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Join Us At The

The Owner Independent Business

Scale and Mature Your Business to Be Independent of You;
Reclaim Your Time, Your Freedom, and Your Life!

February 4th, 5th, & 6th, 2022

Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona

This Event is SOLD OUT! To join the waiting list, email [email protected].

  • 1-888-889-0944 ext. 915

During this 3-day live event, you’ll learn:

  • Why an “owner independent” company is so much more valuable (and why you need to start from where you are today – no matter how big or small your business currently is – to bake “owner independence” into the DNA of your company.)
  • What stops you from building and enjoying an owner independent company (There are five “barriers” that trap most owners in an “level two” owner-trapped business. You’ll learn how to blow through all 5 of these limitations.)
  • The 3 biggest dangers to look out for when stepping out of the day-to-day operations of your business (and how to know when to step back in if things are not progressing well.)

  • How to assemble a winning management team (and why even smaller business owners need to start now to put the first person on their leadership team in place.)
  • How to create and implement your “Enterprise and Pillar Scorecards” to monitor your business weekly and monthly to keep your team laser focused (and to protect you if they should stray.)
  • Why your company culture is one of the least utilized yet most powerful tools to help your company grow…and 10 proven ways to build and reinforce your ideal culture year after year.
  • The 10 steps you can take TODAY to increase the value of your company…and how to get ready to sell or transition into a passive ownership role in as little as 36-months.
  • How to uncover the single biggest constraint to your company’s growth…and a proven one-page roadmap to blow through this barrier in the next 90-days.
  • How to create 12-hours of “Focus Time” each week (without working more hours)…and which high-value activities are best leveraged in order to 10x your personal impact per unit of time spent inside your company.
  • How to define your new role as you transition to owner-independent…and what NOT to do to undercut your leadership team.
  • The 5 core questions to answer that dictate your company’s ability to grow three times faster than your current growth rate.
  • The magic “1 percent” leverage points that when you focus your best time, talent, and resources on creates 50% (or more) of your quantifiable results.
  • How to pinpoint your company’s single greatest profit generator…and what you can do to feed this high-value engine in order to double or triple your profitability this year.
  • How to invest your increased profitability to maximize your company’s growth and long-term success (and three places where most business owners blow it when it comes to managing cash flow and maximizing “ROI”.)
  • The Vacation Catalyst™…a breakthrough process that leverages your dream vacation as a catalyst for more strategic depth and scalability for your company
  • How to assemble a winning management team…in order to maintain, develop and grow your business
  • A new model to analyze your net worth…and how to harness it to grow your passive cash flow independent of your business
  • And much, much more!

Over the course of 3-days, we’ll dive deep into the proven frameworks that have allowed our advisors and clients to start, scale, and sell over $62 billion of businesses in the past 30-years.

A Special, Time-Sensitive Message from David Finkel:

Dear Business Owner,

I want to ask you a seemingly simple, yet deeply important question with respect to your business:

What’s your exit strategy?

In other words, besides just operating your business to make a profit, what is it you hope to eventually do? To one day sell the company to a strategic buyer and cash out?

To continue to scale your business to the next level?

Or do you want to eventually transition to owning it passively, shifting your role to under 10 hours a month while still enjoying the profits and future growth of the business?

If coaching 20,000+ business owners over the past two decades has taught me anything it’s this: only a small fraction of business owners have ever given serious thought to that question, let alone strategically map out a plan to successfully prepare and execute on their chosen exit strategy.

And what’s more, the secret to ALL THREE of those exit strategies is for you to build your company to be more and more “owner independent”.

Whether you run a 3-person professional services firm, or a 43-person manufacturing company, or a 343-person service business, maturing your company to be more owner independent is the secret to sustainable, long term success.

An owner independent company is more salable (and for a much higher multiple and price!)

An owner-independent company is more scalable.

And, most importantly of all, an owner-independent company is more enjoyable for you to own.

I know this last point from personal experience…

Why “Owner Independence” Brings More Joy, Fulfillment,
and Profits to Your Business

About 9 months ago I made the commitment to take the summer off to spend with my family.  I used several of the tools we developed for our coaching program and followed the recipe as precisely as I could.  The result?  I worked just 15 days over the summer (taking off over 75 days) and setting the ground work to make this an annual tradition.

But the best part is that my business is stronger and more profitable for the time I spent away from it.

I know this sounds too good to be true.  I can already hear you saying, “Sure David, you can do that.  But in my business I’m dealing with [insert your own excuse – err I mean “challenge”]…”

Here’s the thing – we’ve helped many of our clients do the same thing – to mature their companies so that they are no longer required to be there daily to drive the company forward.

