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Are You Just “Doing Deals” or Are You Building a Scalable, Systematized Real Estate Business?

The Single Most Important Secret to Growing Your Real Estate Company

After 20 years mentoring and coaching real estate investors one thing has become all too clear—most real estate investors aren’t building a business, they’re building a job for themselves by doing things deal by deal.

Sadly, by approaching their investing with this “deal by deal” mentality they never make the money they want nor enjoy the freedom that first drew them to investing to begin with.

However, there is a better way.

Once you’ve learned how to “do deals” the next major focus must be on building a scalable, systematized investment business that does the deals. You’ll quickly see that the difference is enormous.

By learning to build a real estate business versus just approaching your investing deal by deal, you’ll quickly find yourself making more money and enjoying more freedom.

We know this first hand. Over the past 20 years we’ve trained and coached over 100,000 investors across the United States and Canada, helping them to buy and sell over $1 billion of real estate.

This insight is so important that we feel it is the single most important secret for you to scale your investment company. If you can’t get yourself out of the deal-by-deal trap then you’ll always be settling for less than you can have, whether it’s less money, time or freedom.

Question: How does a single family investor go from scrambling to do 30-50 flip and rehab deals a year on his own to building a sustainable, scalable real estate company that does 200+ buy, rehab, and resell deals a year?

Answer: By working with real estate investing coaches who have done it before!

In fact, the example we just shared is of our client Derek who’s been working with Maui Mastermind’s coaching business for the past 5 years. In that time not only has he built his widely successful real estate investment company that nets him 7-figures a year, but he’s also built a successful real estate brokerage company to compliment his investment company!

Derek Jarr, long time Maui client, took his commercial real estate investment company from 40 deals per year to over 200!

The bottom line is that we help our entrepreneur clients build the business that supports their investing with our real estate coaching services.

What’s more, we help them refine their deal execution as part of the systems and controls they design into their businesses so that they are able to both scale their companies AND reduce its reliance on them as owners.