered millions of readers and his work has been featured in several prestigious media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox Business, MSNBC, and Inc. Magazine. He has helped hundreds of thousands of business leaders grow their companies and get their lives back. He lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his wife and three sons

Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman has started numerous companies and is Co-Founder of He is a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, Hollywood film producer and producer of a Grammy winning jazz album. Jeff co-authored, with Maui CEO David Finkel, SCALE: 7 Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back. Jeff is a featured business expert seen on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, CNN International, Bloomberg News, CNBC, ABC and NPR, and in publications including Forbes, Inc., Time, Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal.

Gwen Walker

For two decades Gwen has run multiple successful companies ranging from legal services, to financial services, to sales organizations. Her passion for working with business owners led her to work with David Finkel, CEO of Maui Mastermind, to deliver the "Build a Business, not a job" message, helping business owners grow their business without sacrificing their lives. Gwen enjoys spending time with her husband, Will, of 31 years. When she's not working, you'll see her on the golf course, cooking, or traveling to exotic scuba diving destinations.

Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell has been a successful business owner of multiple companies since he left his high-tech corporate position at Intel over a decade ago. He’s been featured in Readers Digest and is one of nation’s expert on helping business owners systematize their companies so they can sustainably scale.
In his investing life he moved from initially investing in dozens of single family homes, to financing private notes as a hard money lender, to today, where Steve focuses on investing in large commercial real estate projects.
Steve has a real passion for helping business owners succeed financially and reach their goals. He’s been a Senior Coach with Maui Mastermind, one of the premier business coaching companies in the world, since 2010.

Patty DeDominic

Patty DeDominic built and sold several multi-million dollar companies. She founded PDQ Careers, an HR consulting company that provided executive search and staffing solutions to organizations like AT&T, University of Southern California, Children’s Hospitals, The Automobile Clubs of California, Arizona and Texas. She was named CEO of the year by the LA Business Journal, was inducted into the Women’s Business Owners Hall of Fame, is the former Chairperson of the Foundation for SCORE, and was the former President of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Stephanie Harkness

Stephanie Harkness launched and sat on the boards of numerous start-ups, guiding them to successful exits. She is the co-founder and CEO of Pacific Plastics and Engineering. The former Chairperson of the National Association of Manufacturers, Stephanie is one of only three people to receive the Medal of Freedom award from the National Association of Manufacturers (the other two recipients were Henry Ford and Ronald Reagan). She earned the “National Woman Business Owner” and Wells Fargo Bank’s “Outstanding Entrepreneur of 1998” awards.

Kevin Bassett

Kevin Bassett is the founder and CEO of Bassett and Byers, P.A., a mid-sized CPA firm that specializes in working with high net worth entrepreneurs. A published author, Kevin is himself a “Level Three Business Owner” of a successful payroll company and his CPA firm. Over the years Kevin has worked with billionaire clients to corporate clients, helping them with Preemptive Tax Strategy™ and outside financial planning for businesses and business owners. He’s been a featured speaker at business and investment groups and conferences across the United States, and he’s been a Maui Advisor since 2007.

Oscar Subirats

Oscar Subirats - Division 1 tennis college athlete turned entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of his own company which pioneered his industry at the international level, having helped thousands of clients from all over the world in the past 20 years. By implementing the Maui Mastermind principles into his own company, runs a largely owner independent international organization. His passion for business has led him to work directly with David Finkel, CEO of Maui Mastermind, to deliver the "Build a Business NOT a Job" message through one-on-one coaching, as well as speaking, helping business owners grow their business without sacrificing their lives. As a business, real estate, and financial investor, he is always looking for opportunities to "Build Wealth Outside of Your Business." One of Oscar's passions is continually building up and motivating others to understand that family, faith, joy, quality of life, and financial success can all be enjoyed without sacrificing one for the other. Oscar has travelled extensively around the world to foster business relationships, speak at international events, and create strategic relationships for his business ventures.

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin's passion, over the last 19 years, has been helping business owners, leaders, and managers learn how to operate from their personal brilliance and create businesses that THRIVE! Following a successful career in sales (in Real Estate, Construction, Printing, Hospitality, and other industries) and an 11-year management position with Clear Channel Communications, Jennifer Martin started her first Business Consulting firm. Working with a variety of businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500's her focus has been on helping business leaders create profitable businesses that give them more life. As a published author, sought-after speaker and corporate trainer, Jennifer has been presenting to organizations across the USA since 1999. Since that time Jennifer has owned 5 businesses, taught entrepreneurship courses, facilitated trainings, and privately coached over 300 business owners on 6 continents through her own companies, and some of the top business coaching organizations in the world. When she's not working on her next book (Loving Your Business to Wealth), planning her next cruise or traveling around the world, you can find her eating frozen yogurt or sifting through a local garage sale, or enjoying her time with family and friends.

