Exploring Your Current Business

Describe Your Current Business

Which statement best describes your business as it CURRENTLY stands?

A. You’re still working on your business…
Raising your start up funding, and preparing to launch your new business. (Level One)

B. Your business is in its infancy…
scrambling to make those early sales and fulfill on your customer promises. (Early Stage Level Two)

C. Your business is sustainable…
It works, but only if you’re there to work for it. You are currently the main producer and director around whom your business revolves. (Middle Stage Level Two)

D. Your business is growing fast…
You’ve got leaders in two or more of your five core Pillars. You’re in the process of refining your business systems and building your management team. (Advanced Stage Level Two)

E. Your business is firing on all cylinders…
You’ve got leaders in at least four of your five core pillars. Your business is systems reliant and is now ready for you to plan and choose your exit strategy—to sell, scale, or own passively. (Level Three)

What is your business’s annual gross sales revenue?

A. Under $250,000

B. $250,001-$500,000

C. $500,001-$1 million

D. $1 million-$5 million

E. $5 million -$10 million

F. $10 million – $20 million

G. $20+ million

Including yourself, how many full time people work for your business?

A. 1-5

B. 6-10

C. 11-25

D. 26-50

E. 51+

What are your two greatest business challenges right now?

Challenge One:

Impact on Your Business (Qualitative)

Financial Cost (Quantitative)

Challenge Two:

Impact on Your Business (Qualitative)

Financial Cost (Quantitative)