The Freedom Formula: Regain Control of Your Time, Business, and Life

January 27th, 28th, 29th, 2017

San Diego, CA

Create Your 2017 Game Plan to Build an
Owner Independent Business and Get Your Life Back

Dear Business Owner,

Have you ever felt like you’ve had to sacrifice things in your personal life – your family, your health, or time for yourself–in order to have your business succeed?

As if you had to make a choice between your company or your life…

Come learn a simple, clear, concrete, step-by-step formula for building an owner independent company so that you can enjoy a larger, more profitable company and get your life back.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself any of the following then this powerful workshop is for you:

“I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  So much of my day is spent putting out fires and reacting to customer demands.”

“I started my business to be in control of my time.  I wanted the flexibility to do things on my schedule so I could be there for my family.  But the reality is, all I do is work. Even when I’m with my family I’m still responding to emails and texts for work.” 

“Sometimes I think life would be better if I just let go of the business and worked for somebody else, at least I wouldn’t have to bring all the stress and pressure home with me at night.” 

“I’m scared.  If something were to happen to me or one of my key people, my business could fail.  Without me (or these key staff members) the business might not survive.”

If coaching 20,000+ business owners over the past two decades has taught me anything it’s this:

Only a small fraction of business owners ever have been taught how to wean their companies off of their crippling dependence on the owner. 

And those few who have this knowledge, need a concrete map to apply the model to their company so that they successfully gain growth and more personal freedom.

That’s why I want to encourage you to join me, the Maui coaching team, and a hundred of our top business owner clients for a special, 3-day event in San Diego on January 27-29th, 2017.

Together, we’ll invest 3 concentrated days on giving you this proven formula for structuring and executing on your plan to build an owner independent business.

Here’s a more detailed view of what you’ll gain when you participate in this onetime only event:

Part One: The Flawed Model that Traps Most Business Owners

This first section of the workshop will focus on the “conventional” way most businesses are structured and grow, and why this traditional model often costs the business owner his or her personal life.  When you follow this flawed model, you suffer what we call, “The Five Business Dilemmas”:

Dilemma One–The Competency Trap: 

“The better I get at what I do, the more trapped I become as my business needs me to be there every day to do or personally oversee that work.”

Dilemma Two–The Balance Fantasy:

I say I’m committed to a balanced, healthy, fulfilling life, but I still consistently choose my business and professional success over my family, health, and personal life.”

Dilemma Three – The Death by 1,000 Cuts Dilemma:

I’m so busy putting out fires, reacting to demands, answering email, and sitting in meetings, that I don’t have time to do my most valuable work for my company.

Dilemma Four – The “Hit by a Bus” Dilemma:

If something were to happen to me (or to one of my key people), my company, department, or team would fail.  At the very least, the loss of this key person would throw things into chaos and add to the pressure I already feel.

Dilemma Five – The False Front Dilemma:

I want things to be better, I just don’t know how to actually make it better, or if it’s really even possible.

In Part One of the workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why chasing after control pushes you to personally oversee and handle more which further traps you in the endless rounds and increased pressure of doing more and more.
  • 3 ways that gripping “tighter” makes your company more vulnerable to shocks and losses.
  • 7 ways to build more depth into your company, systems, team, and internal controls so that you feel less compelled or needed to manage the “day-to-day”.
  • 6 ways a lack of clarity can suck you back into doing other people’s jobs.
  • The 12 most expensive words that any business owner can ever utter.
  • 8 ways how the law of “strategic structure” can cause your business to flounder, forcing you to pick up the pieces.
  • How you can sometimes fool yourself into thinking that if only you work harder, longer, faster that somehow you can work your way out of “the hole”.
  • How today’s technology, the 24/7/365 economy and culture has progressed past our basic time tools (and 15 ways you can buffer, filter, and scaffold to effectively and sustainably produce more with less in our “always on” world.)

Part Two: The Freedom Formula

Then in Part Two of the workshop you’ll learn the “Freedom Formula” – a proven 5-step recipe to regain control of your time, your company, and your life.

