Accredited Investors Wealth Workshop

Discover the Wealth Secrets Employed by the Financial Elite

Friday Jun 02, 2017

Tampa, FL

There is a clear divide between the “Middle Class Millionaire” (net worth over $1 million but less than $20 million) and the “Financial Elite” (net worth over $20 million). In the United States; there are 8.99 million households with a net worth greater than $1 million, of which only 751,000 are part of the Financial Elite. That means just 0.2% of the population in the United States are members of the Financial Elite. What’s clear is that to join the Financial Elite in today’s competitive world, it isn’t enough to be financially literate–you must be financially fluent.

Two Prime Wealth Challenges

With respect to your financial life, you face two primary wealth challenges:

Challenge #1: Building a business independent of you the owner.
Considering that the primary wealth vehicle for over 70% of the Financial Elite was building a thriving business, one of the core wealth skills you must master is how to scale your company so it’s no longer owner-reliant. This will allow you to sustainably scale your company and make a successful exit at some point, whether your exit is to sell it, or transition to own it passively.

Challenge #2: Building your wealth independent of your business.
It’s not enough to build a successful business, you’ve got to create wealth independent of your business, or you’re trapped – dependent on your business for your financial future. What’s more, until you master the core wealth skills to intelligently direct and invest your net worth, you’ll be vulnerable and woefully unprepared when the day comes and you sell your company.

That’s why I wanted to personally invite you to join me and 60 of our top clients for a private workshop to help you become fluent in the advanced financial, wealth, and tax strategies you need to succeed financially.

In fact, you’ll learn the exclusive wealth secrets that have helped our top clients break out of the ranks of “middle class” millionaires and join the Financial Elite. This private wealth event is your chance to get this special wealth education so that you can be the master of your own financial fate and learn the real rules of wealth and money from one of the nation’s most respected wealth masters.

Think of it like the accelerated financial education that you never learned in school, but that the financial elite already know.

The Three Types of People

This Workshop Is Right For:

  1. Business Owners of successful companies who just haven’t been able to make the time to master the financial skills to effectively manage their net worth outside their businesses
  2. Retired individuals with high net worth who crave a greater feeling of mastery and control over their financial lives
  3. Very high income earners who want to leverage their active incomes to grow their net worth and eventually move into the Financial Elite

For the past decade we have been working to help already successful business owners and individuals accelerate their wealth building and join the ranks of the Financial Elite. During that time we’ve helped thousands of participants live richer, fuller, wealthier lives.


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