Grow Your Medical Practice Profits

37 Ways to Increase Your Medical Group's Bottom Line by Serving Your Patients Better

Sun Jun 17, 2018

Tampa, FL

In today’s world of managed care and complicated compliance issues it’s become more important than ever to master the profit leverage points to run your practice the best way possible.

Come invest a half day with colleagues and industry leaders to see what your opportunities are to restore or simply enhance your medical practice’s profitability.

Join Pariksith Singh, MD, founder of Access Health Care Physicians, LLC, a 163-million medical group, Wall-Street Journal bestselling author David Finkel, and attorney Alan Gassman, JD, LL.M for this powerful half day workshop on how to pull the right levers to make your practice even more profitable.

With a combined seventy-one years working in primary care, coaching doctors on the business side of their practice, and providing legal counsel to medical groups and individual physicians, Alan, Pariksith, and David have seen too many doctors who’ve built practices that consume their lives, but just aren’t as profitable as they could be. And as a result, these caring physicians underserve their patients and community, while also sacrificing so much of their personal lives.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn at this one-time-only event:

  • The five more important factors that determine your practice’s profitability (and how to take control and proactively steer your practice the right way.)
  • 15 Practice expenses to watch out for (and the real reason so many physicians overpay by tens of thousands of dollars every year.)
  • Why the odds are that someone has, is, or will be stealing from your practice (and how to establish rock-solid financial controls to protect yourself from fraud or embezzlement.)
  • Proven profit centers you can add to your practice (and how to make sure you are in compliance with key legal rules.)
  • How to play inside the rules, but outside the box when it comes to compliance to add additional revenue streams to your practice. (We’ll focus on how many entrepreneurial physicians are better serving their patients and practices all while playing well inside the rules.)
  • The three keys to quickly apply what you’ve learned in your practice.
  • And much more.

Join us for this extraordinary half day event and learn how you can earn more, enjoy more, and serve more.

Let this be the beginning of you building a better, stronger, more profitable medical practice. Don’t delay another moment, the time is now.