The Financial Mastery Program

36 Months to Gain the Financial Skills, Knowledge, and Confidence to Become a World-Class Businessperson

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Invest Just One Hour Per Month and Master the Financial Pillar of Your Company

Are you happy with your current level of profits?

Considering all the time, tears, and sweat you pour into your company, wouldn’t you like it to be more profitable?

The reality is that only a small fraction of business owners has ever been formally taught how to understand and effectively take charge of the financial pillar of their own company.

No fancy terminology or intricate math formulas to get in your way, this 36-month course will give you the simple skills and structured framework to run the financial pillar of your company better.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to understand and effectively take charge of the financial pillar of your own company.
  • How to build a rock-solid financial foundation for your company so you can sustainably scale.
  • How to master the simple skills and structured framework to run the financial pillar of your company better.
  • How to enhance your revenues, reduce your expenses, manage your cash flow, and grow your bottom-line profits.
  • How to increase your financial competence and confidence.

According to

  • 19% of companies that failed, did so because they were outcompeted…
  • 23% failed because they didn’t have the right team…
  • And 82% failed because of cash flow problems!

They ran out of working capital, made poor financial decisions, lacked adequate sales, or simply failed to effectively manage their cash flow.


We designed this brand-new course to give you the necessary answers to avoid these common traps and make your company more successful.

In fact, you’ll get a clear blueprint to run the financial pillar of you company better than you ever thought possible. This will reduce your stress, increase your profits, and empower you to sustainably scale.

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Over the next 36 months you will gain the financial skills, knowledge and confidence to become a world-class businessperson. With the help of your Maui coach you will learn the following:

Level One Year One (Months 0-12)

  • Section A: Your Financial Statements 101: The Basics You Must Know to be a Successful Business Leader
    • Overview of Your Financial Statements: Your Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.
    • The 7 Most Important Elements of Your Profit & Loss Statement.
    • Your “Gross Profit Margin”: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How You’ll Use It.
    • Variable versus Fixed Expenses: How They Factor Into the Profit Game.
    • Your Five Biggest Expenses: Why We Start with Elephants.
    • How to Decode Your Balance Sheet. (What it really is telling you and why it matters.)
  • Section B: Your Financial Statements 202: Becoming Fluent in Reading Your Financial Statements
    • 5 Ways Your Profit & Loss Statement Can Lie to You (and how to protect yourself).
    • The Difference Between “Cash” and “Accrual” Accounting Methods (and why this matters to the health of your business).
    • Your “Cost of Goods Sold”: How to Nail It (and how to use this information to increase your profitability and cash flow).
    • The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do Today to Increase Your Bottom Line.
    • The 6 Myths About Your Balance Sheet that You Probably Believe (and why this is a recipe for disaster).
    • How You Should Actually Look at Your Balance Sheet. (Yes it does matter and here’s why.)
  • Section C: Leveraging Your Financial Statements to Immediately Make More Money
    • What You Want Out of Your Financial System Each Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.
    • FOR YOUR BOOKKEEPER (Controller, or CPA): How to Set Up Your Financial System so that You Get Accurate, Timely, and Valuable Financial Information Out.
    • Your Monthly Financial Review: What to Look at, Why, and How to Do it.
    • Three Simple Questions to Ask to Increase Your Gross Profit.
    • Five Places to Look to Immediately Reduce Your Expenses and Increase Your Bottom Line.
  • Section D: The Four Core Causes of Financial Danger
    • Overview of the Four Core Causes of Financial Failure that Every Business Must Avoid.
    • Cause One: Collections Failure. (First steps to improve your collection system.)
    • Cause Two: Pricing Issues. (Why you are probably pricing too low and how to fix this.)
    • Cause Three: Sales Volume Challenges. (The 5 fastest ways to immediately increase sales volume.)
    • Cause Four: Dissipated Expenses. (What to look for to find your most expensive hidden waste.)
    • Action Steps to Triage Your Profitability and Financial Health.

Level Two: Year Two (Months 13-24)

  • Section A: How to Increase Your Company’s Profitability
    • Overview of the Five Profit Levers™ (and specifically how to know when to push or pull on which lever).
    • 7 Ways to Strategically Enhance Your Revenue.
    • 8 Ways to Intelligently Reduce Your Costs and Improve Your Margins.
    • How to Systematically Improve Your Collections so You Get the Money You’re Owed.
    • The Nine Cycles You Must Accelerate to Optimize Your Profits.
    • Five Ways to Systematically Increase Efficiencies.
  • Section B: Managing Cash Flow: The Essentials You Need to Know to Keep Your Company Growing, Vibrant, and Safe
    • The Cash Flow Formula: Why Your Bank Balance Is Not Your Net Income from Your Profit and Loss Statement.
    • The 10 Core Causes of Cash Flow Challenges (and how to protect your business).
    • 21 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Cash Flow. (These simple best practices will help your company increase the amount and velocity of money in, and decrease the flow of money out.)
    • How to Create an Annual Profit Forecast.
    • How to Create a Rolling 120-Day Cash Flow Projection (and why this is different from a profit forecast).
    • How to Get Your Staff and Accounting Software to Do the Heavy Lifting in Preparing Reporting to Make Managing Cash Flow Easier.
  • Section C: Managing by Numbers: Why “Budgets” Serve Strictly Limited Uses (and how margins, metrics, and mindset can save the day)