The Freedom Formula will help you grow faster, while working less.

In this section of the workshop you’ll learn:

  • A clear picture of all five steps of the Freedom Formula with three clear examples of business leaders who’ve applied it to create extraordinary business and freedom results.
  • The one decision you must make to turn your company and life around.
  • How to meaningfully engage your team to accelerate this process (and how to frame the process so they are fully engaged and vested.)
  • Why working less is the answer, not more. And 6 ways to immediately free up more time to scale your company.
  • The 4 biggest “tools” to give you greater impact in radically less time.
  • 5 Ways to align your company around your “Fewer, Better”.
  • How to build your 1-page plan of action – for the QUARTER and the YEAR.
  • How to “layer” this formula so that you can create multiplied results over a short period of time.

Part Three:  Accelerating the Process

In Part Three of the workshop you’ll learn the six “Owner Independence Accelerators”:

Accelerator #1: Implement Systems and Controls
You’ll learn advanced ideas to create a systems reliant company where your team consistently builds, uses, refines, and retires systems through the normal course of their day.

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your team makes mistakes and your company suffers when they shortcut processes or skip using your systems altogether then you’ll find this one of the most important sections of the workshop.

Accelerator #2:  Engage Your Team
The fastest way to grow your business’s independence from you is to formally, structurally engage your team in the process. Learn the right and wrong way to enlist your team so they buy into the process and feel a vested stake in the long-term success of your company.

Accelerator #3:  Revisit Your Why

You have three levels of why.  Your personal why for wanting your business to succeed.  Your team’s motivation for scaling the company, and how their individual goals fit in with your desire to build an owner independent company.  Finally, your company’s deeper reason for being.

It’s only when you create a powerful congruence of all three levels of why that your business can fire on all cylinders and sustain long-term endurance.

Accelerator #4:  Hire a Coach

There is a reason our clients enjoy an average annual growth rate the average privately held company in the United States.  That reason is our formalized, structured process they follow (and to which we hold them accountable) to grow.

Get an inside view as to exactly how this works from varied backgrounds and industries.  You’ll learn how we “baked the secret into the sauce” and how you can do the same in your company.

Accelerator #5:  Cultivate Your Culture 

Culture is the invisible hand that guides your team’s behaviors and decisions when no one is looking.  It’s the graceful way to subtly introduce change at the level of identity. 

Learn how to intentionally design, foster, and reinforce your company culture to effortlessly increase your owner independence.

Accelerator #6:  Stay the Course

Learn the key factors that could derail your efforts and how to preempt them from harming your company.

Plus you’ll learn how to get your team to see you’re serious and committed to this process and that it isn’t just a “flavor of the month”.  As a result you’ll get their real buy in and support, which in the end will save you years on this process to build an owner independent company.

Part Four: Strategic PlanningMapping Out Your Multi-Year and

1-Year Plan of Action

In the final section of the workshop we’ll take a deep, hard look as to what your business will look like in the next 3-5 years:  the composition of your team; its capabilities; its market share and positioning; its key products; its most important customers; etc.

A full day of this 3-day workshop will be dedicated to helping you craft your 3-year business plan.  This plan will be detailed enough to help you sharpen your thinking about the business you’re building, and the exit strategy you’re ultimately working towards, but also flexible enough so that you don’t become rigid and blind to new opportunities and market conditions that will invariably arise.

As my friend and fellow Maui Advisor Jeff Hoffman (Co-Founder of likes to say, “Your business plan is more about the structured questions you regularly ask yourself than about the answers you come up with.”

We’ll also drill down from your three year plan to map out your one year plan using our proprietary 1-page Strategic Action Plan.  This template will help you identify—in writing – your revenue targets, gross and operating profit goals, and the key metrics you’ll use to pace you as the year progresses.
Finally, you’ll drill down one final time to concretely map out on one page your Q1, 2017 plan of action.  This way you and your entire team will be laser focused as to exactly who needs to do what, by when, to reach your Q1 milestones.

