The Leadership Super Course

How to Engage, Retain, and Inspire Your Team to Perform at Their Best

September 22nd, 24th, 25th and 29th, 2020

Virtual Event Series

How to Engage, Retain,

and Inspire Your Team to

Perform at Their Best

September 22nd, 24th, 25th and 29th, 2020
Virtual Event Series

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What limits most companies is not the lack of opportunity, but rather the lack of leadership attention to lead their staff to seize those opportunities and execute.

To grow at the rate and scale you want, you must have a leadership and management team that is a magnitude more skilled and capable than you currently have.

That’s where the Leadership Super Course comes in — to give you and your key managers and leaders the tools to immediately improve as leaders.

The goal of this virtual event is to help you and your managers become more effective leaders and collectively bring out the best performance possible from your team. This means that your company will be able to grow faster and more sustainably.

We’ve taken all your feedback from our last virtual event and built it into this six-session event

Objectives of the Workshop :

  • To give you concrete tools to immediately grow as a manager and leader.
  • To give you simple action steps to better align and inspire your team.
  • To learn the core principles of effective leadership (and how they apply to business).
  • To give you a road map to continue to develop as a leader over time.
  • To give you a method to develop your key people so perform at their best.

Each session is 90 minutes.

Session One:  The Leadership Matrix™ 

From our work over the past 23 years coaching thousands of small and midsized business owners in our various programs, we have distilled the skill of “leadership” into 12 component parts – six hard skills and six soft skills.  We call these building blocks of all effective leaders “The Leadership Matrix”.  To be a great leader requires you to master all six mechanical skills of managing others, but more importantly, it needs you to master all six of the softer “emotional intelligence” components of leadership.

During this session you’ll learn why leadership is learned through your limbic system (and why “cognitive” approaches are doomed to fail); the true price tag of the lack of leadership in your company (and what developing better managers and leaders truly is worth to your business); and the single biggest way most managers mess up as leaders (and how you can avoid making this predictable yet costly mistake.)

Tuesday, September 22 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Session Two:  The Managers Tool Box™

Every manager has needed to master key skills from hiring, onboarding, training, coordinating, communicating, auditing, redirecting, and coaching.  Here is one session you’ll learn about the 6 most powerful managerial “tools”, and how you can harness these tools to bring out the best in your team.

Not only will you learn how to more effectively hand off responsibilities and hold your staff accountable to higher standards, but you’ll learn how to do it in ways that your team finds supportive and empowering.  This means you’ll retain your best people over time.

You’ll learn the 5 keys to run effective meetings; how to coach and develop your players (and when it is a waste of time); and how to raise the accountability bar across your company so that the right things get done on time and up to par.

Tuesday, September 22 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

Session Three:  The Leadership Accelerator™:  A Concrete Road Map to Develop Your Leaders

If you can only attend one session make sure it is this one!  If you’ve ever wanted the bottom line of what it takes to be an effective leader this single session will give you the answer.  You’ll learn the seven foundational secrets to effective leadership.

You’ll also get a proven map to grow you and your key team as a leader over the coming 36 months. This “plug and play” leadership accelerator will show you exactly how to develop yourself and your key team to become great leaders.  This development map will save you the time, effort, and development costs of having to train your own leaders all on your own, and allow you to focus on doing what you do best, and at the same time, to make a small, strategic investment in the capabilities and skills of your leaders.

To grow at the rate and scale you want, you must have a leadership and management team that can help you seize the opportunities you have and execute on your plans.   This session will give you the leadership map you need to build this capability inside your company.

Thursday, September 24 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Session Four:  The 4 Leadership Functions

Leaders know they are responsible for four core functions:  Vision; Meaning; Alignment; and Culture.   In this concentrated session, you’ll learn how leaders create a compelling vision of the future that not only gives meaning and value to the day-to-day work of your team but also coordinates and aligns all your staff behind a singular vision.

You’ll leave with a simple tool to get your team all on the same page, and lets you consistently tap into the most powerful motivating force of all—meaning.  This intrinsic motivator is the single thing most of your team craves.  It costs your company so little, yet yields a massive return in terms of commitment, performance, and retention.

Finally, you’ll also learn how to harness culture to intentionally shape behavior in ways that “systems” never can.

Thursday, September 24 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

Session Five:  The 10 Laws of Leadership Success™

In this session, you’ll learn the “must follow” principles of effective leadership.  You’ll learn how to navigate differences, gain buy-in, give your team a voice (but not necessarily a vote), and to foster “psychological safety”.

Think of these ten “laws” as the core principles all great leaders ascribe to.  When you learn to internalize them you’ll discover how much easier it is to get great results with your staff.  You’ll enjoy less drama, fewer fires, and a whole lot less stress.

Friday, September 25   9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Session Six:  Creating Your Quarterly Strategic Action Plan

In this final session of the event, we’ll help you narrow down your potential action steps and strategies to pick the very best one for your company at this time.  Plus, we’ll help you map out your execution plan so that you effectively put these ideas into play.

We will walk you through the simple steps to create your own one-page action plan for the coming quarter so you get a running start on your key projects and company initiatives.

Tuesday, September 29 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern

Cocktail Social:

Immediately following we’ll put away our notebooks and legal pads, loosen our collars, let down our hair, and enjoy a little fun with some structured networking and community building time.  You’ll get to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.  Please plan on joining in for the virtual fun for 30-45 minutes.

Tuesday September 29 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern

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Who Should Attend The Leadership Super Course?

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