Acceleration Leadership Retreat

March 18th & 19th, 2017

Jackson Hole, WY

Come participate in this small, intimate event lead by the top Maui Coaching Team to help you gain insights and perspective on your company to help it scale smarter and faster.

We’ve created this private, annual event at the request of our most successful clients who want a more advanced regular retreat to help challenge them to grow as leaders, and to spark them to gain powerful strategic insights to speed up the growth and success of their companies.

This invitation only event will focus on three areas:

Focus #1:  You as a Leader of Your Company.

We’ll go through special sessions to help you grow as a leader who grows other leaders at your company, covering things like:

  • How specifically and intentionally to create a winning company culture – a culture that invisibly guides your staff, strategy, and decision making to be in full alignment with your most important goals and objectives.
  • How to groom and develop your “Leadership Team”.
  • How to be a more effective leader who inspires your team to perform at their best.

Focus #2:  Stretching the Way You See Your Company and Helping You Generating Breakthrough Ideas.

In combination with the select, elite peer group you’ll be working with at the event, we’ll go through a special session to get you to stretch how you see your company, including:

  • A powerful exercise to make your biggest challenges and obstacles obsolete.
  • How to transfer best practices from outside of your industry into your company to give you a big advantage in your marketplace.
  • How to see your own “blind spots” that are putting your company in danger or holding it back from accomplishing what it could if only you “released the breaks”.

Focus #3:  Turning All Your Insights into a Concrete, Written Strategic Action Plan (1-page!)

Knowing all you know about Maui and the way we coach you and our other successful clients, you can expect to leave the leadership mastermind with a clear, written, one-page plan of action for your company, including:

  • An updated company annual strategic action plan (1 page).
  • A new quarterly strategic action plan (1 page).
  • A refined strategic structure to apply in your business to get your team focused and executing on your “fewer, better”.

The Bottom Line: 

This annual event is for our most successful clients who want to play at a higher level.  You realize that your abilities and behaviors as a leader impact (for good or ill) the growth of your company.  You understand that stepping away from your business to see it fresh, with the help of an upgraded peer group of other Acceleration mastermind partners, will spark you with insights 100-times more valuable than the modest investment of time and money to participate in the program.

Essentially what we’ve done is listened to what you most wanted from us (a higher order business mastermind to help you grow your company smarter and faster) and built Acceleration to suite that exact need.  And because we know that you’ll push the pace at which the rest of our business coaching clients grow, we’ve decided to invest the resources into creating and fulfilling on this new program without any substantial increased cost to you.  This is a long term move on our part to create a generation of amazing success stories and active leaders in the Maui community of business owners to lead and inspire by example.

Here’s a rough schedule of what to expect:

Friday, March 17th, 2017:

Fly into stunning Jackson Hole on the Friday before the leadership mastermind.  If you’re able, join us for an informal dinner Friday night at a local restaurant.  Connect with your peers and enjoy building a few deep friendships with other business owners who are playing at the same level you want to. 

Saturday, March 18th, 2017:

Check in at the leadership mastermind starts at 8a.m. and we’ll start the sessions promptly at 8:30am.  We’ll have working sessions on your business through 5:30 pm then we’ll have an optional  dinner (Self Pay) at a local restaurant, giving us more time to both get to know each other and to discuss our insights from the day.

Sunday, March 19th, 2017   :

We’ll start promptly at 8:30am, and finish up by noon so that if you want, you can fly back that early afternoon. We’ll be enjoying casual optional skiing.  Not only will you see some of the prettiest parts of Wyoming this way, but you’ll be able to continue your interesting conversations and brainstorming with your new peer group along the way.

The event includes lunch on Saturday.  The other extra functions will be on an optional/individual pay basis (e.g. dinners, skiing, lodging, travel, etc.) with Maui to organize and get you details prior to the event.


The Lodge at Jackson Hole – 800 Scott Lane, Jackson, WY 83002

Phone: (307) 739-9703

By Special Invite Only

Please note: hotels in the area fill up quickly. Please secure your accommodations at one of the wonderful Jackson Hole hotels or resorts ASAP. There is not a room block available for this event.