For some clients this means they work less, in some cases just a few hours a week, year-round. 

For other clients they still work full time, but they are able to craft a role that they love, having the systems and team to handle the things they used to be forced to deal with that they just didn’t enjoy.

And when you do this the right way – the way we’ll teach you at this one-time-only event – you’re company will be more profitable… more sustainable… and more valuable too!  (And your employees will have opportunities to grow, contribute, and earn more too!  Everybody wins.)

The “Ugly Truth” of Owning a Business

Most business owners build companies that only work when they are there – day in; day out – to keep the business running.

On average they work too many hours, and rarely take more than three weeks of vacation.

Worst of all, their business is an “accident” away from failing because if something happens to the owner, the company will fail within 90 days.

I know… I see this every day…

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can shift your mindset and follow a concrete map to build a better business.  And this three day advanced event will show you step-by-step exactly how to do it.

Register While Tickets Are Still Available

By the time you’re reading this, over 80% of the slots for our next The Owner Independent Business Event will likely have already been reserved by our business coaching clients and Maui community members.

I say with absolute conviction that these attendees will have an incredible advantage moving through 2022, as they continue growing at annualized rates many times faster than the competition in their industries.

This will be the 11th year we’ve hosted this exclusive intensive for growth-minded business owners with the goal of giving them the strategic advantage they need to quickly and sustainably grow in revenue, increase profitability and reduce the company’s reliance on them as the owner.

This year’s goal is no different, but the times we’re living in certainly are.

Figuring out your pathway through the pandemic wasn’t easy.  In fact, Covid resulted in the permanent closure of over 100,000 independently-owned and privately-operated businesses.

Many of the businesses that “survived” are still reeling from the challenges it brought about and are now scratching their heads as to how to navigate and remain profitable in a post-pandemic world.

But the members of our community–and the businesses they operate–are thriving NOW more than ever.

Our average clients are growing at five times faster than the average privately held company in the U.S. while at the same time increasing their company’s owner independence by 194.5% .

In fact, it’s typical that clients we work with reduce their weekly working hours by 10…15…20 hours or more within 24 months of working with us, and at the same time they double, triple, or even 5x their vacation time.  

Compare that to the average American business owner who works 52 hours a week–many of them 6-7 days per week–and only grow at a rate of 7.3% each year (and these are pre-covid numbers).

Here are just a few of the life-changing results our past event attendees have experienced…

  • A professional services firm owner grew his business by over 37% and was able to triple his time off to be with his family.
  • A tech company owner increased her company’s value by over $4 million in 48 months.
  • A manufacturer doubled his pre-tax profits to over $2 million per year.
  • A “blue collar” service business owner reduced his working hours from over 50 hours per week to under 30 per week and earned over $500,000 in profit for the first time ever.
  • An owner of a small chain of retail stores took away ONE idea that netted $20 million over just a few years
  • A home remodeling company owner made a single tweak to his sales system that took less than 5-hours to incorporate and led to an extra $500k in profit 
  • A single-doctor surgical practice working 60-hours a went from barely taking 2-weeks of vacation a year and not being able to afford an office manager to now taking 15-weeks off each year, has 2 other surgeons working for him, and is making 3x as much money thanks to new systems, internal controls, and company culture

And that’s just a tiny sampling of our current client base.

Imagine attending this 3-day intensive and walking away with just ONE idea that could yield an extra $50k of profit in the next 3-months…or upwards of $5 million in the next few years.

What kind of an impact would that have on your business?

Well, we’re going to ensure that you leave with at least FIVE concrete and immediately actionable profit-generating ideas and the tools to implement them.

But rest assured, the goal of the Owner Independent Business Event is not to give you MORE work to do…you already wear enough hats as the owner of your company.

It’s to help you decide what tasks and roles to either delegate or let go of entirely, so that you’re only focusing your time and resources on the key activities that actually matter and move the growth needle forward.

If you’ve ever stared at a never ending to-do list that keeps you feeling like you’re trapped inside a giant maze full of false starts and dead ends…

You’ll leave this event with 5 things to do in the next 90-days that take you straight to the prize at the end…and potentially add hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in “hands free” revenue to your business–the simple way.

Collectively, our event attendees and coaching clients are generating hundreds of millions in revenue every single year–and much of that can be attributed to a single idea they learn working with us and go out and implement into their business right away.

Put simply, our clients are working less while earning significantly more–and that’s our number one priority.

