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June 25th, 26th & 30th, 2020

Virtual Event Series

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Too many businesses struggle to systematically generate leads and close sales. They are constantly scrambling to find their next customer and close their next sale. And with the current global pandemic, that need is even more pressing.

Growth hacking is a formal process of engineering growth through non-conventional but incredibly effective “hacks”.

Think of these hacks as a toolkit of patches and approaches that when applied to your business offer easy, simple, low cost, low risk strategies and tactics to exponentially grow your company.

Why Hacking and How Can You Internalize This Powerful Approach

Hacking is all about finding untraditional, nonstandard, yet powerfully effective short cuts and workarounds to solve a problem or generate a result.

These hacks may or may not be pretty, but no one can rationally question their efficacy. They simply work.

Yes, they are often outside the box, wild, or counter-intuitive, but this is why effective hacks so often give you an immediate edge – no one else in your industry, profession, or vertical is doing it this way. And by the time they reverse engineer what you have done, you’ll be miles down the road.

Growth Hacking is your chance to apply this same mindset and methodology to scaling your company.

Over the pre-workshop and live virtual sessions (more on this below) you’ll learn to internalize this mindset and approach. You will also gain a collection of simple tricks, tactics and strategies to gain immediate advantages in your marketplace.

You’ll learn how one service business doubled its business in a single month – April 2020 – when all of their competitors were crying out that the sky was falling. This service business did it through a simple hack. You’ll learn exactly what this hack was.

You’ll see how a construction company used a simple pricing hack that sped up its sales cycle by 30%, and how you can apply the same idea to your business.

You’ll learn how an aerospace company applied a simple marketing hack to lock out its competitors, many of whom were panic selling their inventory at unsustainable prices. This aerospace company applied this hack to shift the narrative on their competitors and bind their customers behind an impenetrable wall, and it worked!

These are actual coaching clients who have applied the hacker mentality to find creative, ingenious, and in retrospect even obvious, ways to put their company on exponential growth curves by doing things different than everyone else.

At Growth Hacking we will pull back the curtain and reveal exactly how they did it, and how you can learn to literally engineer growth.

Now you can take control of your own business future and find ways to thrive by creating more value for your market with less time, effort, and energy. This is the essence of growth hacking.

A Virtual Event You Can’t Afford to Miss

For over a decade, our advanced business workshops have continued to sell out, and for good reason, the value is there. No fluff, just direct, refined, and easy to implement ideas to grow your company.

In Growth Hacking, we’re taking things to a new level.

We’ve designed this workshop to give you the maximum results in the least amount of time possible (which is one of the core principles of hacking – to find shortcuts and solutions that generate greater results with less time and effort.) Once you learn this proprietary formula for growing your business, you will begin to truly see just what you and your business are capable of.

If coaching 20,000+ business owners over the past two decades has taught us anything, it’s this:

Only a small fraction of business owners are ever taught how to build their businesses the right way.

It’s not a mystery. We’ll show you how it’s done. Each live session will have you actually working on your business. You’ll be sharing ideas and networking with other business leaders during breakout sessions and with the entire group.

How Our Growth Hacking Event Works

PRE-Event Sessions:

Before you ever join us for the five live sessions, you’ll be able to come fully prepared and primed to maximize our time together.

We’ve created a simple “Learning Pathway” tool to help you customize which pre-event recorded sessions are right for you. Take one, or take them all, it depends on your specific situation and business needs.

The pre-event sessions include:

  • The Single Biggest Leverage Point to Grow Your Business
  • Strategic Marketing Decision #1: Your Choice of Target Market
  • Strategic Marketing Decision #2: Your Choice of Product, Services, and Clients to Focus on (And How to Know Which Ones to Fire! )
  • Strategic Marketing Decision #3: A Rational Review of Pricing -- Are Your Prices Right?
  • The 5 Profit Levers™: The Secret Factors That Really Drive Your Bottom Line Profitability
  • Optimizing Your Company's Lead Conversion Funnel

Each of these classes was chosen because it will give you a strong foundation or important introduction to something we’ll build on and use during the five live sessions.

For example, one core part of growth hacking is optimizing funnels: your marketing funnels, your lead conversion funnels, and even your production funnels. We’ll do this together during the live sessions. But if you’re not already fluent in thinking in “funnels”, we urge you to watch this video first to build a better background so that you get more from the live sessions.

The same holds true for The 5 Profit Levers™ session. Growth hacking is about generating more results (aka: profit) with less time, effort, or money (aka: resources). It’s about finding legitimate “shortcuts” and “workarounds” (aka: hacks) that get you results in unexpectedly easier or superior ways. That’s why we want you to know about the five “profit levers” that you have at your disposal in your business, and how to push and pull on each to maximize your business’s profits. This video is a great foundation for the growth hacking work we’ll do during the live sessions.

The “Live” Sessions:

Spaced out over a four-day period, we’ll be holding five, live sessions using fully-interactive video based training.

You’ll be able to chat with our coaching team and your peers, discuss how you’re applying these ideas to your business in small group break outs, and fully engage in working on your business during the event.

  • Thursday, June 25th 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

    Session One: The Four Growth Decisions

    At the root of growth hacking is the critical decision of where to invest your limited resources of time, attention, talent, and money. These four key decisions will help you invest your resources where they will generate the highest return for your company.

  • Thursday, June 25th 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

    Session Two: Our Most Profitable “X”…

    Have you ever wondered where most of your company profit was actually earned? In this powerful session you’ll gain a simple tool to do this calculation yourself. More importantly, you’ll learn how to take this insight and spread it throughout your company so that you team understands the logic behind why you’re asking them to do what you’ve asked them to do. This will help you exponentially expand the baseline of better business decisions your company makes because everyone will understand your business core.

  • Friday, June 26th 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

    Session Three: Optimize Your Funnels

    Thinking in funnels – marketing funnels, sales funnels, production funnels, collection funnels – is a simple way to progressively refine your business. In this session we’ll have you create a key funnel and map out how you’ll track it step-by-step so that you can optimize it over the next 90 days. Once you learn to do this once, you can repeat this process with the other key “funnels” in your business.

  • Friday, June 26th 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

    Session Four: The 4 “R” Process™

    In this session we’ll give you our four favorite growth hacks -- literally. Any one of these simple growth tools could help you double your business over the next 36 months. In combination they are even more powerful.

  • Tuesday, June 30th 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

    Session Five: Finding Your “Sweet Spot”

    In this final session of the event, we’ll help you narrow down your potential action steps and strategies to pick the very best one for your company at this time. Plus, we’ll help you map out your execution plan so that you effectively put this idea into play.

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  • Bonus #2: We’ll place you in an event “mastermind group”.

    Each participant will get to be part of a private mastermind group of fellow participants (6-8) with whom you’ll do the event assignments and breakout sessions.

    You’ll be able to help each other sharpen your thinking, deepen your learning, and hold each other accountable to take action on what you’re learning.

  • Bonus #3: Thursday Night Virtual Social

    We understand how important it is to come together as a community right now. Which is why we are excited to host the first ever Maui Mastermind Virtual Social on Thursday June 25th.

    It’s a great chance to unwind and connect with your business peers in a virtual setting.


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