In my 25-plus years of being a business coach, I have worked with thousands of business owners across the globe, many of whom started out with no intention of becoming a leader or even a manager. They had a business idea that resonated with a customer base, and took that idea or passion and turned it into a thriving business. And many of them quickly learned that making a product and getting it to their customers was perhaps the easiest part of the job. The more difficult part was managing their team, and keeping them engaged and on a growth trajectory. So, today I wanted to share three things you can start doing now that will help put you on the path of greatness when it comes to leading your team.

1. Focus on the things that matter

As a new business owner, you quickly learn that getting things done is a top priority. And as a manager, that becomes your focus. Because if you don’t get things done, you don’t make money. The real magic happens when you discover that it isn’t just about “doing things,” it’s about doing the things that matter most to your business. Successful leaders focus their attention on things like retaining the best people, growth opportunities, and grooming and developing future leaders within the company. They focus on the mission of the business — not just the explicit results, but on the bigger context of why those results matter — so they can grow even more. This mindset helps you to sustain the value that’s created over time.

2. Develop a team of doers and leaders

Another trait of a good manager is someone who develops a team of doers. You can’t see growth in your business if you have a bunch of people working for you that can’t get stuff done. To take that a step further, you should also focus on helping members of your team learn how to become leaders. A manager coordinates. They come up with a plan on how everyone can work together to reach an end goal. But a leader takes a wider view, and asks,  how can we transform the business or process? How do we pull the best from a group of people to get something even better accomplished?

A manager gives people a job to do. And that’s valuable. But a leader gives the team a mission to believe in, and pulls in their best and brightest to get it accomplished.  When you’re doing a job you believe in, you’re going to do it well.  When you’ve really bought into a mission, you’re going to give it your all.  And that makes a huge difference in your business.

3. Develop a culture

One more thing you can start doing today is developing a team culture within your business. Give people a structure to settle into. Give them an identity to be part of. When we see ourselves a certain way, it shapes our behaviors.  This is who we are, and this is what we stand for. A group identity is a very powerful thing, and it can transform a business from so-so to spectacular.