But if there was any good that came from the challenges of last year, it was that more of us were forced to step away from the workplace and spend time at home with our families and loved ones.

I know, for me, that’s why I got into business in the first place.  It wasn’t to spend all my time working in my business and feel trapped inside the job I’d created for myself.

It was to build something that could–eventually–run and continue growing independent of me and my effort so that I’d have more freedom to spend time with my wife and three sons.  And to spend that time with them now, not in ten years when they’re all grown.

And at this year’s event, I’m going to walk you through exactly how you can do what I did and what our most successful business coaching clients are doing to reclaim your life now!

That’s what sets this Maui event apart from others. We’ll give you the concrete, practical steps that have been proven to work in the lives of so many of our coaching clients. 

No theory… no academic mumbo-jumbo… just straight talk and direct answers.

The reality is, the only way to truly grow and scale your business is to reduce its reliance on you, the owner.  The events of 2020-21 haven’t changed that principle one bit. If anything, they’ve helped us realize the importance of doing so.

We help business owners personally do less by getting your business to produce more.  

When you do this the right way, not only does your business continue to grow and profit…but it allows you to get your life back.

The most successful business owners we work with realize that it’s not about the hours they put in, it’s the amount of value they create.

And the best value you can create is to get your business to produce more while you work less.

It’s those businesses with what we call “strategic depth” that will continue thriving in 2022–and for years to come–regardless of market challenges and changes.

Unfortunately, those businesses don’t just grow by accident or coincidence.

They have to be strategically developed with the necessary systems, internal controls, leadership structure, and company culture. 

Think of this event as the rocket fuel needed to dramatically speed up your business’ ability to scale.  And whether you…

  • Want to continue scaling your business to the next level 
  • Hope to one day sell your company to a strategic buyer and cash out
  • Are looking to transition to passive ownership, work fewer than 10 hours a month, and still enjoy the profits as your business grows

We’ve created the structured roadmap you need to reach your goals faster.

Essentially, we’ve condensed the most critical elements for business growth from our full Business Success Summit experience into three concentrated days–without the selective interview process or $40,000 investment required for our Mastermind event in Maui.

Attendees from past years are still experiencing record levels of growth and, in many cases, working fewer hours than they ever dreamed possible and allowing them more time to spend with their families, focus on their health, pursue other projects, and even start new businesses.

Others have become reinvigorated with the passion they had when they first started their business, upon realizing that the more you grow the right way, the less you actually have to do to make your business a success.

Because let’s face it, you inevitably reach a point of diminishing returns on your time and effort, whether that’s in 5 years or 15, when you keep trying to reach the next level of business growth using the same strategies that got you to where you are now.

You become overwhelmed, your growth slows down or stagnates altogether, and you reach your upper limits.

Sometimes that means turning new business away because you’re already operating at full capacity.

But that’s just an “invisible ceiling” you start to see through with the right people, systems, and growth-oriented protocols that allow you to step away from day-to-day operations.

This event focuses on helping you grow your business faster, while increasing both sales and profits by incorporating the systems, team, and culture you need to move toward complete owner independence.

Because, without realizing it, most business owners tilt the playing field of their business unevenly, so that everything rolls right back to them–they are the ones putting out every fire.

We help you level that field.

And when you can strategically invest your time, attention, resources, and talent–and that of your staff–the right way, you can actually do less and still make a LOT more money.

Yes, we’ll show you how to make your business more profitable.  

But more importantly, we’ll help you ensure your personal life becomes more rewarding and fulfilling as a result.

Now, as you know, the core focus of Maui has always been to help business owners build businesses they can sell, scale, or passively own and get their lives back. 

And after doing this for 20 years, I’ve found that there’s no better way to teach these strategies and help our participants immediately begin implementing them than to be “inside the room” with them. 

Being immersed with a supportive and equally ambitious community of peers and advisors has had a tremendous impact on the success of our past event attendees.

And in an increasingly virtual world, we’ve found this to be more necessary than ever.

Getting outside perspectives and sharing best practices and insights with your peers can often lead to life-changing breakthroughs.

Because we often can’t see what’s holding us back just by looking at ourselves…but we can see it in others.

Think about the power of breaking bread outdoors in the warm California sun and sitting across the table from someone who’s successfully tackled the exact challenge you’re currently facing inside your business.

Just one five minute conversation with a relative stranger could help you make–or save–hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next year alone.

For instance, at last year’s event, one of our attendees who owned a law firm was dealing with a frustrating collections issue that was causing a lot of headaches and wasting precious time and resources.