    • The Three Key Margins That You Must Manage to Succeed in Business.
    • How to Optimize Your Gross Profit Margin.
    • How to Optimize Your Operating Profit Margin.
    • How to Optimize Your Net Profit Margin (AKA: How to pre-emptively minimize your taxes and lower your true tax burden).
    • The Limitations of “Budgets” (and 5 specific situations where they are crucial to your company’s success).
    • Tying It All Together: A Clear Blueprint to Manage Your Business by Margin
  • Section D: Financial Pillar Systems 202
    • An Advanced Overview of Your Financial Pillar: The 8 Functional Responsibilities that Your Financial System Must Manage.
    • Your Accounting Core: Timely, Accurate, and Useful Financial Reports – The NON-NEGOTIABLES!
    • Refining Your Financial Controls to Protect Your Company from Fraud, Theft, and Embezzlement.
    • How to Strategically Share Financial Information with Your Team so that They Can Contribute More to Help Your Company Grow.
    • Creating Your Plan to Develop the Financial Pillar of Your Company to Have Strategic Depth.

Level Three: Year Three (Months 25-36)

  • Section A: Margins, Ratios, and the Key Indicators Hidden in Your Business
    • Your Banker’s 4 Key Numbers. (How your banker sees your business—whether you like it or not!)
    • How to Best Build Deep Relationships with Your Bankers (and the single most damaging thing you can do to irrevocably destroy their trust).
    • Your CFO’s Nine Most Important Metrics. (These are the technical tools that allow your CFO to see your business with x-ray vision.)
    • How to Find, Hire, and Best Utilize a Virtual, Fractional, or Full-Time CFO. (And what this will likely cost you.)
    • Your Investor’s 5 Key Numbers. (How every owner does—or should—see your business!)
  • Section B: Your “SGR” and Funding Growth
    • No-Man’s Land and Your Sustainable Growth Rate. (How to make sure you have the financial resources to sustain you through the asymmetric, but still predictable, stages of growth.)
    • Your “CAGR”: How Fast Are Your Really Growing (and what does this mean for your company’s future).
    • What Are Your Company’s Real Capital Needs?
    • The Seven Sources of Growth Capital (and how to understand which source of capital is best for you).
    • Creating Your Capital Reserve Game Plan. (Creating a simple, step-by-step plan to protect your company as you continue to grow.)
    • How to Effectively “Shop” for Funding Packages (including how to best present your numbers and company).
  • Section C: Financial Secrets Savvy Business Owners Must Understand to Maximize Their Wealth
    • The Four Core Pre-Emptive Tax Strategies Every Business Owner Must Understand.
    • The Seven Most Tax Efficient Ways to Pay Yourself (and the 3 most expensive tax moves ignorant business owners make that cost them dearly.)
    • Creating Your Tax Plan: How to Work with Your Tax Strategies and Financial Advisors to Create a Customized Tax Plan for Your Company and Personal Situation. (Including 12 questions you must ask or your putting your financial life at risk.)
    • How to Win the Valuation Game (and what this tells you about how to best run your company.)
    • The Financial Steps You Must Take If You Want to Passively Own Your Business. (These are the nine numbers you must look at every month to make sure your company continues to be run the way you want it to even though you aren’t there at the helm each day.)
    • How Your Company Fits Into Your Larger Wealth Plan.
  • Section D: Tying It All Together: The Final Five Financial Steps You Must Take to Systematically Apply All You’ve Learned in This Program
    • Step One: Make Sure that Your Accounting System Is Rock Solid. (It all begins with accurate, timely, and useful financial information.)
    • Step Two: Refine Your Three Core Operational Systems: Sales; Production/Fulfillment; and Collections. (When your core is strong, your business will thrive.)
    • Step Three: Make Profitability a Cultural Bedrock at Your Company. (Profits and putting on your “Business Hat” are just the way you do things at your company.)
    • Step Four: Consistently Manage Cash Flow. (Especially in times of rapid growth or change, your company’s ability to systematically manage cash flow is a critical to your success.)
    • Step Five: Strategically Plan Your Exit – Scale, Sell, or Own Passively.

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What Our Financial Mastery Program Participants are Saying…

“We went up in income almost a million dollars in just 6 months!
– Dr Gurpreet P., MD

“I have started, owned, and operated 3 businesses, all of which have been successful. If I had this training when I was 24 and started my first business, I know my success would have come much quicker and would have been much greater!”
– Ronald W. E.

“Make the time! Thank you – this was spectacular!”
– Brie B.

“Over my last 12 months with the program my two dental offices have grown by 31% and 12% respectively… The program gives you a step-by-step, cookbook approach of exactly how to grow and develop your business as a business.”
– Dr. Kimberly N., DDS

“In just our first year in the program our net income from the business is up by 44%! We have found the accountability that the Maui program holds us to is priceless in moving the process forward at a speed that we would NEVER do on our own. If you are serious about building a successful business, then my advice to you is to immediately get started working with the Maui team. It was one of the best business decisions I ever made.”
– Mark H.

“I’ve been active in the coaching program for 7 years now. During that time, I’ve scaled my IT services company 10-fold and our company has been featured on the Inc 5000 list three years running. The program has not only helped us grow sales and profits, but more importantly, the business has never been more stable or enjoyable to own.”
– Blake S.

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