The Leadership Super Course: How To Engage, Retain and Inspire Your Team To Perform Their Best

September 23rd and September 24th, 2023

Sheraton Salt Lake City
150 W 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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One of the core ingredients to building a successful company that can both scale and sustain that growth is your leadership team. In this powerful 2-day advanced workshop you’ll get the bottom-line best ideas on how to hire, on board, manage, and lead your team.

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to create a Hiring Timeline to strategically map out who you need to hire, and when, over the next 18 months (including how best to calculate cash flow considerations and balance that against your bigger picture plans.)
  • The single biggest hiring mistake that nearly every company makes (this mistake happens before they even write their job ad!)
  • A new tool to lay out the four key components to know exactly who you are looking for with any new hire.
  • A simple technique to systematize your hiring process so that every hire becomes faster, easier, and better.
  • How to write the perfect job ad (including how you can avoid the 7 most common job ad mistakes.)
  • 12 tactics to cast your recruitment net to gather the richest candidate pool.
  • 3 technology tools to help you save money and still find better hires.
  • A little-known technique to use an “hourly” recruiter to help you find just the right candidates.
  • How to quickly screen applicants to determine who is worth taking a next step within 60 seconds or less.
  • 15 ways they’ll try to fool you with their resume, cover letter, and salary history.
  • How to actually read the true story behind their polished resume.
  • The 5 core principles to effectively interview a job applicant.
  • The 10 biggest interview mistakes many business owners make (and how this ends up costing them tens of thousands of dollars.)
  • 6 danger signs to look out for in any interview.
  • 5 questions you simply can’t ask in a job interview (the liability it just too high).
  • How to effectively use “Group Interviews” to let multiple people on your team help you find the right hire.
  • How to put together a fair, win-win compensation package that starts the relationship right.
  • 9 other ways you can “pay” your new hire other than money that most large corporations just can’t match.
  • A simple 4-step process to effectively onboard a new hire and get them producing fast.
  • How to systematize your orientation process so that each time you hire it takes less time and energy, yet still produces a better result.
  • How to “evergreen” your hiring efforts so that you are constantly recruiting great team members.
  • The 10 most important management commandments.
  • The 3 most expensive management mistakes (and how to avoid making them.)
  • The inside secret on how to conduct an effective performance review (including a better way to give feedback that lowers your liability and increases your team’s performance!)
  • 32 HR compliance lessons that every manager must know.
  • The 4 cornerstones to effectively lead your company.
  • 5 ways to engage your leadership team to lead not just manage.
  • A powerful exercise to clarify your company’s culture and values.
  • 12 ways you shape your company’s culture every day (and why culture is your hidden helper to guide your team’s behavior when they run into a situation that no system exists to handle!)
  • The top 10 ways to motivate your team (7 of them are absolutely free!)
  • The 5 most powerful accountability systems to help your company consistently execute.
  • And much more.

Listen to What Our Clients Say About Their Experiences with Our Workshops

“The program has helped me see exactly what I need to be focusing on (building out our executive team) and given me a road map to do it.”

– Brian Thompson

“This event can change your life. Run, don’t walk to sign up!”

– Jennifer Martin

“I own a mature second-generation service business. I first joined the program because I knew I needed help to systematize the business and reduce its reliance on me, and I needed help to grow sales again. The program has been an enormous help doing just that. Not only have we grown salesby 25% over the past two years (a really big deal in our business) but my team isbetter and our systems are stronger. If you’re considering joining the program I encourage you to just do it. You’ll be very pleased you did. “

– Sasha Ablitt

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Who Should Attend The Leadership Super Course?

This workshop is a perfect training to bring your key managers and leaders so that they can take back into your company the base of skills and knowledge that they need to help you scale. You’ll leave with dozens of concrete ideas to hire smarter, orient faster, manage better, and lead more effectively.

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, September 23rd & 24th, 2023

Location: Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel, 150 W 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Tuition: $7,500 per person to attend

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