She sat down for lunch with another attendee who ran a service business in an entirely unrelated industry who offered a simple suggestion on how to solve the problem, which she was then able to delegate to her team back home and overcome the challenge–before the event was even over, and without having to drop a dime on outside help.

These types of connections are what make live events so powerful, and we’re going to facilitate them through small-group activities and mealtimes–as safely and efficiently as possible–over the course of our 3-days together.

Naturally, we can’t let just anyone attend this exclusive event.

And the unfortunate truth is that most of the people reading this letter right now will NOT have the opportunity to attend.

Because most of the seats have already been secured by business owners determined to make 2022 the year they commit to dialing in their exit strategy, achieving new levels of growth, and creating more time freedom.

Considering how expensive it is to prudently host an in-person live event in a Covid world, we have had clients hungrily waiting for us to find a way to host an in-person event.  

Because of this, and how rapidly our waiting list for live events has grown, we expect this one-time-only event will sell out extremely quickly.

Which is why we’ve gone to intense lengths and invested tens of thousands of dollars to make sure this event is not only the most powerful business growth accelerator out there, but to ensure we’ve covered all our bases for safety and compliance, too.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

This event takes place at the Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel.

Essentially what we’ll do is follow the safety procedures we used to successfully host our past few live events.

While no protocol can be perfect, we’re using our best efforts to balance the safety concerns with the strong desire of clients to participate in this live, in-person event. Here’s a quick snapshot of the safety protocols we’re putting in place:

  • All fully vaccinated participants can attend the workshop without wearing masks. (This will be done on the “honor system”.) If someone is not vaccinated they can either show confirmation of a negative PCR Covid-19 test from the prior 72 hours of the event start, or attend by wearing a mask during the event.
  • Maui will set up multiple air filter machines in the workshop room itself and run these during the event. 
  • Event sessions will take place in a large ballroom with high ceilings and ample spacing for our 150 guests.
  • The hotel will use enhanced sanitization schedules for the workshop ballroom and restroom spaces. (Plus we’ll have hand sanitization stations throughout our space.)
  • Where possible, group meals throughout the event will be served outdoors in open air environments with food laid out behind protective plexiglass enclosures and served by masked and gloved hotel staff or in large indoor spaces with plenty of air volume.

We’ve gotten much better as navigating hosting an event like this in a Covid world over the past year and we’ll apply what we learned for this event too.

Here’s what a few of our clients shared about the “covid era” events we’ve hosted…

“Thank you for making it as safe as possible in the times of COVID!” – Andrea Butter

“Once again, the support from this group is absolutely AMAZING!!!” – Karen Mackiewich

“The Maui Team did a great job pulling this off in COVID” – David Blain

“The care the team took with COVID precautions and the way the [hotel] team made us feel welcome” – Anonymous

We don’t offer “magic bullet” solutions–they don’t exist.

Hitting daily “home runs” is simply unrealistic–and unsustainable–as you work to take your business through the predictable stages of growth and move towards an exit.

We help our clients set up a clear strategy to get “on base” every 90 days.  And the more base hits you get, the more runs you score.

Again, it all comes back to doing LESS, but making it matter MORE for the growth of your business.

Strategic Planning: Mapping Out Your 90-Day, 1-Year, and Multi-Year Plan of Action

In the final section of the workshop, we’ll take a deep, hard look as to what your business will look like in the next 3-5 years–the composition of your team, its capabilities, its market share, its positioning, its key products, its most important customers, etc.

A portion of the workshop will be dedicated to helping you craft your 3-year business plan. This plan will be detailed enough to help you sharpen your thinking about the business you’re building, and the exit strategy you’re ultimately working towards, but also flexible enough so that you don’t become rigid and blind to new opportunities and market conditions that will invariably arise.

We’ll also drill down from your three-year plan to map out your one year plan using our proprietary 1-page Strategic Action Plan. This template will help you identify—in writing – your revenue targets, gross and operating profit goals, and the key metrics you’ll use to pace you as the year progresses. 

Finally, you’ll drill down one final time to concretely map out on one page your 90 day plan of action. This way you and your entire team will be laser-focused as to exactly who needs to do what, by when to reach your quarterly milestones.

Here’s what the Owner Independent Business Event does NOT include:

  • Shiny object marketing tactics 
  • Motivation, inspiration, and hype
  • Celebrity speakers and “gurus”
  • Academic information delivered at face value
  • Business growth “theory” not based on real-world experience

Or anything else you can’t go out and incorporate right away to start seeing a noticeable shift in your company’s growth and a reduced reliance on you, the owner.