Doug Crawford

Doug currently serves as Senior Business Coach – Maui Mastermind; Naval War College Foundation (NWCF) Regional Director; and Reserve Elder and new church plant founder at his church.

Doug has executive leadership experience in building and growing for-profit and non-profit organizations including Internet, software, hardware, cloud, engineering, and cyber security technology companies, and support for active-duty military. His leadership helped build successful companies, raise M&A, venture and strategic capital financing, validate and accelerate growth, develop strategic business relationships to rapidly capture market-share; grow revenues, and raise private funds to assist in the outfitting of two newly commissioned Navy ships (USS Ronald Reagan and USS Stockdale) to enhance quality of life for service members, and service families.

Doug was President, CEO, and Founding Board Member of three Internet content and software-as-a-service companies. At Vicinity/Map Blast Doug led with venture investors to optimize the business strategy and establish profitable operations, which preceded Vicinity/MapBlast’s IPO. The company was later acquired by Microsoft to become Bing Maps. At Magellan Geographix ( he transformed the cartographic production company into a leading digital content and product company. At Digital Map Products (acquired), he consulted in planning, structuring and financing a spinout from a joint venture. These companies’ digital maps are widely used for directions, city and government planning, asset visualization, presentation and publication by The Library of Congress, Google Maps, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), CNN, Bloomberg Financial, AOL, AMR, Yahoo!, Excite, Lycos, and FedEx...and have as clients many of the world's largest online service providers, newspapers, publishers, municipal agencies, software and Internet web sites.

Doug previously served Wavefront Technologies as VP Sales, Marketing, and Business Development prior to Wavefront’s IPO. He helped secure international partners, funded development, distribution, and M&A agreements with leading high technology companies in the US, Japan and Europe.

He also served on the Board of Directors of: California Coast Venture Forum; ABC-CLIO; Digital Map Products; Vicinity; Magellan Geographix; and the Human Race, as well as serving on the Steering Committee for The Library of Congress - National Digital Library, Geography & Map Division-CGI; and Navy League of the United States National Vice President and Director - Corporate Development where his responsibilities included management of SEA-AIR-SPACE, corporate membership, individual giving, grants, and fund-raising.

He and his wife Karen of forty plus years lived in Santa Barbara, California for 25 years, and now reside in Dallas, Texas. They have two sons and one daughter, and four grandchildren.

Alan Gassman

Alan Gassman, JD, LL.M is senior partner with Gassman, Crotty, & Denicolo, PA. He is AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbard®, Alan has been on the board of advisors of the Journal of Asset Protection, a fellow in the American Bar Association National Association of Estate Planners & Councils, and a member of the Florida Bar since 1994. As one of the nation’s top physicians’ attorneys, Alan has been serving physicians and medical groups for over thirty years. His deep knowledge and experience working with the specialized needs of doctors led him to become one of the most sought after speakers and medical attorneys in the country. Alan is a Board Certified Wills, Trusts and Estates Lawyer by the Florida Board of Legal Specialization Accredited Estate Planner, National Association of Estate Planners & Councils. Alan has authored more than 200 articles and law school textbook contributions. Alan and his wife, Marcia, live in Clearwater, Florida. His firm can be reached at (727) 442-1200 or online at

Andrea Trovato

Andrea has a diverseand varied background including experience in sales, marketing, business development, legal and financial services. For over 22 years, she was the President and co-owner (with her husband Ron) of a small manufacturing company based in the Chicagoland area. This experience developed into a passion for working with other small businesses owners which ultimately led her to Maui Mastermind. David Finkel’s philosophy of teaching business owners to “Build a Business, not a Job” is a message she resonates with 100% and understands the importance of first-hand.

After selling her company, her passion for health and wellness led her to pursue Health Coaching and in 2018 she launched her health coaching business. This has allowed her to lead corporate workshops and personal and group coaching focusing on nutrition and wellness.