The Methodology for How We’ll Teach this 3-Day Intensive

We’ll be teaching this workshop based on three building blocks…

Building Block One:  A Proven Framework

This course was developed from the actual real world experiences of the Maui Coaches and hundreds of our clients who have successfully done what we’re talking about in the course – grown and matured their business to be more profitable and more owner independent.

We’ll go straight to the answers that work, giving you a clear framework that takes the guesswork and trial and error experimentation out of the equation.

Building Block Two: Actual Case Studies

To make this framework easy to understand, you’ll be introduced to dozens of actual case studies of companies (good and bad).

This way applying the ideas and strategies you’re learning will be much clearer and more straightforward.

Building Block Three:  Dedicated Time to “DO” During the Workshop

We know that the moment you get back home, all your good intentions to sit down and do your strategic planning will go out the window.

That’s why we’re setting aside approximately 6-8 hours of time spaced over the three days to have you actually wrestle with the big questions in your company and craft your strategic plan right there.  This way, when you go home, you’ll leave with your concrete, written Strategic Action Plan for the year that you can immediately go back and share with your team.

Time to get clear on the logistical details…

Logistical Details

Dates:  Friday – Sunday

            January 27-29th, 2017

Location:  San Diego, CA – Reserve your room today

            At the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley

We’ll be hosting the event at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley.  Located in the center of ‘America’s Finest City,’ which is minutes away from San Diego International Airport, the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld® San Diego and many other popular destinations, not to mention some great beaches and golf courses to enjoy in winter.   

Included in your tuition is the special banquet on Friday night (a great time to dress up and enjoy your peers), networking and advisor lunches each day, and an informal “goodbye” party on Sunday night for those people who are able to hang out after the event ends that evening.

Save Half Again – The Event Is Almost Certainly Tax Deductible!

Knowing my CPA Kevin like I do, I’m sure he would tell you and his clients (many of whom are already registered for the event!) that it’s fully tax deductible for business owners.

I can hear his gravely bass voice saying, “According to IRC Section 162, a business owner can take the deduction for any business training that is directly connected with or pertaining to the business. In fact, Reg. 1.162-1(a)…

You get the idea.  By having your business pay for the event you’ll literally save close to HALF the cost of the event, making your effective tuition $5,000 for two people to attend.  (Of course, we’re not your CPA and you’ll need to check with your accountant about the write off).  But it’s hard to imagine that an existing business owner attending to grow his or her company couldn’t take the full write off.  We’ll even give you documentation for your tax records in case you had to defend the write off in an audit – bless Kevin and his attention to details.  In fact, Kevin will be there at the event giving us his best tax strategies to help us maximize our after-tax returns from our exit strategy and how to structurally reduce our Tax Drag along the way.)

100% Unconditionally Guaranteed

For the past decade we’ve stood behind every event we host and this private business owner retreat is no different.  Here is our written unconditional guarantee:

Join us for this powerful event.  If after attending you are not totally thrilled with the value you received for any reason, simply let us know by the end of the event and we’ll give you a full and complete refund!

I don’t know how I can be any fairer than that.  All we ask on our end is that you attend and participate (how else would you know how valuable the workshop will be to your company.)  If you don’t feel the workshop has delivered on the value you expected and wanted, just tell any staff member there onsite on Sunday afternoon and you’ll get a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.  Simple as that.

You literally have nothing to lose.  Either the event exceeds your expectations or it’s free—and we’ll have paid for your meals too.

But you have to take action and join us there.

I urge you to save you and your partner’s seat before all the seats are filled.  Once they are gone, we’re not able to accommodate any more – we are limited by the space available at the hotel and will likely sell the event out similar to years past.

To reserve your seat and guarantee your participation, simply follow the instructions on the attached registration form. 

Or if you prefer, email Kelli at the following email address:  [email protected]  or call her direct at 888-889-0944 ext. 915. She’ll help you register for the event.

We look forward to spending the 3 concentrated days together focusing on helping you learn, master, and apply the Freedom Formula.

Your friend,

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David Finkel
Maui Mastermind®