This is an event for real people, building real businesses, sharing actual experience, in a way that’s down-to-earth and practical. 

And it’s designed as an intensive.

Meaning we’ll be using proven frameworks, actual case studies, and hands-on implementation to help you design–and reach–a clear outcome.

You’re not coming here to listen to us talk AT you for three days.  

You’re coming so that we can do the work WITH you and start applying the ideas and strategies we’ll cover right away.

My team and I will be working side-by-side with you and showing you exactly what we–and our most successful clients–are doing right NOW to make this kind of growth and time freedom a reality.

That way, when you get back home, you’ll have a concrete Strategic Action Plan for the year that you can start incorporating with your team immediately.

What’s The Investment?

The short answer is…

Not nearly as much as it should.

Our coaching clients are expected to see a 200% return on investment within 12 months of working with us.

If we don’t help them achieve concrete results, we give them their money back.

This event is going to cover proven growth strategies to 5x the annual growth rate of your business while radically reducing your company’s reliance on you–with zero sacrifice to your cash flow or net worth.

I think you and I can agree that your time is your most valuable asset.  And if this event allows you to recoup even the slightest percentage of your time on a weekly basis without affecting the profitability or growth rate of your business…

You could say it’d be priceless.

And even though the demand for access to our events far exceeds the supply of available seats each year…

The price to secure your ticket is just $9,995.

Maybe that sounds like a no-brainer to you, or maybe it seems like a lot.

But whether your business is doing $500k in revenue or $20 million, if we can help you double, triple, or 5x your growth, increase profits, and create the leverage needed to free up your time away from your company and finally get your life back…

Would you agree it’d be a worthwhile investment?

My team and I think so, as do the thousands of attendees we’ve had attend our events over the past decade.

These remaining seats will go fast.

So, if after reading this far, you realize you don’t have the next growth phase of your business strategically planned or your eventual exit strategy mapped out…

And you’re willing to do everything in your control to avoid the uncertainty of 2020 and start this year with the momentum, clarity, and plan to scale or sell or work less for your business…

I strongly encourage you to secure your seat at The Owner Independent Workshop this coming February.

We will sell out, and due to COVID-19 regulations and safety protocols we will not be able to make any last minute additions or exceptions.

To reserve your spot and guarantee your participation simply follow the instructions on the attached registration form.

To reserve your spot and guarantee your participation, simply click below to sign up now.

Or if you prefer, email [email protected] and we’ll follow up with you to get you registered.

I look forward to seeing you in Arizona and working together to make 2022 the year you start working less, earning more, and scaling your business to new levels of success.

Your Friend,

David Finkel


Maui Mastermind®

Logistical Details

Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel, 2435 S 47th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Call (480) 894-1600 and mention Maui Mastermind for our special discounted group rate.

The workshop begins at 8:30am starting Friday, February 4th and ends on Sunday, February 6th at 5pm. Join us Friday night for a special awards ceremony and celebration banquet. Each day (February 4, 6, & 5) will have a working lunch with the Maui Coaches. Saturday night join us for a fun night of socialization and networking with your peers.

Your No-Risk, No Strings Attached Money Back Guarantee

For the past decade, we’ve stood behind every event we’ve hosted–and this exclusive business owner event is no different.

When you join us for this powerful event, if after attending you are not totally thrilled with the value you got for any reason, simply let us know by the end of the event and we’ll give you a full and complete refund.  No questions asked.  We’ll even cover all your meals during the event.

All we ask is that you attend, participate, and play all out.  If you don’t feel like what you learn has delivered on the value you expected, just pull a staff member aside on Sunday night and we’ll make it right.

You literally have nothing to lose.

Don’t Forget – This Event Is Almost Certainly Tax Deductible

Knowing my CPA Kevin like I do, I’m sure he’d tell you and his clients (many of whom are already registered for this event) that this 3 day event is fully tax deductible for business owners.

I can hear his gravely bass voice saying, “According to IRC Section 162, a business owner can take the deduction for any business training that is directly connected with or pertaining to the business.  In fact, Reg. 1.162-1(a)…”

You get the point. By having your business pay for the event you’ll literally save close to HALF the cost of the event, making your effective “tuition” $5,000 for two people to attend.  Of course, we’re not your CPA and you’ll need to check with your accountant about the write off.  But it’s hard to imagine that an existing business owner attending this event to grow his or her company couldn’t take the full write off.

We’ll even provide the documentation needed for your tax records in case you have to defend this in an audit (you can thank Kevin for that).

Or Register by Phone: 1-888-889-0944 ext. 915