Andrea is aPublic Speaker as well as a contributing author to the AmazonBest-Sellingbook Overcoming Mediocrity, Remarkable Women.Throughout her career, she’s had the privilege of appearing in The Daily Herald and has spoken toaudiences in the 1000’s on the CEO Intronet TVShow, The American businessperson Radio and WGN Radio.

Andrea has been married to her husband Ron for almost 30 years and they have three beautiful daughters. They relocated to southwest Florida in 2019 and in her down time, she loves spending time withfamily and friends, boating, cooking and cycling.

Mike Inchalik

Mike Inchalik is a lifetime entrepreneur and learner. His experience spans more than 40 years and more than 25 very different job titles. Early in his career he worked as a shipping clerk, on an assembly line, as a buyer, as a maintenance mechanic, and as a production scheduler. After he went back to school he worked as an R&D scientist, as a design engineer, as a project manager, and as a technology futurist.
By the end of his “traditional career”, Mike had been a C-level corporate executive, run franchises, and grown and sold three of his own companies. In total, Mike has worked in nearly two dozen industries from medical equipment to space exploration; from psychotherapy to heavy construction; from publishing to homeopathic medicine; from consumer electronics to moviemaking. Teams he led have won three Academy Awards, an Emmy, as well as awards in other industries. While all of these awards were the result of a complete team effort, the awards do speak to the level of quality Mike is dedicated to in everything he does.
Perhaps most important to his current and future clients, after Mike sold his last company in 2013, he dedicated his energies to coaching aspiring entrepreneurs as a way to give back for all of the mentoring he received during his own career. Since that time in 2013, Mike has personally coached more than 220 entrepreneurs through the startup and scaling phases of their businesses.
“What motivates me the most is helping entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, and who are intent on doing something very special,” he says. “It’s what I always aimed for in my own work, and it resonates with me very deeply. They bring so much ability, passion, and vision. The fact that I can help them get bigger and better results faster is deeply rewarding to me. It’s an honor to work closely with people who are so inspired and so dedicated to making a difference in the world.”
Many coaches are exceptional because of a skill they specialize in and master to a deep level. What makes Mike unique is the breadth of his interests and experiences. He recognizes that the most impactful ideas and approaches in business rarely come from a flash of brilliance where some new idea is invented for the first time. Instead, the most transformational ideas and approaches actually come from other geographies or industries where those ideas have already proven themselves. Mike loves to use his knowledge of various markets and geographies to help his clients create real and meaningful breakthroughs.
Mike says this. “I am dedicated to being the kind of guide who brings you experience, insights, and a new perspectives ….all while supporting you and challenging you on this amazing journey. I am truly excited to work with you and can’t wait to hear YOUR story!”

Jeff Alkazian

Jeff Alkazian brings over 25 years of executive management experience serving as the President, CEO and CIO of a number of companies in the medical management, printing, marketing and mailing industries. His practical business approach helps clients get right down to the heart and soul of Entrepreneurship. Jeff has expertise in managing businesses and turnaround, focusing on analysis, industry/corporate assessment, ongoing sustainability, profit enhancement, management operations efficiency, and technological planning and advancement. He has experience with developing corporate start-up management plans including general business planning, capital and equity financing and organizational development, as well as managing mergers and acquisition strategies for companies with specific emphasis on market symmetry, and cost savings efficiencies. Jeff is known for motivating teams to action including sales and general management recruiting, building retention and loyalty programs, managing ongoing human resources programs and issues, as well as developing employee relation programs to increase performance and company-wide integration.

Henry Lopez

Henry is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach and consultant, and host of top-rated The How of Business podcast show. Henry has over 35 years of diverse business experience, including successful careers in the information technology industry, sales, sales training and business ownership. Henry has been involved in 12 different businesses, since buying his first business in 1991. Henry has bought and sold businesses and has also developed his own new businesses, including franchises. His businesses span various industries including restaurants, real estate investments, salon suites, software, travel, shared office space & coworking, car washing, and small business coaching and consulting. Henry currently resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with his wife Pam.

Rich Wood

Forward thinking entrepreneur and senior executive with over 20 years of top leadership roles in defense, high-tech R&D, global manufacturing and logistics, brand management, consulting and coaching. Expert at integrating and strategically building highly successful ventures. Exceptionally skilled in marketing, business development and sales, with operations management augmented by in-depth expertise in engineering, import/export and global logistics, low/high tech manufacturing, sell/buy side M&A, and capital creation. Real world, practiced leadership and coaching for business and work-life balance. Extensive program management and Biz Dev experience in aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors with focus in aviation, space, and weapon systems; and commercial/retail brand management and national sales/marketing and adding some color - Patented inventor, incredible chef - published author, commercial pilot and flight instructor, and licensed sky diver.

