Scale and Grow Rich

Breakthrough Ideas and Hands on Execution to Create Your 2019 Game Plan

January 25-27th with Bonus Morning Session on the 28th

Irvine, CA

Join Your Maui Peers For This Exclusive Business Owner Event – With Bonus Monday Morning Session

Your Exclusive VIP Hard Cost is $495 per person (FULL price is $9,995 per couple)

  • Location: Irvine, CA at the Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport   Reservation Phone # 949-812-3721 (mention: Maui Mastermind) or use this reservation link. Our negotiated special conference rate of $149 is based on availability. Once the rooms are gone we have no control
  • Included in your hard cost are all materials, the special celebration banquet on Friday night (a great time to dress up and enjoy your peers), networking and advisor lunches each day, and party on Sunday night ending at 8:30pm plus a special bonus session on Monday morning.  (Plan on departing no earlier than Monday if possible)
  • The workshop begins at 8:30am Pacific Time on Friday, January 25th, 2018
  • Friday evening we’ll be doing the celebration dinner for the Annual Growth and Freedom Awards!
  • The workshop portion ends at 8:30pm on Sunday, January 27th. With a Bonus Session on Monday Morning for those who can attend.

Maui Millionaires, LLC (MM) is pleased to offer this $9,995 (per couple) workshop event at the above listed hard cost values to select guests.  Because this payment only covers the hard cost portion of the event and MM has to contractually commit, this payment is non-refundable for any reason.

Dear Business Owner,

For the past seven years Maui has hosted a very exclusive business owner retreat in Southern California for our top business coaching clients.  This event was created to leverage our wildly successful $40,000 per couple, Wealth Summit retreat in Maui, that we have held for over a decade now.

This event in California will allow us to focus on you and your 2019 game plan. We will discuss some breakthrough ideas for growth and help you scale and grow your wealth with concrete action steps and ideas.

As you can imagine, spending three days together in an informal learning environment with Maui Advisors and your fellow Business Owner Peers has had an amazing impact on past participants.

Here are just a few of the amazing results past participants have experienced:

  • One participant grew his company 10 times faster than his 12 year historic average.
  • Another tech company increased her company’s value by over $4 million in 48 months.
  • A physician increased his practice’s profit by $750,000, and at the same time reduced his working week by 15 hours a week.
  • A wholesaler grew his sales from $15 million per year to over $23 million.
  • Another participant grew his professional services firm by 37% and still was able to take off a total of 8 weeks of vacation with his family.
  • A manufacturer doubled his pre-tax profits to over $2 million per year.
  • A “blue collar” service business owner was not only able to reduce his working hours from 50 per week down to under 30 per week, but for the first time ever he earned over $500,000 in profit.

And the list goes on and on.

This event will be a catalyst for growth within your own business. In my opinion, it’s the closest we’ve been able to come to the knowledge and feel of our full Wealth Summit experience and the timing is perfect for starting the year off on the right foot (without the selection interviews for every participant and the $40,000 it would take for you to earn a spot at our exclusive Mastermind event.)

Past attendees are still feeling the growth years later, with participants growing at annualized rates many times faster than other companies in their industries.

This year’s event theme is “Scale and Grow Rich”.  This means that you’ll leave with a clear framework and map to scale your company while at the same time building your wealth.

If coaching 20,000+ business owners over the past two decades has taught me anything it’s this:

Only a small fraction of business owners are ever taught how to build their businesses, reduce their owner reliance, and build their wealth.  

This is what sets this Maui event apart from others.

A Short List of Some of What We’ll Be Covering

Here is a short list of some of the things you’ll leave this business owner retreat with:

  • A detailed strategic plan for your business. That will allow you to reach your 3-5 year business goals easier than you ever thought possible. We do this by creating a 1-page annual plan of action laid out for your company for 2019. (This is one of the biggest reason past participants have had such amazing results from attending – you will leave with a concrete, written plan of action that you are able to execute on as soon as you get back home!)
  • An innovative way to harness the full value of the key business and investment lessons you’ve learned over the past 36 months. Plus, we’ll share with you a unique process, so you can harness the full value of the key lessons your Maui peers have learned as well! This way you can magnify your capacity for learning 100 times over!
  • The five biggest barriers to scaling your privately held company (and the timeline of when you can expect them to come up, along with a detailed formula for dealing with each of them.)
  • 12 tax strategies to increase your “after tax” net income, including 3 little-known ways to use entities to reduce your tax burden by $10,000 or more every year. This one session alone, will more than cover your pay for taking the 3 days to join us – leaving all the other returns and benefits you get from the event as pure gravy.
  • 6 Simple cash flow rules you must follow to allow you to safely scale your company.
  • 2 Tools to radically raise the level of accountability and results inside your company.
  • The real reasons why most companies can’t get their team to use their systems (and what to do about it!)
  • 4 scripted processes to identify your company’s biggest potential leverage points to scale (and a proven process to turn your chosen strategies into a concrete plan to implement.)
  • A 3-Step formula to predict possible outcomes so that you can innovate and seize opportunities for growth (and avoid being blindsided by disruptive competitors and change that could otherwise put you out of business!)
  • How to attract, retain, and empower top talent to help you scale your company.

