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"This Event Won't Be Held Again

The Sales Mastery Boot Camp

Master the Strategies of Successfully Scaling
Your Sales Pillar and Producing Remarkable Sales Results

September 21-22, Salt Lake City, UT

"Here we are just 8 weeks into the new year, and
we've already booked the same sales we had in all
of last year for this year!" -Thomas Jordan

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"If I had this training when I was 24 and started my
first business, I know my success would have
come much quicker and would have been much
greater!" -Ronald W. Eccles

Which One Of These Do You Want To Learn The Most?

■ The 5 prospecting secrets you must master to be able to fill your sales pipeline and be in control of your own sales destiny.

■ The 7 data fields your sales CRM must have to help you manage your leads, enhance your follow up, and close more business from the leads you are currently wasting.

■ How to leverage "Marque" customers credibility boosters to radically increase conversion percentages.

■ How to reduce your company's reliance on you the owner to sell by getting other people in your company consistently closing new business.

■ How to protect yourself from the loss of a key sales person. The 3 key mistakes that owners make when hiring and managing a sales force and how to avoid them.

■ How to create an effective "control" sales script (and why it needs to be in writing)

■ A powerful framework to use objections to close more sales (yes, when you know how, common objections are fuel to close the sale.)

■ The 7 most important sales principles you must master (and why you've probably never been taught any of them).

■ The 22 most important sales skills (and how to develop them in an optimal way).

■ The single biggest reason your sales people are inconsistent when closing - and precisely what to do about it.

■ 4 sales closes that will likely double your closing rate.

■ A structured gameplan to develop your sales people into sales stars over the next 36 months.

■ And so much more!

"We went up in income almost a million bucks in just 6 months!" -Dr Gurpreet Padda, MD

Which of These Sales Challenges Do You Struggle With?

1. You lack a proven sales process that consistently leads prospects through the necessary stages to get closed sales.

2. You, the owner, are the only (or main) sales person for your business. All the essential sales know-how is locked in your head (or in the head of a single sales team member). You are vulnerable if something should happen to you (or this single person.)

3. You don't have enough sales capacity to, and as a result, many of your leads spoil for lack of someone to effectively follow up with them.

4. Your closing rate is too low (or too inconsistent) causing you to pay twice - once for the cost of your expensive leads and the lost opportunities that result from a low closing rate. And you pay a second time emotionally in the anxiety and stress this inconsistency causes.

5. Your sales people don't effectively prospect, or consistently follow up with all the leads you give them. This puts the pressure on you to constantly scramble to pay for new leads feed them.

6. You don't have any reliable sales management system in place to track, measure, and evaluate your sales team's behaviors. As a result, your sales team's performance bounces up and down, making cash flow unpredictable.

7. You don't have a proven framework to hire, onboard, train, and manage your sales force, which means you regularly lose momentum every time you have to make a switch in who is on your sales team.

Get the Solutions for all 7 of These Challenges!

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Why are you trying to figure this all out on your own? Leverage the experience-set and framework we've developed from working with thousands of companies (along with their sales teams) over the past 20 years.

We've been working to develop this workshop for over a year and it's finally ready to share it with you now!

This all-new sales training will give you and your team quick and actionable strategies and tools to close more business now!

Plus, you'll leave with a clear, 36-month framework to develop your sales team and selling system to peak performance.

Event Schedule

Session One: How to Solve the Ultimate Sales Dilemma
How to get other people to successfully sell for you, even when you don't have the time or cash flow to support hiring and training them.

Session Two: The 7 Sales Principles Common to All Sales
Master the seven most important fundamentals to close more business with less time and effort. You'll learn the psychology behind every successful sale and how to win over even the toughest prospects.

Session Three: The 22 Sales Skills of the World's Best Sales People
Learn exactly what the best sales stars know that you don't. Why is it they generate more leads and referrals, close more sales, and sell at a higher average unit of sale? At the core, top sales people have all mastered these 22 learnable skills. Now it's your turn!

Session Four: Six Sales Management Secrets
Learn the best practices to hire, train, coach, and compensate your sales team for consistently great results.

Session Five: Your Sales Pillar Success Map
We'll share with you our proven 36-month to make your sales pillar bullet-proof! This framework is built on the three legs of sales process, sales team, and sales management. This is the essence of how to successfully scale your sales pillar and company.

Session Six: Crafting Your Sales Game Plan
How do we turn the principles, strategies, and tactics from the entire two day boot camp into individual and company plans of action so that you implement what you've learned to get fast and remarkable results.

No more guesswork. You get to go straight to the answers
that work to successfully scale your sales pillar so that you
consistently generate more business.

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Who Should You Bring with You?

1. Your sales people. Let this intensive workshop be the starting point to transforming your average sales people into powerhouse stars.

2. Your sales leader. Not only will they get time informally with your sales people to deepen their connections, but your sales leader will get trained by us on how to optimally manage your sales force.

3. Any key leader who you think would make better decisions and perform at a higher level by gaining a deeper understanding of the sales pillar and the daily challenges your sales team faces in the real world of selling.

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Limited Spots Available

Remember-This Is the ONLY Time This Workshop Will Be Taught in the Next THREE YEARS!

Seating is limited so please make sure you reserve your seats right away.

You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to have Maui train your sales force and give you a concrete game plan to scale your sales pillar.

To reserve your spot and guarantee your participation simply click on the "Register Now" button below. Or if you prefer, simply email [email protected] and tell us how many of your are coming and we'll take it from there!

Remember, when the event is full, that's it. Spaces are on a first come, first served basis. So register now that you're thinking about it!

We look forward to seeing you and your team in Salt Lake City for this brand new workshop!

The Sales Mastery Bootcamp

September 21st & 22nd
Sheraton, Salt Lake City, UT

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