Give Yourself Permission to Do This 1 Thing to Be a Better Leader

When was the last time you celebrated a business win? Now, I don’t mean jotting it down in your notebook each time you meet one of your goals and then moving onto the next task. I mean really taking a moment to stop and take it in. Taking time out of your schedule to celebrate how far you have come and celebrating your win and victories. If you are like most business owners, it’s been quite a while since you really took the time to celebrate how far you have come.

So today, I want to talk about giving yourself permission to celebrate. This is something that we do with all of our business coaching clients, and it makes a huge difference in how the owner perceives their work and their business.

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Find an inspiration model.

If you have a business coach or a mentor, this part is easy. A good business coach is going to help model for you how to celebrate the wins, victories, and successes along the way so that you can give your team permission to do the same. If you don’t have a business coach, try to set aside a time each week to review. As you look at your task list and your completed projects, make note of your successes for the week. And encourage your team to do the same. And then share them in a structured way with each other. Here at Maui Mastermind, we share our weekly victories in our weekly team huddle as well as in our weekly email reports. This helps create a company culture of celebrating victories.

Why it matters.

First and foremost, it feels good for you as a business leader to recognize your victories and helps you recognize that no matter how much stuff you’re dealing with, you have made progress, and you do have wins. And number two, it helps you be a better model for your team and gives them permission to celebrate victories along the way, to feel the progress that they’ve made and to be part of a winning team. The opposite would create a company culture that no one wants to be a part of. They may feel as if they can never measure up. They may feel like you are a parent that can never be pleased. It’s a pattern that I have seen over and over again as a business coach and it can really limit your ability to grow as a business and as a team.

Getting started.

Business owners are notoriously hard on themselves. We judge ourselves harshly and hold ourselves to impossible standards. So at first, this concept will feel a bit foreign. But do it anyway. The more you celebrate your victories and successes, the more readily you will spot them as time goes on and the process will get easier and easier. Not only will this help your business grow, but will give you confidence in your ability to manage your team and run your business.

Give Yourself Permission to Do This 1 Thing to Be a Better Leader
Article Name
Give Yourself Permission to Do This 1 Thing to Be a Better Leader
This makes a huge difference in how you perceive your work and your business.
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