What Does a Business Coach Do?

A business coach does four essential things for their clients:

  1. Provide structure for growing and developing their business
  2. Provide an invaluable outside perspective that solves internal problems
  3. Provide accountability to make sure you follow through
  4. Provide support through the tough moments leaders inevitably endure

The goal of a business coach is to accelerate the growth of your business in a sustainable way. They help business owners increase their company’s productivity while reducing the business’s reliance on them. 

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Business coaches help individuals and teams improve their companies by establishing sound systems, cultivating talented teams, and installing intelligent internal controls. This, in turn, helps to improve their lives. 

By creating a more stable, reliable business that doesn’t require as much maintenance, you’re free to pursue other passions, enjoy time with your loved ones, and take holidays as you see fit.

Providing Structure

It is the responsibility of every coach to create a progressive, step-by-step, structured approach to help their students or team develop the skills they need to improve and grow.

A business coach helps you succeed by analyzing your business, listening to your problems, and building a detailed roadmap that will help you overcome your adversities and achieve your goals.

With a business coach’s help, owners are able to establish pertinent goals within a realistic timeline. Attending regular coaching sessions ensures that the strategy is executed correctly and revised when necessary. 

There are many parallels between a business coach, sports coach, or music instructor. Each one is responsible for creating a personalized course of action that helps their students improve certain areas of focus in order to unlock their full potential and become an all-around virtuoso. 

Providing Perspective

Business coaches provide an important outside perspective that only a third-party can. We refer to this as “steel-sharpen-steel.”

It’s difficult to achieve your full potential in isolation. The best way to become the best version of yourself is to surround yourself with other inspirational, motivated individuals who have a vested interest in improving your business and your life. 

Business owners benefit immensely from having an expert third-party take a look at their business. Often, owners have to wear so many hats and keep so many plates spinning that it can be difficult to keep the big picture in mind–much less create a roadmap of achievable steps to make their vision for their business come true.

Business coaches help owners identify their strengths and weaknesses, focus on their top money-making products/services, and come up with new strategies and methods to protect and grow their business.

Steel-sharpen-steel conversations with a business coach force you to question every part of your business, strengthening necessary areas and removing superfluous habits. Having a third-party analyze your business will make it more efficient and profitable by implementing new systems, teams, and controls

Providing Accountability

A business coach helps you establish accountability to ensure that you actually execute and follow through on all of your ideas. 

One of the first things a business coach does is to help businesses reduce the number of ideas they are pursuing. This ensures that the objectives they want to reach are the most profitable and beneficial for the company.

Once a course of action has been determined, it’s the job of a business coach to hold you accountable for following through week after week. A good business coach will call you to the mat if you aren’t doing what’s best for the business.

A business coach is the best way to add accountability for business owners. Asking an employee, whose paycheck you are signing, to hold you responsible is asking quite a lot. This often leads to uncomfortable power dynamics and/or resentment. 

Hiring a business coach and setting up regular check-ins will hold you accountable for all of your actions. Because your coach is someone you esteem and respect, it increases your motivation to perform at your highest level.

Providing Support

A good business coach also becomes a part of your support system, encouraging and strengthening you during difficult times that leaders will inevitably face.

This is often an overlooked aspect of business coaching because not every coach believes or practices it. But the best business coaches are empathetic, in addition to everything else, and are able to encourage their clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel in trying situations.

Whether it’s downsizing, relocating, or pivoting, transformation can be difficult and emotional for business owners. When you pour your heart and soul into a business, it can seem overwhelming when it comes time to make changes.

A good business coach helps you through these difficult times by providing perspective, encouragement, and support. Because they are experienced professionals, they will most likely have experienced something very similar to your situation. They will be there for you when times get tough and will be there for you on the other side once things get better.

The Bottom Line

A business coach helps improve your business and life.

The best business coaches provide a personalized, step-by-step roadmap to your business’s success, help owners to sharpen and focus their intentions, hold their clients accountable, and support them in trying times.

At Maui Mastermind, we help our clients build businesses they can sell, scale, or own passively. We have personally scaled and sold over $2 billion of businesses. And most importantly, we have been able to do so while enjoying a happy work-life balance.

Our clients have achieved a growth rate of 7X the average privately held company, and are also reaping the benefits of increasing their business’s productivity while reducing owner reliance.

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