As more and more companies are turning to remote workforce, we are seeing a lot of perks to going remote for both the business owner and your employees. Many of which may have been unexpected at first. So today, I wanted to go over some of the perks that you may not have considered when it comes to remote.

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Expanded Hiring Pool

When you go remote, you are no longer tethered to a certain location. You get to hire over a broad cross-section, and can even hire someone from another country if you choose. My company has people who work in Florida, people who work in Oklahoma, people who work in Wyoming and Utah and Arizona. Our hiring pool is no longer the same town or city that might have had a very limited workforce. It gives you a degree of freedom when it comes to growing your business. We don’t have a physical building anymore, and even if some of our workers choose to work locally on-site, we no longer need a 5,000-square-foot office space.

Less Office Politics.

Most of your workers would agree that they have the ability to focus more when they aren’t in the office. This is a big one. I’m a very low maintenance person. I can’t stand the politics and the posturing that you sometimes see in an office environment where it’s more about looking like you’re working than actually getting stuff done. It drives me crazy, especially thinking that I’m paying these people to do that. There is no longer the watercooler gossip or the politics of who is going to lunch with who or who met with who in a closed meeting. Your team can instead focus on what matters most for your business.

It Makes You More Efficient.

Having a remote workforce takes a lot of pressure off your team as a whole. If an employee has to attend to a sick child, travel to visit an elderly parent, or has a change in their family situation that requires them to move across the city or across the globe, you are able to accommodate them and retain them on your team. This is incredibly compelling for everyone involved. It gives everyone a good work-life balance.

You Become a Better Manager.

As a business coach, I have worked with hundreds of owners who worried if they would be able to transition to a remote workforce. They struggled with the idea that they may not be a good manager to their team in those circumstances, but in almost all instances we have found that what makes you a great manager for people on-site is what also makes you an extremely talented manager of remote workers. The skills are fully transferable from one to the other. And most are really happy with the transition long term.

Moving to a remote work model can be extremely beneficial for both you and your business if done properly. There will be some challenges along the way, but most don’t regret the decision and are more productive because of it.