Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

June 10th & 11th, 2023

Denver Marriott Westminster, Denver, CO

  • 1-888-889-0944 ext. 915

Too many businesses struggle to systematically generate leads and close sales. They are constantly scrambling to find their next customer and close their next sale.

Now you can take control of your own business future by strategically planning out your sales and marketing strategy.

At this concentrated two-day workshop, you’ll actually create your Strategic Marketing Plan and learn ways to get leads and convert them without spending a lot of money on expensive campaigns that just don’t “deliver.” We will share with you our favorite tips for low or no cost marketing to immediately boost sales and see results.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 areas your marketing plan must detail out (and exactly how to do it!)
  • 32 marketing tactics to grow your sales (including the 10 fastest-acting tactics to immediately grow sales!)
  • How to pick your top three marketing initiatives to focus on (and why you should dump your bottom producing 50% as fast as reasonably possible!)
  • How to know exactly who your best customer is (and how to reach them faster!)
  • How to strategically price your products or services for maximum net revenue!
  • The dirty little secret behind “branding” (and what it really takes to effectively make your brand real in the hearts and souls of your core market!)
  • 5 Techniques for leveraging your marketing efforts to increase your sales by 60% in 6 months or less!
  • A little-known marketing metric to let you compare different lead generation tactics to each other!
  • 10 Secrets to help you execute on your marketing plan to get guaranteed results!
  • And much, much more!

Listen to What Our Clients Say About Their Experiences with Our Workshops

“The content you will receive from this event is a game changer! The meaningful connections you will make with fellow business owners who “get you” is so huge! These events have grown me as a business owner to such a huge degree.”- Bret Taylor

“This event can change your life. Run, don’t walk to sign up!”- Jennifer Martin

“Invest in the time now for the purpose of saving time later. I waited for years to try it out and only regretted that I waited so long after an amazing productive meeting work session.” – Jeff Amos

“I own a mature second-generation service business. I first joined the program because I knew I needed help to systematize the business and reduce its reliance on me, and I needed help to grow sales again. The program has been an enormous help doing just that. Not only have we grown sales by 25% over the past two years (a really big deal in our business) but my team is better and our systems are stronger. If you’re considering joining the program I encourage you to just do it. You’ll be very pleased you did. “ – Sasha Ablitt



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