Giving Back

Maui Giving—Helping Entrepreneurs Give Back and Do Good.

Maui Giving: Part of Our Mission Is to Inspire and Empower Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Serve Greatly, Care Deeply, and Give Generously!

In the Maui community of business owners we believe…

  • In giving back and paying it forward.
  • In leveraged, sustainable giving that goes on well past our lifetimes.
  • That the real wealth we build is measured in the lives that we touch and the contributions we make.
  • That giving and serving is a joy and a blessing.
  • That anything is possible when a committed community of entrepreneurs and business owners join together to serve with humility, compassion, and a burning desire to change the world.

Here are some examples of how the Maui community is putting its time, talent, passions, and money on the line to serve and contribute to the world beyond our businesses!

Maui Mastermind Building Orphanages in Juarez, Mexico

Business Owners in Supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Maui Mastermind Helps Homeless Families in Phoenix, Arizona

Helping Hurricane Katrina Victims

Supporting Positive Changes in Africa

A group of business owners, headed by Maui Mastermind CEO David Finkel traveled to Rwanda in April 2007. The group collaborated with the President of Rwanda, Senators, Parliamentarians, non-profits, and business organizations to strategize, support, and help implement needed changes. That year, the Maui community raised over $150,000 for various charitable, educational, and micro-lending projects in Rwanda and other parts of Africa.

David Finkel and the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

A group of Maui Mastermind business owners in Rwanda with President Paul Kagame.

Heather Finkel at World Vision’s office in Rwanda.

David and Heather Finkel at a briefing in Kigali.

Heather Finkel working with children at a Rwandan orphanage.

Would You Like to Get Involved in a Future Maui Giving Event or Trip?

One great way to get engaged in the Maui community and to do good in the world is to participate in a future Maui Giving event or trip.

Whether it be traveling with a group of business owners to help in an important cause, or help promoting a fund raising event so that together we can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, we encourage you to get involved.