Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

June 22nd, June 24th, June 25th and June 29th

Virtual Summit

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Too many businesses struggle to systematically generate leads and close sales. They are constantly scrambling to find their next customer and close their next sale.

Now you can take control of your own business future by strategically planning out your sales and marketing efforts.

At this concentrated sales and marketing boot camp, you’ll actually create your Strategic Sales and Marketing Plan. And what’s more, you’ll learn a powerful format and template for you to use for years to come in planning your sales/marketing efforts.

Session One: Escaping the “Feast or Famine” Business Cycle

You’ll learn:

  • How to pinpoint your single most expensive lead generation pain point so that you can put your time, talent, and dollars into the precise place to make the maximum impact.
  • Why systems thinking is a key part of the solution (and specifically how this applies to your marketing and sales pillar).
  • What causes the “feast or famine” cycle and 6 ways to solve this crippling problem.
  • 5 Simple steps to build your baseline lead generation system.

Tuesday, June 22, 8am Pacific/11am Eastern

Session Two: The 4 Exponential Leverage Points to Boost Your Sales

You’ll learn:

  • How to pick the best target market for your products and services (and how to avoid the least profitable ones)
  • A simple 2×2 matrix to create a clear “buyer’s map” of your ideal customer or client
  • How to best position your product or service in the mind of your marketplace.
  • The 9 keys to create a powerful sales / marketing scoreboard (and how most companies get this wrong).
  • The 4 questions you must ask about your sales system (and how to score your company on each of these criteria)

Tuesday, June 22, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Session Three: 25 Sales Tactics to Immediately Boost Your Closing Rate and Sales

You’ll learn:

  • The 10 “action activators” that get prospects to buy – now!
  • 10 core sales strategies that have stood the test of time.
  • 5 final sales techniques that you should start with first.

Thursday, June 24, 8am Pacific/11am Eastern

Session Four: Sales Management 101: How to Hire, Compensate, and Manage Your Sales Team for Best Results

You’ll learn:

  • Which of the 5 types of sales people you need to hire (and why you must nail this if you want to successfully scale your sales force).
  • How to reduce your risk when trying out a new sales person and radically speed up your “proof period”.
  • How to create a culture of high accountability within your sales force (and where to start if you’ve already screwed this up).
  • How to design a comp plan that gets great performance from your sales team.

Thursday, June 24, 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Session Five: Making Your Website a Lead & Revenue Driver (without ad spend) with Special Guest Power Digital Marketing

  • Understanding what the search engines (Google) want (and need to see).
  • Tips & actions to ensure your site gets indexed + ranking.
  • Bonus – what to do with the traffic when it gets to your website.

Friday June 25, 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

Session Six: Strategic Planning

In this final session of the event, we’ll help you narrow down your potential action steps and strategies to pick the very best one for your company at this time. Plus, we’ll help you map out your execution plan so that you effectively put these ideas into play./

We will walk you through the simple steps to create your own one-page action plan for the coming quarter so you get a running start on your key projects and company initiatives.

Tuesday, June 29, 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern



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