  • A new model to look at your net worth and harness it to grow your passive cash flow independent of your business.

  • And a whole lot more!

This list no doubt has you eager to learn more, and I encourage you to embrace that excitement and join your business peers in California this January.

As you know, the core focus of the Maui companies has always been on helping business owners build businesses that they can sell, scale, or own passively.  For over a decade we’ve helped business owners build companies that they love, and make sure that they leverage their business success to serve their deeper values.

Scale and Grow Rich is a step towards that goal.

Strategic Planning to Create Your Game Plan: Mapping Out Your Multi-Year and 1-Year Plan of Action

During the workshop we’ll take a deep, hard look at what your business will look like in the next 3-5 years:  the composition of your team; its capabilities; its market share and positioning; its key products; its most important customers; etc.

A full day of this workshop will be dedicated to helping you craft your 3-year business plan.  This plan will be detailed enough to help you sharpen your thinking about the business you’re building, and the exit strategy you’re ultimately working towards, but also flexible enough so that you don’t become rigid and blind to new opportunities and market conditions that will invariably arise.

As my friend and fellow Maui Coach Jeff Hoffman (Co-Founder of likes to say, “Your business plan is more about the structured questions you regularly ask yourself than about the answers you come up with.”

We’ll also drill down from your three-year plan to map out your one-year plan using our proprietary 1-page Strategic Action Plan.  This template will help you identify—in writing – your revenue targets, gross and operating profit goals, and the key metrics you’ll use to pace yourself as the year progresses. 

Finally, you’ll drill down to concretely map out on one page your Q1, 2019 plan of action.  This way you and your entire team will be laser focused as to exactly who needs to do what, by when, to reach your Q1 milestones.

The Maui Methodology For this Intensive:

We’ll be teaching this workshop based on three building blocks…

Building Block One:  A Proven Framework

This course was developed from actual real-world experiences of the Maui Coaches and thousands of our clients who have successfully done what we’re talking about in the course – scale and grow rich!

We’ll go straight to the answers that work, giving you a clear framework that takes the guesswork and trial and error out of your strategic planning.

Building Block Two: Actual Case Studies

To make this framework easy to understand, you’ll be introduced to dozens of actual case studies of companies (both good and bad).

This way you are able to apply the ideas and strategies you’re learning in the workshop in a more straightforward manner.

Building Block Three:  Dedicated Time to “DO” During the Workshop

We know that the moment you get back home, all your good intentions to sit down and do your strategic planning will go out the window.

That’s why we’re setting aside approximately 6-8 hours of “Do” time spaced out over the three days to have you wrestle with the big questions in your company and craft your strategic plan right there on the spot.  This way, when you go home, you’ll leave with your concrete, written Strategic Action Plan for the year that you can immediately go back and share with your team.

*Special Monday Session: January 28th, 2019- Supercharge Your Growth in 2019 with David Finkel & Maui Advisors

• Hot Seat Session. Bring your biggest challenges and opportunities and brainstorm solutions and strategies with the Maui Mastermind community. Get a fresh perspective on your business and learn from others in this fast-paced, interactive forum.

• Learn how to run your own leadership hot seat. We will show you how to use the same format within your own management pillar to accelerate growth in 2019.

“I’m ready David, give me the details!”

Logistical Details

Dates:  January 25-27th with Bonus Morning Session on the 28th

Location:  Irvine, CA

            At the Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport


Non-Client Tuition:  $9,995 for two people to attend (Double Occupancy)

Hard Cost Pricing for VIP’s and their qualified guests: $495 per person

Just as we’ve done in previous years for this special event, you and your business partners or significant other get to attend at our hard cost pricing.  We choose to extend this event to you at cost, which is 80-95 percent less than our other participants, because you have chosen to join the Maui family and make a commitment to growing your owner-independent business. Many of you have been with us for over 5+ years, and you deserve to reap the benefits of this powerful mastermind event.

Included in your tuition is a special banquet on Friday night (a great time to dress up and enjoy your peers), networking and advisor lunches each day, and a Sunday dinner with a special surprise. 

But you have to take action and join us there.

This is the time to step up and seize the opportunity.  I urge you to reserve you and your partner’s seat before all the seats are filled.  Once they are gone, they’re gone forever.

Register Now to take advantage of the Hard Cost Pricing for VIP’s and their guests: $495 per person

Of all the events we’re hosting in 2019, this one should be on your calendar.  I strongly encourage you to secure your spot and start off the year on the right foot.  We are limited by the space available at the hotel if this is anything like past years, we will sell out.

Or if you prefer, email Kelli Goode: [email protected]. She’ll follow up with you to get your registered for the event.

I look forward to spending these 3 days together focusing on your business and your strategic goal for 2019.

Your friend,

David Finkel

Maui Mastermind®