Video Training Course

The Fast Track to Scale Your Company

Proven Tactics and Strategies to Grow Your Business and Reduce Its Reliance on You!

This abridged video training course is designed to help you:

  • Determine the top leverage points inside your company (and how to best execute on those leverage points) — Video One
  • Escape the Self-Employment Trap™ and build a business, not a job! — Video Two
  • Rapidly grow your sales in 90 days or less! – Video Three
  • Systematize your company so you are scaling on a stable base! – Video Four
  • Learn about the three kinds of “business controls” so you can make sure your team is using your systems at the right time and in the right way to consistently generate the best results! — Video Five
  • Find the time you need to grow your business while working fewer hours! — Video Six

You can watch these videos in any order, each is designed to stand entirely on its own.

Collectively they will give you a whole new set of insights, strategies, tactics, and tools to build a business you can one day sell, scale, or even own passively.


Video One: The Sweet Spot Analysis™

Video Two: How to Escape the Self Employment Trap™

Video Three: The Top 10 Marketing Tactics for Radically Increasing Sales in 90 Days or Less!

Video Four: Your Master System: Building Your “UBS” – The System of All Your Systems

Video Five: Controls: Your Secret Weapon to Make Sure your Team is Using Your Systems the Right Way, at the Right Time

Video Six: Time Mastery: Six Time Tactics to Free Up 8 Hours a Week to Grow Your Business

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