Survive and Thrive: Strategies and Tools for Running Your Business in the Wake of a Pandemic

Join us on April 9th, 2020 @ 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern to learn how to not only survive but thrive during the wake of a pandemic.

Right now you’re faced with a scary, overwhelming moment in time – a global pandemic.

How do you lead your business through these uncertain times when facts and situations seem to change daily?

How do you retain your customers and get client work done when “social distancing” and “remain in place” orders range through the country?

At Maui Mastermind, we’re in a unique position to help you successfully navigate through these unchartered waters. Because we work with thousands of businesses across North America – businesses in just about every geographic area and industry – we have an insider’s view into what’s happening at this intense moment in history.

We work with service businesses, manufacturers, medical practices, retailers, restauranteurs, contractors, consultants, technology companies, day care providers, wholesalers, online businesses, and professional service firms.

Because of this diversity, our coaching staff is able to benefit from an accelerated feedback loop about what is and isn’t working – in real time!

One thing is certain — your business is facing some very real challenges and adjustments in the weeks and months and time is of the essence.

You can’t afford to take months of expensive trial and error to figure out what you need to do. You have opportunities and challenges that you have to seize and solve NOW – HERE – TODAY!

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to Seize the Moment: Running an Agile Business Through Uncertain Times
  • Opportunity Hunting: How to Spot the Hidden Leverage Points to Help Your Company Thrive When the Stake Are at Their Highest
  • The 7 principles that all virtual companies must follow (or they’re courting with disaster).
  • The key mechanics of leading a remote team – how to do accountability, how to coordinate and plan, and how to stay connected so you retain your best people and build a healthy, powerful company culture.

Nothing we do at the Maui Mastermind is “theoretical” or “academic.” We teach proven principles that really work, in the real world, for business owners just like you. We’ll take you by the hand and help you start taking back your time and growing your business.