Andrew Grinbaum

Andrew's background is multifaceted and deep. H he has always focused on making the world better for small businesses and their constituents. He started his career in NYC, working on marketing and web projects in the nascent internet industry. He helped create some of the most popular websites in the mid 90's and had already managed five million dollars worth of online advertising revenue by the turn of the millennium.

In the early 2000's he began to teach business students at the largest MBA program in NY, at Long Island University. Concurrently, he was one of the first movers in the coworking space, and built a chain of coworking offices called Broadway Suites, which he sold seven years later. He was personally responsible for almost 700 commercial real estate deals during his tenure at that company. All the while, he was consulting, training and coaching small businesses in the $2MM-$50MM. He also finished an ICF-accredited coaching program to help him assist his clients further.

In 2013, Andrew sold his company, and moved to South Florida. He has continued to teach business students at San Ignacio University, train and consult with companies in fields as diverse and law, logistics, construction and the nonprofit world. In 2020, Andrew started Evolve 365 Coaching, a corporate wellness company offering direct to consumer health coaching as well as health programming to organizations large and small. In 2023 he founded Best Virtual Staff, a business process outsourcing company with staff in the Philippines and Latin America.

Andrew lives with his lovely wife and rambunctious, awesome children in Hollywood, FL (The 2nd most famous Hollywood!) and enjoys artsy films, writing (he has written 4 books!), exercise and meditation.

Harriet Cohen

As the founder of Training Solutions, a boutique consulting firm, Harriet Cohen’s joy over the last 20+ years, is knowing she has helped clients exceed expectations. She believes that business success is achieved by addressing the key foundation tools at every stage; business/strategic and marketing plans, target marketing, and talent management. Too often people, especially professionals know their craft but don’t know how to run a business, she helps them change that and become more successful.

A continuous learner, she offers both practical and theoretical information needed to excel in today’s marketplace.

Along with being a contributor to “Know” and “Sue” (paralegal and litigation magazines), and the “Pacific Coast Business Times”, Harriet has been interviewed and quoted in INC., Ventura Star and published articles in the Pfeiffer Journals. 2009-2012 she was nominated for “Women Who Make a Difference” through the Los Angeles Business Journal. She has spoken at national and international events, and was President of the Association for Talent Development Los Angeles Chapter.

For the past 18 years she has been an instructor in Management, Human Capital management, and Human Resource Development at the University of California Los Angeles. She had the privilege of teaching change management to international business attendees at the University.

Doug Lynch

Doug Lynch has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his career and was recently the Founding Executive Director of the Goleta Entrepreneurial Magnet (GEM), a small business and startup incubator/accelerator. Doug was previously one of the Founders and Managing Director of The REACH Group, a company he helped grow to become a leader in the implementation of organizational effectiveness programs to the upstream oil and gas industry. His clients included most of the world’s largest oil companies and governmental organizations. For 10 years in a row, The REACH Group has been chosen as one of Houston's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®.

Doug has been an Instructor, Mentor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of California Santa Barbara’s (UCSB) Technology Management Program (TMP) and is presently Adjunct Faculty with Antioch University Santa Barbara. Doug is also a Board member of the Emerging Venture & Technology Forum (Ventech) and an Angel impact investor with several active investments.

Doug believes strongly in the power of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

Jennifer Frigault

Jennifer Frigault is a seasoned executive coach and senior executive with a remarkable track record spanning over two decades. With a wealth of experience garnered from leading data strategy teams at one of the most successful media companies in the country, Jennifer is a trusted advisor to C-suite executives navigating today's dynamic business environment.

As an ICF PCC-level Accredited Coach specializing in Leadership for Organization Well-Being, she guides leaders in navigating today's dynamic business landscape, with expertise in executive presence, assertiveness, delegation, and emotion management. Jennifer's diverse client portfolio includes business owners and senior executives across various industries, benefiting from her nuanced insights and tangible results-driven approach.

Jennifer is also the founder of Spire Vision Leadership, a company dedicated to leadership and personal development. She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and two daughters.

Schedule a free consultation with an expert business coach and learn how to scale your business without sacrificing your life!